Shine Armor Fortify Quick Coat – Honest Review

Shine Armor Review: You have often gone to a car detailer after purchasing the car, I have gone to the detailer many times to give my car a wholly different and shiny look. The car detailer will modify your car entirely according to your requirements.

When your car undergoes detailing, it ultimately acquires a new look, but detailing a car is somewhat expensive, so many people don’t want to do it. If your budget is not well, then you  in ignore it. Though you can also make detailing your car on your own, the only thing you need to do is buy the premium car detailing products from the market. This can also give your car a great look, but you can rely on it for a long time. It is a good option for temporary, but you need to visit a car detailer for a long time.

When I feel that going to a detailer will be costly for me, I used to found new ways of modifying my car, such as buying car waxes, but all the methods that I have used get failed after some time. They can give a new look to our vehicle, but they are not satisfactory. After failing through various methods, I have finally tried a Shine Armor fortify quick coat. I have felt that this is the best product that I have used until now; it had given my car a completely new look that I wanted. I have used it only once, but I have a great experience with it; I loved the results I obtained after using it.

What is Shine Armor Fortify Coat?

The shining armor fortify quick coat is a multi-operational product that is having the capacity to do three works, that are –

  1. It can provide shine to the coating of your car.
  2. It will entirely clean your car up.
  3. Will protect the outer layer or surface of your car.
An image of Shine Armor Fortify Coat

It is not similar to the ordinary car wax that shines your car and resists it against atmospheric conditions; Entirely different from ordinary products. One of the products that doesn’t require water use, and it does not contain water in its formula.

The best part about this product is that it does not require any wax to provide shine to your vehicle. It is a product made up of a mixture of different surfactants, soaps, wetting agents, and silica ceramic that has a unique tendency to protect your car’s coating from any external agent. This is the most suitable and ideal product for those who want something which is very easy to use and provides your car a great look with the protection.

The best thing that I like about this product is its simplicity of use, and it is a product that you will get in a spray bottle. The only thing you must do is take a soft cloth. Apart from the other waxy product, it doesn’t require the use of an applicator, and it applies very quickly to your car and remains on it for such a long time. Also, I will recommend this product to people struggling with finance, as this device is very cheap and can do so many different things. This is the device that is not so expensive and long-lasting and can maintain your car’s shininess for a long time.

Many researchers and formulators have found that shine armor fortifies formula is too much more potent than any other waxy product available in the market. According to data, it is 20 times stronger than any other sealants. The best thing about using this technology is that it is lab-tested and provides you with a lifetime guarantee. When I have used it for the first time, I have found that it does not create any scratches or leave behind any marks after using it.

Unique Characteristics of Shine Armor Fortify Coat

  1. As already stated above, it does not leave behind any scratches or marks after applying it.
  2. Also the best feature about this product is that it doesn’t require the use of water, as well as its formula, is free from the water molecule
  3. This product is 20 times stronger than any other material that is available on the market
  4. This is certified technology that has been tested in the laboratory
  5. It is formulated from ceramic technology

Features and Benefits of this Technology

It is a product that a trusted and reliable company has manufactured. The company which manufactures these products is situated in Florida, and they manufacture the product that every section of the community can use.

Features of Shine Armor

They usually focus on a quality product that can be provided in the least amount. Their main point of concern is to provide their customer the product which can complete their demands without affecting their financial budget. All the products manufactured by shining armor are entirely eco-friendly and provide complete satisfaction. Here, I have mentioned some of the essential features and advantages of the product –

Protection from external agents: As from the name, it is clear that it is a multifunctional product that gives shine to your car and protects it against any external agents’ action.

Its work is not limited to only initial users, and it provides surfactants, soaps, and many other wetting agents to clean the coat. This product can remove dust particles, debris, and pollen too.

  • Effective formula containing silica ceramic layer: In addition to cleaning, it also contains a silica ceramic layer which gives a glossy look to your car and provides a protective layer. Also, it has to be noted that the silica which is used in this product is tested and long-lasting. Its formula is practical and easy to use.
  • Powerful results: According to the company, they claim that their product is 20 times more potent than any other product available in the market. Once you apply this to your car, it starts resisting the dust particle and other pollen. Though it does not tend to remove heavier and larger particles, it ensures that you can easily wipe them out from the surface.
  • Protects from harmful UV radiations: As soon as you apply this product to your car, it starts protecting the paint from harmful UV radiations. Your car’s paint is too sensitive to sunlight and gets cracked due to its radiations. The absorption of sunlight depends on the color; the darker the color, the more heat gets absorbed. As this product contains silica, so your surface remains smoother.
  • Comes in an easy spray bottle: This shine armor fortifies usually comes in a spray bottle that makes it simple to use. You need to spray it on the smooth cloth piece to use this product. A small quantity can do the extensive work, so always take the appropriate amount of shine armor. After spraying your armor on the piece of cloth, gently rub it onto the surface of your car.

The bottle provided with the armor is so simple to use, and even the children can use it without facing any trouble. In only 15 minutes, you can entirely cover your car and give it a new look.

  • Made from non-toxic substances: The best part about this is that it is entirely free from hazardous substances, and it is non-toxic. This product can give your car a great look, and it only uses eco-friendly substances. The surfactants and soaps provided with them are also eco-friendly and non-toxic.
  • Entirely eco-friendly: The substances used to manufacture this product are entirely biodegradable and safe. It is entirely safe, and even children can use it. Also, it will not be going to harm plants if sprayed on it accidentally.

The only thing you need to do is apply a layer of this product to your car. As soon as you apply it to your car’s surface, buff the material.

  • Multipurpose formula: Unlike other waxy materials, the best thing about using this product is that it is multifunctional and it is flexible to various surfaces such as glass, metal, chrome, and plastic. The formula for armor shine fortify is multifunctional and can be used for any purpose other than shining. Also, it does not create any harm to the surface on which you are applying this product. This device can be used for various vehicles such as –


  • Two-wheelers
  • Boat
  • Locomotives
  • RVs
  • And other four-wheelers

As it is multifunctional so according to my, it is worth buying.

But remember one thing, it can work with glass but never think of applying it onto the surface of your car windshield, as it already contains other wax so that it may blur its vision.

No smearing or streaking: The most important feature is that it does not leave behind any marks and scratches after applying it to the surface of your car. Unlike other waxes, it is smooth, and even the layers’ overlapping makes it more beautiful. If you don’t want to buy a separate product for cleaning, shining, and protecting, it is the best product.

  • 100 % satisfaction guarantee from the company: The company’s policies that manufacture this product are very healthy and provide assurance and guarantee on each bottle you buy. They ensure that their customers get satisfied after using this product. If you find any problem with the product you can replace it, and the company will be responsible, and they will repay you each penny.

A car’s professional detailing cannot be completed in just $ 20, and you will need a lot of money for this. You can shine your car brilliantly with minimal cost, and it will remain for almost a month. The one thing that I want to suggest to you is that always remember to buy this product from their official website only because they provide an excellent discount to their customers. For getting more considerable discount, buy more than two products.

There are various sources of buying this product, and they can also be found in stores. If you order this product online, you will get it significantly faster.

How does Armor Shine Fortify Quick Coat work?

Shine Armor being used on a car

There is no clear evidence about this product’s working until now, but it is known to contain a mixture of silica and ceramic. This substance helps your car’s surface against the environment’s action, and it does not create any marks on the surface. According to a few scientific studies, Silicon dioxide gives promising results for ceramic coating and is ideal for vehicles’ surfaces. 

Shine Armor Pros and Cons

  • It has multifunctional applications
  • As spray bottle is provided with it is very simple to use
  • This formula is extremely safe for surfaces like chrome, glass, metal, plastics, and many more.
  • This formula is biodegradable, VOC compliant, and wholly non-toxic.
  • It is not effective against the action of road tar
  • It is not able to remove existing scratches
  • Under extensive weather conditions, you may need to reapply.

How To Use the Product?

As we discuss this product for a very long time, now you may have understood that this device’s use is straight forward and easy. Here are the steps as to how you can use this product – 

Step – 1: Apply the product to the surface of your vehicle.

2nd Step: Wipe it using a microfiber.

and Step – 3: Using another microfiber, clean up and buff out the haze. And that is all, the surface of your car is protected and will shine now. 


One Shine Armor fortify quick coat is sold at 22.95$

Two Shine Armor fortify quick coat can be gotten at 42.99$

Three Shine Armor fortify quick coat can be gotten at 52.99$

However, it is important to note that these are discounted prices and might go up anytime soon. It is advised to get yours now if you’ve made up your mind to buy this car detailing product.


If you want your car to look impressive, detailing is very important. Changing the coating of the paint on your car is extremely expensive. You can take the help of detailing, which will also protect your car from severe weather conditions and many more. Also, the detailing must be done professionally. You can take some professional help from Shine Armor Fortify Quick Coat.