1TAC Ultra Power Pro Lantern Review 2023

1TAC Ultra Power Pro Lantern Review 2023 – While traveling at night, you have to have a decent flashlight with you. It is essential to protect yourself from wild animals, rocks, snakes, and many more. Read about 1TAC Ultra Power Pro Lantern here.

A handy lantern avoids a lot of problems. A flashlight, in most cases, may not prove to be very useful because they work on a few batteries and hence are not enough.

In such cases, a lantern can help you out. It is essential to have a decent lantern handy while moving in the dark. A decent lantern can make your experience in the dark very safe and efficient as well. One such lantern or the best lantern in the market is 1TAC Ultra Power Pro Lantern. Here, in this article, we have mentioned all you need to know regarding this product to make an informed decision. So, read this article to the end.

What is 1TAC Ultra Power Pro Lantern?

This is one of the most preferred and widely used lanterns worldwide; it is considered the best device for adequate lighting and brightness. It is an electrical lighting lantern that is very simple to use and highly recommended by campers, hunters, anglers, and many other people working in an outdoor environment. It is a device made up of Cob LED 500 lumen light. 

An image of 1TAC Ultra Power Pro Lantern

The best part about this device is that it is one of the most flexible devices, which is very compact and portable, so you can carry it with you wherever you go.

Also, it is one of the devices that start working in just one click, and it is provided with features that are very suitable for those working in a strange environment. It is made up of high-grade ABS thermoplastic polymer, making it more robust and durable.

One of the most incredible things about this device is its flexibility, and it is very suitable in different environments and places. You can use it in the tent at the time of camping, or anywhere you go for an extended tour or picnic; you can also install it at the place where you are unable to receive electricity, or you are facing difficulty to work at night such as places like garages and service stations. You can also install it near your house where you feel that it is so dark out there, and on the other hand, you can also keep it as an emergency device that will help you provide lightning at the time of electricity cutoff.

Specifications of the Product

  • Dimensions :-  6 × 3.5 × 4
  • Weight of the device:- 0.4 KG
  • Name of the device:- 1 TAC
  • Company:- 1 TAC
  • Part number:- PULANTERN
  • Power source:- Battery
  • Shock resistance
  • Weather resistance
  • Thermo polyester construction

Features of the Product

Because of its simplicity of use and compactness, it is very famous amongst the peoples who frequently goes to road trips, camping, and used to make lots of trips, apart from its simplicity many other features are included in this device which is listed below :-

  • The availability of magnetic base

It is considered one of the best features of this device, making it more helpful to use in places where it is hard to carry it with your hand. Some places like the bottom of your car are tough to reach, so at that time, this magnetic bottom gets fixed on the metal surface of your car, so you don’t need to carry it. This will also eliminate another person’s requirement to carry it when you are doing some work.

  • Fold-out utility hook

In this device, you are provided with the hook at the base side. This hook helps you to work without handling the device. You need to tie it with the help of this hook anywhere you want. This hook is very effective and helps you to hang it where you want, such as you can hang it in your home at the time of power shortage, you can hang it at your garage whenever you are repairing your car or also you can use it to tie on the branch of the tree during night time at the campsite.

  • Durability

As we have seen earlier in the specification that this is the device is made up of ABS-grade thermoplastic polymer, which gives it more strength to handle the wear and tear in a strange environment also makes it physically stronger to tackle the most challenging weather.

  • COB LED technology

This is the pro Lantern which is provided with 500 lumen light and advanced COD technology that makes it more popular as it increases its battery life which is one of the most important things at the time of camping and power loss. This lamp can last for around 50,000 hours.

  • Simple to use

As we have seen earlier, it is one of the straightforward devices to operate, and you can make it ready to use in just one click. There are so many other devices available in the market which are very typical to use. But it is the most specific device which starts lightning in just one touch.

Advantages of 1TAC Ultra Power Pro Lantern

  • It is entirely weatherproof and ready to tackle any disaster
  • Long life and can last up to 50,000 hours
  • It is provided with a magnetic hook, which makes it use effectively
  • Lightweight
  • It is very compact and easy to carry
  • Shock Resistant
  • It is also given with a hook so you can hang it anywhere you want

Disadvantages of 1TAC Ultra Power Pro Lantern

  • Many a times you may face difficulty in the shipping
  • Many times it is found that the product was damaged
  • There are no types of warranty or guaranty provided on this product


Many different types of lanterns are available in the market, and the cost of every product is different, which depends on the type of manufacturer and quality of the product. In general, if we talk about the prices of this device, it ranges from a few dollars to several hundred dollars.

An ordinary lantern may be available in the market at around $ 20.

1 TAC manufacturer will provide you with the best device at the least cost, and you can enjoy the similar functions that get you the inexpensive product. The price of 1TAC ULTRA Power PRO Lantern is around $ 25.


In this entire review of 1TAC ultra pro power lantern, we have included everything we think you need to know about this product. We have mentioned the function, features, and pros and cons of this product which helps you get valuable information about this device. I hope that after reading this article you have acquired much valuable information about this device and I hope that it will change your perceptions about this product.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

From where can I buy this product?

According to me you should always prefer to buy this device from its official website only, there are many reasons behind it, you can get a good product with high discounts on it. You may also find it in a shop in the market, but you will not get any replacement offer or money back guarantee.

Is it long-lasting?

Yes, it is powerful due to its thermoplastic polymer construction. It can handle high wear and tear and can also resist shock.