FixTool Review 2023- Car Scanner That’s Saving People $1000s

Are you looking forward to a vehicle detection tool for your car? If yes, you are at the right place. Fixtool is one of the best car code readers and OBD2 applications available in the market.

Here in this article, we will be telling you all you need to know regarding Fixtool that will help you make an informed decision of whether it is the right choice for you or not. So, stay with me to the end.

What is FixTool?

What is FixTool

As the name suggests, FixTool is a tool that can fix. What can it fix? The answer is, it can help you fix your car. FixTool can help you identify problems with your car beforehand so that you do not get stuck somewhere or at least can be prepared for what is coming.

FiXTOOL instantly tells you why your ‘Check Engine Light is on and how severe it is. You can even measure the performance of your car and analyze historical travel data.

FixTool can help in the diagnosis of electronics, body, chassis, engine, etc in your car, and also works as a car code reader. Apart from this, it is also compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

FixTool Features

  • Easy-to-Use OBD2 App & Car Code Reader
  • Compatible with Both iOS & Android Devices
  • Find Out What’s Wrong with Your Car
  • Save Money & Avoid Rip-Off’s
  • Engine, Chassis, Body, Electronics Diagnosis
  • Power Saving up to 90 Days (vs Others ~30 Days)
  • Automatic Identification & Connection
  • Lifetime Free Update and HUD Mode

OBD2 Engine Check Support

OBD2 Engine Check Support

How FiXTOOL Keeps Your Car Running Smoothly

Check Engine Light
Get notified when the check engine light comes on and see how many problems were detected.
Maintenance Timeline
See the manufacturer recommended maintenance timeline for your vehicle so you know when you’re due for service.
Measure performance and analyze data
FiXTOOL can measure and analyze acceleration, fuel consumption, distance and even show the car battery and coolant status.
Continuous Monitoring
FiXTOOL will alert you if we have detected a problem with your vehicle.
Vehicle History
See a history of problems detected in your vehicle to keep a running log.
Multi-Vehicle Control
Remotely monitor the health and status of other vehicles with a FiXTOOL sensor.

How To Use It?

  1.  PlugIn Under Steering Wheel – Every car built in 1996 or after has this port (OBD2under the driver’s side dash. This is the same port mechanics use to diagnose car problems.
  2. Start Your Vehicle – You’re almost there.
  3. Tap To ScanOpen the app and hit “scan” to instantly decode your check engine light and monitor your car’s health in real time.
  4. Download App
  5. Start Using.

See What People Are Saying

This couldn’t be easier to use. Plug it in, connect via Bluetooth, use their app and you’re pulling codes in minutes. Help prevent dangerous problems and diagnose many other issues as well. I am delighted.


After reviewing dozens of these devices and trying to weed through the fake reviews, I ultimately decided that this product had the most positive reviews that seemed genuine and took a chance on it. I can say with 100% confidence; this was the right choice. It was effortless to connect, and I have already learned so much about my car. Does what a professional scan tool does at a mere fraction of the cost.

David M.

This product is fantastic. I bought 3 of them so I could monitor our family cars. You can scan using this tool and find out many hidden issues. What a great product and well worth the money!


FixTool Pricing and How To Buy

If you purchase multiple FixTools together, you can save a lot. They also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

  • 1 X FixTool: INR 4009
  • 2 X FixTool: INR 3886
  • 3 X FixTool: INR 3517.67
  • 4 X FixTool: INR 3047.50

FixTool must only be bought from a genuine official website.

Below are the steps that will help you buy FixTool smoothly – 

  • Step – 1: Go to the official website
  • Step – 2: Scroll down and select how many FixTools you want. Click on it. 
  • Step – 3: Then you will be asked to fill up some contact information. Fill it up.
  • Step – 4: Then you have to fill up your delivery address. 
  • Step – 5: Now, you will get an option to select whether you want an express delivery or free shipping. Select one that is appropriate for you.
  • Step – 6: Then you will be asked whether you want the FixTool 3-year warranty or not. You can check the box if you want it at an extra cost of INR 409. If you don’t want it, just uncheck that box. 
  • Step – 7: Choose the payment option you are willing to pay with. There is three payment option for you, which are MasterCard, Visa, and Apple Pay. 
  • Step – 8: Check on the box to confirm their Terms and Privacy Policy, and click on ‘Proceed With Payment’. 
  • Step – 9: Complete the payment and you are good to go. 

FixTool Pros and Cons

  • Very good looking application
  • Application is really fast
  • Quick and accurate detection
  • Checks your electrical equipment, chassis system, body system, and engine system as well
  • Small and efficient device
  • Simply scan the code, and download the application
  • Simple Bluetooth connectivity
  • Effective Power saving
  • Good-looking device
  • None


FixTool is something every car must-have. This small and compact device is very good-looking and efficient. You just have to scan the code on the device and you can download their application for both iOS and Android on your mobile phone. 

With this incredible-looking and fast working mobile application, you can simply diagnose your car for faults in any of the car’s electrical equipment, chassis system, body system, and engine system as well.

This device can be a lifesaver someday. You can know if your car is having some problem beforehand and hence you can be prepared before going on a long trip or something else. FixTool is a must-have for every car.