Voltzy Reviews 2022– The Best Portable Solar Battery Charger

Throughout this worldwide pandemic, with technology at the forefront of countries’ response to this crisis, we cannot afford to have low-charged batteries in our devices or even other essential electronic appliances. In addition to that, we must be prepared for anything or any given circumstances, for instance, a power outage.  In that case, we need to have a backup i.e. power banks.

However, at some point, even a regular power bank will lose its battery and shut down. Many individuals worry about how they will charge their power banks to further charge their devices without any electricity. There may not be many efficient alternatives present out there but there is one such option available on the market called Voltzy. This product is a solar-powered ‘power plant’ that serves all your charging needs. 

Let’s analyze this solar charger in depth below in the Voltzy Review.

What is Voltzy?

Voltzy is a solar-powered power bank which has built-in solar panels and solar cells in order to gain solar energy and convert into electrical energy so that it can provide electricity or charge devices it is connected with. 


This power bank is very unique and very futuristic because a solar powered power bank is something that is new and that can save a lot of energy and many won’t have to rely on electrical plugs or even normal power banks. This is because solar energy powered banks never run out of juice because the sun is a renewable source of energy so the power bank can easily gain solar energy again and it can easily charge the device without the need of electricity. It does have the option to charge with electricity too which shows that it is adjustable and made to be flexible for any kind of energy source to charge. 

It also comes with an external solar panel that when attached with wire can easily absorb solar energy and produce electricity in order to charge the device. It can charge any device so it has a diverse range of compatibility which is good because it can help a lot of users with low battery troubles. iOS devices, Android smartphones etc. can charge through this phone no matter the model or company. It charges any device. It is almost a universal power bank. It has LED indicators on the device which show the charging status of the device whether it has started charging or is about to charge.

Features & Specifications

  • PORTABLE & POWERFUL – Voltzy can charge all your devices: iPhone, iPad, Tablet, e-Reader, Kindle book. Compatible with any device that uses a usb cable to charge.
  • RAIN & DIRTPROOF IP67  Voltzy can get rained on and can even be dropped in puddle thanks to the rugged water tight housing.
  • SOLAR EMERGENCY CHARGING Can be left out in the sun for a few hours to charge in emergency situations or left out for a few days to fully charge. Use the usb cable to recharge the device for everyday use.
  • LARGE 8000 MAH BATTERY – Can charge multiple phones in case of an emergency.
  • EMERGENCY LED FLASHLIGHT – Built-in flashlight ensures you can always see in the dark or can flag down help.
  • CARRY LOOP AND CLIP  – As mentioned above, this device is easy to carry. The reason behind this is that it has a carry loop and clip with a single as well as double lock carabiner. Therefore, you can easily attach Voltzy to your backpack when you’re on the move. There are carrying loops at the top of the device, easy to spot. If the device is charged, you can keep it in your pocket too. 

How is it different from other products in the market?

There are many power banks available in the market, but they are not as unique as Voltzy solar energy powered power banks. Voltzy solar energy powered power banks have a rugged body and a sturdy build which makes it a different power bank then those flimsy and plastic made power banks that do not give enough battery time for charging the devices. Those power banks are easily perishable and breakable which is very common but Voltzy is different from such devices. This power bank has strong rubber casing with shock absorption ability which is not found in other power banks available in the market. 

Voltzy uses a renewable source of energy which is sunlight or any sort of light to charge the device which means that at day time it can use sunlight and at night it can use any artificial light to charge the devices. In addition to that it also uses an electrical source to charge the power bank it also has the option of an external solar panel which gives the user a range of sources to charge the device from and allows feasibility to the user and gives a range of options to choose from according to the situation. This type of ability, options, feasibility and diversity is not found in any device. They only power through electrical sources which confines their options. 

Comparing Voltzy to a Typical Power Bank

The first reason that puts Voltzy in a way better position than a typical power bank has been discussed above. The Voltzy power bank is solar powered compared to power banks which depend on electricity to get charged before they are able to charge other devices. However, there are many other pros of this solar powered device over one that is powered up through electricity. 

You see, traditional power banks are made out of cheap material. They have flimsy batteries that don’t last. This is why power bank owners keep purchasing new power banks every few months. The power bank either stops working completely because its battery has died, or it breaks because the plastic material on the outside is of poor quality. 

On the flip side, Voltzy is made of high-quality material to make sure that it lasts you for years! This means that the solar powered gadget is a long-term investment that is built to last. Other than this, power banks are also not preferable because they can sometimes be outright dangerous. Their batteries can leak and put anyone nearby at risk. 

Voltzy doesn’t come with this complaint. If anything, the device is made in such a way that it is safe for use. One more thing – Voltzy is almost of the same size as that of an electrically powered power bank. This means you can easily carry it in your pocket too. Therefore, Voltzy solar charger is also super portable, making it a great replacement for your normal power bank. 

To charge it, if you’re traveling in the morning hours you can always place Voltzy in the dashboard of your car. Or if you are wearing a backpack, Voltzy can easily be attached to it so that it is exposed to sunlight and near to you. It’s best, however, to charge it at home by keeping it in the open, in the gallery or yard, during daytime. 

Last but not the least, the manufacturer has designed Voltzy in such a way that taking it along becomes easy. We say this again because along with being portable, it also has a sleek and modern look despite being rugged and durable. At the end of the day, you can run out of electricity, but you can never run out of sunlight. Mainly for this reason, Voltzy clearly wins over mainstream power banks. 

Benefits Of Voltzy:

  1. It has multiple ports which makes it more convenient than your average battery bank thus you may charge multiple devices at a time without electricity.
  2. Lasts for a long time and indicates through a signal that it is about to run out of charge.
  3. Capable of withstanding weather conditions that your typical power bank may break down in.
  4. Its water-resistant and shock-absorbent features make it much more useful in different circumstances compared to other product designs.
  5. It provides a wireless source of energy and for it to charge it simply needs to be kept in the sun as it is a solar-powered device.
  6. A flashlight is built into it to further make it convenient for you to use this device in the dark or emergencies.
  7. The product is designed in a way that prevents the risk of battery leakage.
  8. The company also offers a refund policy that guarantees a return of payment if the product does not meet its mentioned requirements.
  9. The single lock carabiners that come along with the purchase of the gadget are used to carry the device in hand and attach the device with a one-sided lock.
  10.  The double lock carabiners are used to lock the Voltzy power bank and a piece of clothing or any other component with one another. Not only does it provide safety for the power bank but helps it to attain maximum solar energy to charge.

How To Use Voltzy?

How To Use Voltzy?

It’s Just Like Plugging in Your Device Like a Normal Charger!

The working of this power bank is scientific and easy and it sums up the working of the device. 

The solar panel is made up of solar cells which are made up of silicon. These cells as soon as they are hit with the sunlight, (which are actually photons which are electromagnetic waves which excite electrons) the two layers of positive and negative electrodes due to higher kinetic energy release extra electrons that have a high exciting stage. This electron passes in large quantities through these electrodes through the wires, this electron that has been released is the current which is the electrical energy that charges the device. This then passes through an inverter which makes the current suitable for the charging devices, mostly the current produced is Direct Current and it is converted into Alternating current which is the type of current home appliances use. 

Buying Voltzy – What You Will Get?

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Voltzy was primarily created to help and satisfy the needs of individuals in emergencies. Henceforth, to fully help the customers benefit and decrease the customer’s chances of loss, the company created an extensive package that comes along with the device.

The package includes a charging cable, warranty certificate, single and double lock carabiners as well as a solar-powered power plant. All these remarkable features and products included in the package are principally designed to help facilitate the customer and make them fully satisfied.

How Much Does It Cost?

The Voltzy is made to fit any budget, starting at only $49.95 + S&H.

Chances are good that you’d pay a LOT more than $49.95 for a backup power source like this during a crisis.

50% Off

Where to Buy Voltzy? Official Price and Refund Policy

If you are interested in purchasing Voltzy, you can do so from its official website. Take a look at the pricing and the packages of the product below: 

  • One power bank is available for $29.95. This is the discounted price at which the Voltzy power plant is currently available. Originally it was for $49.95. Therefore, if you make your purchase now you can save $20! Shipping and handling charges are applicable.
  • If you purchase two power banks at one time, you’ll be able to save more. Instead of paying $99.90 you will have to pay $59.90 only. This means you will be able to save $40. In this package, shipping and handling is also free of charge.
  • You can also avail the ‘buy two, get two free’ offer. Accordingly, instead of paying $199.80, you will only have to pay $99, and you will get four Voltzy power banks. Again, in this deal shipping and handling is free of charge to you.

To make your payment, you can use either your debit card or your credit card. You can also use Google Pay and Apple Pay. Here are some details on the shipping and refunds of this product: 

  • First of all, you should know that Voltzy is also available on Amazon. It is not limited to its own website.
  • In case Voltzy fails you, you have the option of returning it within 30 days to get a full refund. Refunds will be issued within 5 days of returning the product. 
  • On ordering this device, you will receive a confirmation email first. This email will also contain a tracking number so that you can easily track your order using DHL or USPS tracking tools.
  • Once you place your order for Voltzy, it takes up to two days for your order to be processed. Shipping takes 3 to 5 business days for domestic orders. Ask for expedited orders, shipping takes only two to three days.
  • Good thing is that this device is also shipped internationally. International shipping takes 10 to 15 business days. However, how long it takes exactly depends on your location. You may be charged additional $25 or more on each order and will have to pay customs fee as well.

Should You Buy Voltzy? 

Voltzy seems to be a great purchase. However, there’s always some hesitation when purchasing such gadgets online. You have no reason to worry though. In case you receive a faulty piece, you can always file for a refund. Moreover, a warranty also accompanies the product. Apart from the warranty and the guarantee, positive customer reviews also back your purchase. 

These reviews are proof that the device is a satisfactory one. After all, while you cannot always rely on what the company has to say about its product, you can trust what its customers have to say about it. At the end of the day, it is up to you whether or not you want to purchase Voltzy

Frequently Asked Question

How does Voltzy use sunlight to charge itself? 

You aren’t put in the trouble of running out of battery when you have Voltzy. The device charges when you just place it in the sun. It has built-in solar panels for collecting solar energy and charging the internal battery. 

How is the design of Voltzy?

Voltzy has a sleek design. This device is not hefty. The technology is slightly bigger in size compared to power banks only because it uses solar panels. Furthermore, Voltzy comes in decent colors – it has a plain black casing. This means it doesn’t look ugly hanging on your bag. 

Who is Voltzy for? 

Voltzy has been designed for anyone who thinks a power bank is not enough because it uses electricity to charge itself first. It is for those people who are looking for a more convenient option for when there’s no electricity. For instance, those who are always traveling or are camping fanatics, they would love Voltzy. At the end of the day, anyone can buy Voltzy.

How do you know Voltzy has charged? 

Voltzy makes use of LED light indicators to tell you that the device still has a battery or there’s a requirement of charging it.

What’s included in your Voltzy purchase? 

When you buy Voltzy, you just don’t get the solar powered power plant. Instead, you get a charging cable for when you want to recharge Voltzy indoors. Therefore, you don’t have to purchase a separate cable for charging it up. Moreover, single and double lock carabiners accompany. Lastly, the certificate of warranty also comes with your purchase of Voltzy.

How long does Voltzy take to charge your devices? 

Voltzy doesn’t take long to charge devices. In fact, it can charge two devices from 0% to 100% in a short time. So, it’s pretty fast when it comes to charging. 

How long does Voltzy take to charge in the sun? 

If you are charging this device through solar energy, it may take about two to three days for it to get completely charged. Therefore, it is recommended that when the charging completely runs out, you charge it using its USB charging cable. After this, you can keep this charge up by using solar power.

What happens if water splashes on your Voltzy or it drops into a puddle?

The rugged build and the waterproof nature of this device mean that even if you drop it in a puddle, you have no reason to worry. Your Voltzy will still function fine.

Final Verdict on Voltzy Review

The product is not only made from a high-quality material making it possible to last for years but its functioning and quality also prove that the invention itself is all about providing the best customer service. Bearing in mind the popularity of the brand and reviews of so many satisfied customers, there is no doubt about the safety, reliability, and effectiveness of this product.

Its benefits not only lie in how affordable and reasonable the offers or refund policy makes it but in how the product is durable. In times like these, when we are struggling with the pandemic and the economy is stumbling, what is needed is a device that you can depend on in all circumstances for charging all kinds of smart devices. You can now not only charge one but many devices at any given time if you make the purchase. That being said, the latest technology that makes way for a better option than a power bank is Voltzy. So head over to the official website now to place your orders

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