Snapshot Shelfystand Triangle Review – Is It Really Good?

Snapshot Shelfystand Triangle Review outlines some crucial information every interested Snapshot Shelfystand Delta consumer must read before making a decision as regards buying this Snapshot Shelfystand Delta that’s trending in the United States Of America.

Nowadays, it is increasingly difficult to stay without a smartphone or tablet in your hand. You are either reading with it or you are watching your favorite movie show on Netflix or watching a tutorial on YouTube or streaming your best sports program or even following online recipes while making your favorite dish. 

You can imagine having to stop streaming your favorite sports program on YouTube or stop watching your interesting Netflix movie series because your hand could not hold your smart gadget for the length of time or even cooking and reading recipes online and your phone or tablet got slipped off.

What Is Shelfystand Triangle?

The ULTIMATE in Phone and Tablet stands has finally arrived! Instead of having to hold your phone up constantly, you can now let Shelfystand Triangle do all the work while you kick back and enjoy the view.

Shelfystand Triangle gives you three comfortable viewing angles that let you relax your hands while you’re using your phone or tablet. Free your hands up for playing games, writing with a stylus, reading recipes while you cook, or watching your favorite shows and movies.

With viewing angles of 20°, 30°, and 50°, the Shelfystand Triangle makes it easy to enjoy and share your content with your friends. With snapshot shelfystand Triangle, you don’t have to worry about the phone sliding away or slipping from your hands when you’re in the middle of deglazing the frying pan or your hand getting weak in the middle of your favorite movie.

Features of Shelfystand Triangle

Non-Slip: Shelfystand Triangle features non-slip silicone feet to hold itself in place. You won’t have to worry about it slipping away from you, even with the largest iPad or tablet.

Weighted for Stability: Forget about flimsy device stands that virtually flap around in the wind! Shelfystand Triangle has a weight in its base, making it sturdy and stable enough to use with large tablets like the iPad Pro.

Integrated Magnet: Shelfystand Triangle contains a magnet in its base to help secure the stand to metal surfaces. Yet another way to make sure your Shelfystand Triangle always remains sturdy and upright – even with the largest and heaviest tablets.

Lanyard Hole: Shelfystand Triangle provides you with a hole for attaching a lanyard to. It makes it easy for you to carry Shelfystand Triangle with you wherever you go.

Comfortable Viewing Angle: Snapshot shelfystand triangle gives you three comfortable viewing angles that let you relax your hands while you’re using your phone or tablet. Free your hands up for playing games, writing with a stylus, reading recipes while you cook, or watching your favorite shows and movies! With viewing angles of 20°, 30°, and 50°, the snapshot shelfystand triangle makes it easy to enjoy and share your content with your friends. If you are working with multiple screens, the snapshot shelfystand angles help you monitor them effectively.

Affordable: With all the impressive features of snapshot shelfystand triangle, you might think that you will require to break banks before you could afford your own snapshot shelfystand triangle but interestingly it does not cost a fortune to afford this gadget stand or mount. Snapshot shelfystand triangle cost just $29 making it pocket-friendly for everyone irrespective of purchasing power.

Fast Delivery: You won’t have to bother about when this product will be delivered to you, the SNAPSHOT shelfystand triangle product will be delivered to the address provided within a few business days. 

Hitch-Free Returns: Buyers who don’t like or aren’t satisfied with their purchases can return the products and request a refund from the company. A 30-day money-back guarantee is available for every product purchased from the official website.

How To Use A Snapshot Shelfystand Delta?

It’s clearly stated on every snapshot shelfystand triangle review that it doesn’t take rocket science for you to set up the snapshot shelfystand triangle. 

  • Just follow these three steps:
  • Take out your computer tablet or phone and select the preferred viewing angle 
  • Switch it on and place it on the slot provided in your SNAPSHOT Shelfystand
  • Proceed to follow your chosen recipe, surf the web, or watch a show online

Is Snapshot Shelfystand Triangle Safe For Your Mobile Phone?

Your phone stand is as important as your Mobile phone or iPad. So, you have to be sure when you’re using something with the mobile phone; it doesn’t harm the phone itself. The Snapshot shelfystand triangle has a rigid but flexible construction with Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE).

Snapshot Shelfystand Triangle is a revolutionary phone and tablet stand that makes it easy to enjoy your mobile devices anywhere, hands-free. It’s truly universal so it’s compatible with 99% of mobile devices, even ones that haven’t been released yet. That’s because snapshot shelfystand triangle has built-in flexible grooves that fit everything from small phones to massive tablets. 

Pros Of Snapshot Shelfystand Triangle

  • Checking out recipes when cooking: Your device can comfortably rest in this stand in your kitchen as you are cooking and going through online recipes. You don’t have to worry about the phone sliding away or slipping from your hands when you’re in the middle of deglazing the frying pan.
  • For standing or hanging it: Designed with punch holes to use with a lanyard to keep it out of the way but still within your reach. 
  • Portability: Snapshot shelftystand triangle is very portable, it can easily be taken to your office, eatery, or around your home together with your devices.

Cons Of Snapshot Shelfystand Triangle

  • Limited stock: Snapshot shelfystand triangle is trending in the market now and customers are ordering it rapidly. There is a drastic reduction in the availability of snapshot shelfystand triangle in store. Do well to visit our official website and place your order. 
  • Unavailable On Retail Stores: it has been clearly stated that snapshot shelfystand triangle is unavailable on Amazon, Walmart, or in any retail stores, this is to cut down the extra costs added by middlemen. Be assured that you are to buy snapshot shelfystand delta directly from the manufacturer.

Customer Reviews

I used to lean my tablet against a stack of magazines, my backpack, and whatever I could to get the viewing angle I desired. Of course, everything would slip and drift around… once my tablet nearly went crashing to the floor! Using Shelfystand Triangle is just a hundred times better. Everything just feels safe now, there really isn’t any comparison! – Glenn S.
You never know how much you need it until you try it. Totally changed the way I work, my workflow is so much more efficient now. I bought multiple Shelfystand Triangle and use three of them at the same time. There’s no substitute for having all my data instantly viewable to me at all times. – Maggie M.
I really love products that can do more than one thing, and this snapshot shelfystand triangle certainly qualifies! I use it to watch movies on my phone at work during lunch. Then I attach my iPad and do all the various kinds of paperwork my job requires. It never slips or slides, and makes my day just so much easier! – Emily T.


The snapshot shelfystand triangle is an innovative stand that gives its users three perfect hands-free viewing angles. Its creators describe it as a safe, easy-to-use, and patented stand for today’s smartphone users.

Shelfystand Triangle is a universal mobile/tablet stand designed to boost one’s hands-free experience. What makes this object stand out is its patented circular structure, which supports a wide range of device sizes, unlike most smaller stands found in the market today.

The use of TPE or thermoplastic elastomers as the material has its perks as well, some of which include its resistance against chemicals, recyclability, and flexibility. The latter is what seems to support varying device sizes. However, it is also important that the one major flaw with this material is that it might not last over the long run, which is something to consider.

As for price as a factor, snapshot shelfystand triangle falls well within the market range, which makes it appealing. Matter of fact, its simplicity, waterproof and flexible nature, and lack of installations make it quite inexpensive. 


What makes Shelfystand Triangle better than other device stands?

Shelfystand Triangle gives you three different angles to position your device, so you can always have the ideal view.

Can I use Shelfystand Triangle with large tablet PCs?

You can use Shelfystand Triangle with tablets as large as the Apple iPad Pro.

Can I still play games with my phone or tablet in Shelfystand Triangle?

You absolutely can! In fact, you may even play better without having to support your device with your hands, as you will now have both hands free.