The Breather Device Review – Best Breathing Exerciser Device to Strengthen Lungs in 2022

Are you in need of a solution that can enhance your athletic performance? Finding it tough to get through the day with occasion breathing issues and/or weak lungs? One approach would entail resorting to medications and drugs (especially in serious cases), but what if we told you that there is a non-surgical, drug-free, and clinically proven strategy that can be employed to overcome such issues, would you be interested? Let’s just say that it involves some form of training and determination, leading to results within a matter of weeks. How is the latter even attainable? This is where it is fit to introduce PN Medical’s “The Breather”.

What is The Breather, exactly?

The Breather is a handheld breathing training (RMT) system invented by Peggy Nicholson, a cardiopulmonary therapist who spent more than 40 years developing and testing it.

The Breather

Think of Breather as a home gym for your lungs and airways. By applying different levels of resistance, you can retrain your respiratory system to take deeper, fuller breaths.

“As a new therapist back in the ‘70s, I wanted to give my patients more than basic exercise routines,” she says of her invention. “So I started researching for a better solution.”

The result is the first-ever breathing training system for people with lung conditions — from asthmatics to smokers and anyone who wants to improve their breathing.

The Breather is a small, handheld device you can use to improve your breathing.

You breathe in and out through The Breather, and the device exerts a force against your breathing. Your body naturally pushes harder to compensate, strengthening your breathing over time.

Just like working out at the gym builds muscle, using The Breather builds your breathing muscles.

The Breather is available to purchase through The company has sold over 1.5 million units worldwide, and The Breather is backed by 3,000+ 5-star reviews online. Plus, it’s recommended by doctors, scientists, and pulmonologists around the world.

Why is The Breather so effective in helping people with lung conditions improve their breathing?

Over time, regular use of the RMT technique has been shown to increase the strength of your body’s breathing muscles.3

Think of it as a workout for your respiratory system, helping it become stronger and more effective. RMT is the workout, and The Breather is the exercise equipment you need to complete it.

The Breather’s inhale and exhale dials adjust independently of one another, allowing you to set inhale and exhale resistance levels separately using the dials — so you can train your lungs in a way that is specific to your lung strength.

The Breather Review

How Does The Breather Work?

The Breather works using respiratory muscle training (RMT). When you breathe through the device, your body has to work harder to compensate for the added difficulty. The Breather resists your breathing at one of several difficulty levels. The longer you use The Breather, the stronger your breath will become.

Just place The Breather against your lips, adjust the difficulty setting, then breathe in and out through the device to strengthen your breathing over time.

The Breather has 6 resistance levels for inspiratory pressure (breathing in) and 5 resistance levels for expiratory pressure (breathing out).

The breathing resistance created by The Breather applies a safe workload that strengthens your respiratory muscles. Just like lifting weights at the gym builds your other muscles, The Breather can build your respiratory muscles to give you stronger breathing – all with natural techniques instead of medication.

Some people use The Breather to target specific breathing problems, including asthma, atelectasis, bronchiectasis, emphysema, COPD, and bronchitis.

Others use The Breather to improve overall breathing. If you’ve found yourself short of breath lately, for example, or if you want to improve your endurance, then you might use The Breather.

According to the official website, you can start to experience the benefits of The Breather within weeks.

The Breather Features & Benefits

The Breather is a doctor and pulmonologist-recommended breath training system designed to help you take fuller breaths and enjoy an overall better quality of life.

Here are some of the benefits of The Breather, according to the official website:

How to Use The Breather

The Breather is straightforward for anyone to use. It’s a non-electronic medical-grade device. Just place The Breather against your lips, set the intensity, and breathe in and out:

Step 1) Set the intensity on The Breather from 1 through 6. Start with the lowest intensity level (1) before gradually working your way up to the highest intensity level (6).

Step 2) Place your lips against the device and breathe in and out.

Step 3) Practice with The Breather for 5 to 10 minutes daily. For customized breathing lessons and training sessions, consider using The Breather’s Breathing Coach smartphone app.

Step 4) Enjoy stronger breathing within as little as two weeks.

You can also use The Breather’s Breathing Coach smartphone app to progress through training. The app provides a training plan based on your progress. You can watch your breathing improve over time using the app.

The Breather is also designed to be portable and convenient. The compact size makes it easy to fit The Breather into your bag or pocket, allowing you to bring it wherever you go.

Plus, with no batteries or refills needed (The Breather uses only the power of your breath), you can use The Breather as much as you like with no maintenance required.

How much does The Breather cost?

The price for The Breather tends to vary based on the number of units purchased that are available on the official website. Presently, individuals can anticipate investing:

  • 1 Breather unit: $49.99 each
  • 3 Breather units: $119.98 total
  • 5 Breather units: $179.97 total


The Breather provides consumers everywhere with a helpful yet straightforward solution for their breathing issues. While it doesn’t replace inhalers and other medical devices, consumers often find that improved respiratory strength offers therapeutic relief. Some people report using their inhalers less than before, engaging their muscles in strength training. It works for consumers of all ages, and the website offers a discount to anyone who orders more than one at a time.

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