XY Coin Review 2022 – Is IT Scam or Legit?

XY Coin Review: Let me make a wild guess: You don’t earn money by watching television, right?

Using social media and performing web searches are not likely to earn you any money, either.

Playing games like Pokemon GO (except for the pokemons) does not earn you any money.

It’s unlikely that you get paid to sit around on your couch… walk your dog… or go grocery shopping across town.

There will be a change soon.

The XYO Foundation, a new non-profit organization, recently created a powerful campaign with an important message:

It will change the world if you help us build something big.

Isn’t that awesome? It’s the same – you just have to occasionally check your new app, COIN, to get paid.

Yes, I agree. Doesn’t it sound odd, doesn’t it? COIN piqued our curiosity – and our skepticism – when it was first announced. Then we started reading the reviews and decided not to ignore it.

There is some validity to this concept. The COIN app earns passive income (and cool rewards) for over 750,000 people… and many of them do it without getting out of their homes.

Despite being launched recently, the XYO Foundation’s app already has 16702 reviews on the app store with a rating of 4.5 stars.

As a result, I dug deeper. As people discover this exciting new way to make a little extra money, they probably have a lot of questions. Here, we’ll address the questions people have as they learn more about saving and contributing to a worthwhile project. Let’s get started!

What is the XY Coin App?

XY Coin App

A global, decentralized network for location verification (more on that below) is the core mission of the XYO Foundation.

Users say it’s similar to games like Pokemon GO, tracking where you are as you move and rewarding you for simply having the app. This app makes earning rewards so easy that literally anyone who has a smartphone can participate… you don’t even need to be good at video games to participate.

By using the app, you can earn “COIN”, which can be traded for cool stuff like a Playstation 4, DNA test kits… or, as many people prefer, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin – which can be easily converted into cash.

By earning COIN, you do not have to leave your home. Moving around will increase your earning potential. You can earn frequent flier miles getting on the ground (no plane ticket necessary for this type of program).

You can also earn massive rewards through the premium plan, all while doing the same things you would normally do.

How does the COIN App work?

COIN uses a device called The Sentinel to track your location and enable you to earn COIN at different locations when you “check in” at them as you go about your daily routine. The Sentinel fits easily into your wallet because it looks like a credit card.

The COIN app can automatically check in so you earn COIN even while you’re driving around.

The app also gives you a percentage of the coins that others earn by checking in to certain locations (such as your neighborhood).

They continue to add new features to the app, demonstrating how much thought they have put into it. It is interesting to note that you can choose how much money to earn.

If you want to earn a lot of rewards (and cash), you can explore the app and score big by actively participating in the COIN game.

I’m totally fine with you just wanting a few dollars if you only want to relax on the couch. You’ll still be supporting the project regardless.

What is the XYO Foundation building?

Many people use the COIN App to earn rewards (duh), but some are curious about XYO’s larger objectives – why are they securing all these locations and why do they charge for it?

This network will ultimately provide location information around the world. Similar to GPS, this global network does not require satellites.

We cannot verify locations with our current technology due to its unique capabilities.

Consider the following example: you order a package, and then see that the mailman has marked it as “delivered”… but no package appears on your doorstep. Why do you do what you do?

The battle right now is between your word and theirs. Throughout the e-commerce industry and among consumers alike, this is a pain.

In contrast, the XYO Foundation’s new network allows e-commerce companies to verify package delivery (without the need to rely on humans) – and even postpone charging you until they are 100% sure you received the order. That’s so cool, right?

Building a network like this has a lot of benefits, but the details get more complicated. You can use it for more than just verifying deliveries – you can find lost items and verify flight arrivals, among other things.

How do you participate?

That’s the easy part. You simply have to purchase the Sentinel from their official website (you just have to pay for shipping).

In order to generate bonus COIN (and thus rewards), you can either join the Basic Plan or select COIN Pro.

The small monthly cost of COIN Pro provides 12X the rewards you’d get from the free plan and helps a non-profit foundation get back on its feet, but let’s be honest: We’re all here for the rewards.

Additionally, you’ll have a lot of fun playing XY COIN Pro, not just the bonuses. A Pro user earned 1 million coins (a value of $2,135.53 USD) in their first month, earning more than 1 billion coins in the past few months!

XY Coin App Features

XY Coin App Features

It’s incredible how much Coin has grown since its launch only a few years ago. In addition to Socialize, Achieve, Explore, and Power-Ups, it has many features today.


You can search for hidden ways to enhance your overall earnings using the Explore features in the app. Some of them are listed below: 


Geomining involves users finding valuable digital objects in the physical world, like geocaching. You have to search the ground for rewards hidden under novel tiles when you use the app. 

After receiving these rewards, you can then exchange them with other users of the Coin app or convert them into physical items. Geomine has the following notable subfeatures: 

  • Big Geomines: 
  • When users explore, they can sometimes discover hidden gems. Furthermore, users can verify each other’s wins in some instances. 
  • Geomining Recharge: 
  • It takes time for geomining to recharge. Geomining Recharges allow you to level up. 
  • Speed: 
  • Upscaling your plan can also speed up geomining. 
  • Extension Devices: 
  • As some users cheat by hacking into the app, you make yourself more authentic by using extension devices. You should also consider using extension devices as part of your digital asset acquisition strategy.


You can drop digital files on a tile if you are standing on it with Geodrop. Once the reward is collected, another user geomines on that same tile. Besides providing email-specific Geodrops, the Coin app also allows you to create rewards that can only be accessed by specific users. 

Auto Explore 

The Auto Explore feature lets the app automatically search for digital assets while you’re driving or doing something else that requires your full attention. 

Home Base 

You can establish a Home Base if you geomine in the same tile three times. Your home base will appear when you see the icon. 

Store Visit 

Users can also find coupons, rewards, and deals at popular stores. In the app, click the ‘plus’ menu to begin. Select Store Visits from Rewarded Tasks. 

By simply going to your nearest store you can earn rewards by following the screen’s instructions. Scavenger hunts are another way you can earn Coins. 


You can also earn digital assets and rewards by socializing in the app, in addition to earning currency for exploring. A list of the app’s most popular social functions can be found here. 


You will earn higher rewards in certain Coin regions due to their popularity. In the app, you can claim a new region every week and compete against other users in the competition. 

Referral Links 

You can recommend Coin to someone else after you’ve gotten the hang of it. If you bring a new user to the app after helping someone else get started, you receive a reward. 

Team Lift 

You can earn plenty of rewards on your own, but Coin allows you to work in teams to collect even more rewards. Players can form teams and earn greater rewards by creating teams of veteran players. 


Leaderboards are motivating tools that help you get started. By downloading the Coin app, users can come up with fun names, choose a picture for their profile, and climb the leaderboard to the top. 


Players who wish to get physical rewards can use the Achieve features on the Coin app. 


Users of the Coin app can only get sweepstakes by using treasures in the UK and US at the moment. 

Physical Redemption 

With this currency, you can quickly swap them for real-life items, like games, gadgets, and t-shirts. Despite claims that digital assets can be fun, app developers want to make the app even more appealing for users by allowing them to redeem physical assets as well. 

Digital Redemption 

The Coin app offers both physical rewards and digital rewards, including souvenirs and collectibles. These assets can later be sold or exchanged for physical rewards. 

In-app Badges 

When you complete a new landmark in the app, you will earn badges that you can showcase on your user account. 

HODL Rewards 

Like interest rates, HODL rewards also work. Treasures in an account increase in value the longer they remain in the account. 


You can double or trip your rewards with the Coin app’s Power-Up feature. 

Geoclaim Shield 

Geoclaim shield allows users to earn a share of what you earn using the app. A shield can keep these users away from your account and protect your currency. 

Geoclaim Bonus 

Geoclaiming rewards are boosted by the Bonus power-up. 

Background Time 

Using background rewards for a long time isn’t feasible because they do not last long. 

Background Recharge 

You can earn assets while not actively using the app by using background rewards. These rewards can be obtained even faster via the Recharge power-up feature. 

Extension Devices 

Your earning potential increases even more with Coin app’s extension devices. Here are the two devices compatible with Coin app: 

  • SentinelX BLE: 
  • Having a range of 150 feet, it’s a Bluetooth device. Coin token rewards are consistently boosted with this device, as well as hand-free control. SentinelX Sharing lets you do things like boost other people’s rewards by 10% by using this device. As the device can be worn as a keychain, it can be used at work and while traveling for leisure. 
  • SentinelX NFC: 
  • Boost temporary Coin rewards with this NFC card. Waterproof and battery-free, this is perfect for storing in your wallet.

Coin App Plans and Subscriptions 

Users of any skill level can use the Coin app. Everyone can find a plan they like, from beginners to experienced.


Geomining beginners and first-time users can benefit from Coin’s free Basic Plan. Basic plan features include: 

  • 1x Geomining Speed: With the Basic Plan, you’ll get the regular geomining speed, which is ideal for beginning miners. 
  • Geomining Recharge Rate: Users can also get 1x Geomining Recharge Rate. 
  • Big Geomines: 
  • With the Basic Plan, users are more likely to find big geomines. 


For those who wish to earn high rewards, the Pro plan is ideal. There is a monthly charge of $34.95 and the following features are included: 

  • Recharge geomining 3 times faster than normal 
  • Geomines have a threefold increase in probability
  • Gemining rewards 12x
  • Bonus for geoclaim 
  • Boost background rewards by three times 
  • Geomining Rewards 3 times greater on the pro plan: The pro plan offers users 1x geomining rewards. 
  • It earns the user bonus rewards. 
  • Shield and Bonus: The shield prevents other users from claiming your rewards. 


With the Plus plan, users can get more than the Basic plan without paying too much. There is a monthly cost of $24.95 and it has the following features: 

  • Geological mining is recharged two times more quickly than before 
  • Geomines are twice as likely to occur
  • Gemining rewards 12x
  • Geomining Rewards 2 times as much
  • Bonus Drop Power twice as high 
  • Boost your background rewards by two times 
  • Shields and Bonuses for Geoclaim

Coin Subscriptions 

Subscribing to their services will help you get the most from your Coin plans. 

Geomining rates increase as your subscription levels increase, enabling better geomining results. The rate at which you can recharge will also increase since you will have a better chance of getting Big Geomines. 

Furthermore, you will have access to unique features when you subscribe, like SentinelX Sharing. Furthermore, new features are available in the app, such as Geoclaim Shields. 

You can cancel your subscription at any time since all subscriptions run month to month. Changes in subscription plans can be made at any time.

Our recommendation: Start using COIN now, before everyone else!

COIN is already used by thousands, and based on the positive response so far, it’s only going to become more popular.

It is interesting to note that the app gives more points for being the “first” to claim an area.

The first COIN users will earn more over time not just because they have been using it so long – they will continue to earn more over time.

Additionally, the COIN currency you earn is tied to a real currency that can be exchanged on the market… that means it’s likely to rise over time (just like Bitcoin (which is now valued over $10,000 – but you don’t have to buy it).

We look forward to seeing COIN users everywhere after we “get back out there”. Sign up now while you still have the chance. Additionally, COIN Pro provides a variety of benefits – and since it includes a free trial period, there is nothing to lose – and you’ll earn a lot of COIN (while supporting a non-profit)!

Redeeming Coins 

Your coins can be redeemed once you have accumulated 10,000 tokens. You can also exchange them for cryptocurrency in addition to physical items.

Pros of Coin App
  • You can earn digital currencies and exchange them for digital or physical assets. Easy earning: This app allows you to earn digital currency.
  • Coin tokens can also be traded for cryptocurrency through the app.
  • Paying Plans: You can pay for the site’s paid plans that give you rewards for providing the location of your users.
Cons of Coin App
  • There aren’t a lot of high-earning features included in the Coin app’s Basic plan.

Final Verdict 

Despite being a relatively new concept for some, geomining is definitely gaining traction. In addition to geomining, the Coin app offers a range of other features, such as bonuses and shields. 

It is important to note, however, that the Basic Plan – although free – lacks most advanced features. Geomining can be a great option if you’re still undecided about whether it’s for you or not. Nevertheless, you should opt for the paid version after you’ve decided in its favor.