Neck Hammock Review – Does it End Chronic Neck Pain?

The Neck Hammock is a cervical traction device that is ideal for those who have mobility issues, neck discomfort, or stress. It has given millions of people relief. Consider our review.

Whether you got out of bed or flew for many hours, you may have felt a familiar stretch along your neck. When your neck is in one position, the neck discomfort happens. For example, your pillow may feel very comfy when you get into bed, but its position may vary during the night, and you should adjust it to prevent neck discomfort during the day. It may be a daily and chronic neck issue that has plagued you for years.

Too fluffy or too flat pillows often alter the angle at which your neck rests on your body, resulting in tension from lack of movement. The Neck Hammock alleviates the neck discomfort. Some individuals opt to see a certified physical therapist, which is costly for many people who live at home, in the hope that the shoulder and neck discomfort caused by pinched nerves would resolve. Numerous reviewers agree that Neck Hammock is an excellent product that is easy to use. Rather than seeing a physical therapist every day for a year or needing to take medications every day, it would be preferable if you could have this portable gadget at your home or workplace and utilize it every day.

In this Neck Hammock review, we’ll examine how this portable gadget works, what to anticipate from it, where to get it, and how it alleviates neck tension. Additionally, we inform you that you must use this gadget daily to get the desired outcomes within a specific time frame.

What Is the Cause of Neck Pain?

A girl having neck pain at office

Almost everyone has had neck discomfort at some point, so it’s important to understand some of the reasons. Among them are the following:

  • Whiplash
  • Several illnesses
  • The nerve that has been compressed
  • Strains of muscle
  • Worn joints

While the other four reasons may occur at any moment, Whiplash is most often caused by a vehicle collision; the head goes forward and then jerks back fast, similar to how your muscles feel when someone hits them from behind. When you see a physical therapist, they will most likely suggest either medication or physical therapy, depending on the severity of your discomfort. These sessions may be costly, and not everyone can afford them, which is why Neck Hammock is an excellent substitute.

What Exactly Is A Neck Hammock?

An image of Neck Hammock

The Neck Hammock is a cervical traction device that is ideal for those who have mobility issues, neck discomfort, or stress. As shown by the reviews area of its official website, it has provided instant relief to millions of people suffering from neck discomfort. At first glance, the product may seem complex, yet nothing could be farther from reality. It’s straightforward to use; as long as you have a suitable location for mounting it on a wall, anybody may use it in the comfort of their own home.

Neck The purpose of the hammock is to assist the user in relaxing by relieving the tension that causes neck discomfort over a set period. The majority of Hammock reviews and Facebook users agree that the device is simple to use and takes just a few minutes to set up.

Apart from the occasional twinges, you may experience after a particularly difficult night, the Neck Hammock benefits individuals who suffer from chronic discomfort. Physical therapists call the pain as chronic when pain exists longer than 6 months. The Neck Hammock relies on gravity and the resistance band to alleviate neck discomfort via a technique dubbed cervical traction by the product’s inventor. If you’ve ever had neck discomfort, you’re probably aware that every abrupt movement aggravates the sensation. You will get your neck in the proper position using a hammock, and you should not move it until the discomfort from the pinched nerves subsides.

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How Does Neck Hammock Work?

Working of Neck Hammock Explained

The primary reason you may be looking for Neck Hammock reviews is to learn how it works and if it will function. This simple gadget functions like that of a physical therapist. If you’ve ever been to physical therapy and utilized a cervical traction device, you’re familiar with how this equipment works. It gradually separates your head from your neck by lifting it off the ground. The procedure enables your neck muscles to stretch softly and alleviate some of the tension you are experiencing. Additionally, it will aid in stretching the muscles in your back and shoulders.

As you use the Neck Hammock, you’ll notice that it gently pulls and stretches all of your back’s major muscle groups. This may enhance circulation and allow for increased blood and nutrition delivery to specific muscle areas, which may help you avoid future discomfort. When used to treat a strained or strained muscle, the gadget relieves some of the strain on that muscle. It has a similar effect on ruptured and bulging discs. With continued usage, you may notice that the Neck Hammock decreases future pain flare-ups as well.

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Who is Neck Hammock For?

Have you ever awoken in the morning or come home from work after a long day and discovered that your neck hurt? The Neck Hammock is an excellent tool for professionals who work long hours and are subjected to high levels of stress. While cervical traction cannot be claimed to completely alleviate tension, it will undoubtedly help you feel better. We suggest that you use this medication after each day to alleviate neck discomfort.

  • Individuals who are under stress at home or school
  • Individuals who are unable to sleep due to stress
  • Anyone who is rehabilitating neck or back injuries
  • Individuals looking to unwind at home or on holiday

Additionally, the Neck Hammock may offer much-needed neck pain alleviation for those diagnosed with chronic neck disease. In chronic ailment, the pain exists for a longer time. We suggest consulting a physician before to utilising this cervical traction device if you are already taking any medication.

The portable Neck Hammock cervical traction works by stretching the neck muscles and joints to alleviate stress, pressure, mobility issues, tension headaches, and to increase intervertebral space in the spine. Apart from being cheap and simple to use, the device may provide all of the advantages associated with seeing a therapist without incurring additional costs. As stated before, you wrap your neck muscle around a railing or door handle, allow it to stretch, then gently pull.

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How To Use a Neck Hammock?

A girl using Neck Hammock

You’re reading this Neck Hammock review mostly to learn how it works and if you need it for neck pain treatment. If you’ve gone to physical therapy for neck discomfort, the Hammock works similarly. The neck hammock was designed to gently separate your head from your neck by lifting it off the ground. Your neck muscles will stretch softly as a result of this procedure, relieving some of your stress and also assisting in the stretching of your back and shoulders.

Although you may not instantly notice the benefits, you will notice that the Neck Hammock gradually pulls the major muscle group in the back. This procedure aids in oxygenation and movement, ensuring that nutrients reach the afflicted area of your neck. With continued usage, you should notice significant alleviation within 10 minutes or less.

Why Is Cervical Traction Effective?

Anyone who has ever seen a chiropractor is familiar with how cervical traction works. Additionally, physiotherapists utilize this method to realign the head and neck with the spine. It alleviates the tension held inside your body and may alleviate years of stress in a single visit. The procedure stretches the muscles and joints, relieving you of any stress, tension, or strain. If you have a compressed nerve and have been experiencing symptoms for years, you may be hesitant to seek treatment because you believe you waited too long. The Neck Hammock provides the same advantages as an appointment but at a cheaper cost, which is beneficial for people on a budget.

We suggest the Neck Hammock to individuals who prefer not to use medicines and would rather get relief at home. Cervical tension demands you to maintain your head still and stretch your neck muscles using a gadget. This hammock is less expensive than comparable tools and is simple to use. Wrap it over a handrail, door jamb, or door handle and let it stretch and strain your neck muscles gradually. Gravity will gradually draw your body down towards the earth, creating a stretch in your back and neck.

What Is Included in the Box?

Inside the box of Neck Hammock

When purchasing the Neck Hammock from other vendors, you usually get just the hammock. If you purchase this hammock via our link, you will get a discount. We’ve provided a link below where you may purchase a single or many hammocks. Each bundle contains a variety of items.

  • Not to be disturbed sign
  • Mask for the eyes
  • Bag de voyage
  • Hammock for the neck with connected wrapping

If you’ve ever stayed in a budget hotel without a do not disturb sign, you know that you won’t find the quiet you need. That is why the Neck Hammock’s manufacturers included a do not disturb notice in the packaging. While you may take this with you on vacation, you can also hang it on a door in your house to communicate to your family that you need some alone time. Additionally, the notice will deter others from throwing open the entrance.

Additionally, a travel case is provided to preserve the mask in excellent condition when used away from home, as is an eye mask that may help you relax and even sleep when using the hammock. The Neck Hammock’s connected wrapping makes it simple to use on any kind of door.

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What are the Top Reasons to Choose a Neck Hammock Over the Alternatives?

  1. Proven outcomes: You receive proven results with the Neck Hammock. Hundreds of elite sportsmen and celebrities have utilized it to alleviate stress and resolve neck pain issues.
  1. Portable: Unlike bulky or heavy traction devices, the Neck Hammock is ideal for people on the move. You do not need to permanently install it in any location around your house. It just takes a few minutes to assemble and much less time to disassemble. With the accompanying travel bag, you can ensure that you have everything you need to unwind at work or on vacation.
  1. Prescription not required: Chiropractic and physiotherapy equipment, costs not less than thousands of dollars. While some gadgets are more inexpensive, you must first see a physician and get a prescription. The Neck Hammock does not need a prescription and does not need you to go through your insurance company to get one.
  1. Cost: Additionally, you may come across certain traction devices that cost $ 1,000 or more. With Neck Hammock packages, you may get one of these gadgets at a much-reduced price. Even if you purchase just one, you can save money.

The Neck Hammock’s Advantages Over Conventional Doctor Visits

The primary advantage of the Neck Hammock over conventional medical and physical therapy visits is the cost. Even after health insurance, you need to pay $ 20 or more for physical therapy sessions. Even if you just use it twice, this hammock will pay for itself. Additionally, you may avoid long wait periods at the doctor. When you arrive at most offices, you must sign in and wait for the receptionist to call your name. You may find yourself spending an hour or more in the workplace, time that you cannot afford to squander. The Neck Hammock enables you to get the same degree of relaxation in just ten minutes at home.

Additionally, you’ll discover that it provides a more comfortable method of treating your discomfort. If you suffer from a persistent disease such as sciatica or tension headaches, you understand precisely how such symptoms feel when they first appear. Rather than contacting a medical facility and attempting to schedule an appointment for the next week or month, you may just take this hammock and treat yourself at home. It enables you to manage your discomfort inexpensively and comfortably.

Can Neck Hammock Be Used By Anyone?

The Neck Hammock is an excellent device for anybody who works in an office or spends their days seated in front of a computer. Even if your desk chair is comfy, it may place you too close to your computer or prevent you from looking straight at the monitor. Not only may this result in eye strain, but it may also affect your neck, causing muscular discomfort. The Neck Hammock is also an excellent option for people who train and exercise often since it helps stretch muscle areas that might otherwise go unnoticed. Despite of many uses, still many cant use this magical device.

Anyone under the age of 16 should not use this hammock. Additionally, the company advises against using the gadget if you have an acute cervical injury. If you have a condition that impairs your spine’s stability, you should also avoid using this device. If you have any concerns about whether the Neck Hammock will work for you or if you should use it, you should first see your physician. Additionally, it is beneficial to contact a physical therapist who can decide if you need conventional traction in a clinical environment or whether a traction device may be used at home.

What Symptoms Can the Neck Hammock Relieve?

Various Relief by using Neck Hammock

You must review some of the symptoms that the Neck Hammock may alleviate before purchasing it to ensure that it is the best choice for you. Numerous Neck Hammock reviews we saw were submitted by consumers who were suffering from various medical problems. Numerous reviews noted that it relieved discomfort associated with a range of diseases affecting the head and neck. It is effective against tension and stress headaches that develop as a result of stressful circumstances at home or work.

You may be unaware of the negative effect that bad posture has on your life as a whole. Even if you walk perfectly, you probably do not sit properly. You may spend a significant amount of time sitting on your sofa or bed with a computer or tablet on your lap, and even more, time looking down at your smartphone. Poor posture may cause severe neck discomfort and radiate discomfort down your back and lower body. The Neck Hammock is one of the few items on the market that has been shown to alleviate symptoms associated with bad posture and insufficient sleep.

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How Frequently Can the Neck Hammock Be Used?

As stated before, the Neck Hammock‘s maker advises wearing it for ten minutes at a time. Depending on the intensity of your pain and the underlying reason, it may take up to 15 minutes before you get relief. You’ll want to put up the hammock and choose the ideal posture for you. If you cannot see a clock from this vantage point, you may use your phone’s timer. It’s beneficial to utilize it for ten minutes and then assess your feelings. You may progressively increase the time frames to 15 minutes by adding 10 to 30 seconds to each one as you use it.

Each day, you may use the Neck Hammock two to three times. Rather than utilizing it every hour or more often, you should spread out your use. The company advises using the Neck Hammock for the first time and then waiting four hours before reusing it. During the first several days of usage, you should limit yourself to one session per day. You may gradually increase the number of sessions over the next several weeks.

Should You Purchase It?

Whether or whether you purchase the Neck Hammock will depend on the severity of your neck discomfort and your desired outcome. Several reasons why we believe this basic gadget is worth the money include its ease of use and immediate effects. Other neck traction devices may need several sessions before providing relief. The Neck Hammock gently pulls on your neck and utilizes gravity to bring your body closer to the ground, providing an even deeper stretch.

Due to the inclusion of an eye mask and a travel bag, you are not limited to using it at home. That eye cushion may help you unwind in a bright hotel room with non-closing drapes or your bedroom while family members watch television in another room. The accompanying travel pouch makes it simple to transport the gadget. This bag protects it against hazards such as large objects falling over your luggage and dust clinging to the straps. As long as your hotel room has a closed door, you may use the Neck Hammock.

Consider the disadvantages of the Neck Hammock as well. One of the most significant issues we discovered is that it is not always dependable. A few customers reported that the gadget slid off their doors or that the straps snapped, striking them in the head or face. As long as you use care, verify the strength, and choose the appropriate door, you should have no issues. Another problem is that the Neck Hammock can only be used in one position. It is ineffective if you want to sit up and watch Netflix or if you are standing.

How To Use a Neck Hammock?

Steps for using the Neck Hammock

Another advantage of hammocks is that they are simple to operate and require little time. Consult the included instructions or short films to learn how this gadget may extend your neck, increasing mobility and relieving neck or head discomfort. Here is a straightforward procedure that will assist you in quickly setting up and using this product:

1st Step: Disassemble the Hammock

2nd Step: Wrap the traction device’s ends around the front door of your home.

3rd Step: Close the door

4th: Arrange your neck in the hammock by laying down.

5: Once you’ve found a comfortable position, maintain it until you’re ready to rise.

Apart from your door, you may utilize any other area of your house; the only thing that matters is that the object remains safe. The optimal posture is one in which you feel most at ease. You may experiment with a few positions to see which one you like.

Features of Neck Hammock

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This portable cervical traction device is precision-engineered to help alleviate neck and shoulder discomfort within ten minutes by extending your spine’s intervertebral space. The following are critical characteristics that should persuade you to buy this neck stretcher.

  1. Extremely adaptable:

The Neck Hammock is very adaptable and may be used by anybody suffering from neck discomfort. It may be installed in a variety of locations; it may be attached to a door, pole rail, or any other appropriate location. You recline on a sofa, the floor, a bed, or even while standing.

  1. Convenient Design:

    Soft materials make the neck hammock so that it doesn’t not irritate your head or neck. Additionally, the maker has included premium cushioning that aids in the oxygenation of the neck while providing optimum comfort.
  1. Portable:
    If you have space constraint, then also don’t worry, as this can folded into a small size. Then keep it in any smallest corner. It’s small enough to fit in a drawer, luggage, or even a travel bag if you’re a frequent traveler.
  1. Extremely Effective And Convenient:

It’s no secret that this cervical traction device may be used anyplace to relieve neck discomfort.You may keep one at your home, workplace, or even gym facility to guarantee regular use. Additionally, as many customers have testified, the traction device is very effective, alleviating everyday discomfort within 10 minutes or less.

Instructions For Installing And Using The Neck Pain Relief

The trick to selecting the optimal posture is to avoid being fixated on a single door; you may hate this portable Neck Hammock gadget just because you choose the incorrect position. Locate a solid surface that can support your upper body’s weight to discover the most comfortable posture for pain alleviation.

Change the height: By changing the way Hammock is attached to your door, you may adjust its height from two to four inches above the ground. Adjust the height to choose the most comfortable position. However, you do not want to overstretch your neck muscles as you pull.

Utilize the eye mask: Without the eye mask, cervical traction may hinder you from achieving the relaxed frame necessary for rapid pain alleviation. The mask will assist you in overcoming those annoying ideas that may hinder you from achieving good outcomes. The majority of Neck Hammock users report that wearing the mask made them so comfortable that they fell asleep on the floor.

Where To Purchase

If you are sure that you need The Neck Hammock, do not hesitate to visit the official product website and place your purchase. While the retail price of Neck Hammock is $ 79.99, you can buy it for as little as $ 49.99 plus delivery via the manufacturer’s regular specials. The product includes a notice indicating that you’re using it to deter others from rushing into your room and disrupting you.

Rather than buying only one of these items, we recommend shopping for a Neck Hammock package, which includes two for the price of one. This will result in savings of up to $ 140.

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Money-Back Guarantee of Neck Hammock

If you have any reservations regarding Neck Hammock’s credentials, you need not fret since the maker has included a solid 30-day money-back guarantee. After confirming that the item is in good condition and has all original components, you will get your reimbursement within a day or two. The process for obtaining a refund includes the following:

1st Step: You must find your order number from the manufacturing company’s email.

Step – 2: Send an email to [email protected] explaining why you’re seeking a refund.

3rd Step: In your email id, the order number needs to be there.

4th Step: Compose an email in which you provide that number and explain why you’re requesting a refund.

5th Step: Write to the manufacturer’s customer service department.

6th Step: Return the package to the manufacturer with all of the information included in the email.

7th Step: Your refund is processed within a day or two.

You may follow up on your email by calling customer support at the Neck Hammock‘s official website’s cellphone number. You need to tell your order number on call with the customer care.

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Pros and Cons

  • The Neck Hammock is a non-invasive method of pain relief that does not need a therapist.
  • Increases blood flow to the muscles and aids in the treatment of pinched nerves that generate tension.
  • The gadget aids in muscular stretching and relaxation.
  • It is an economical product.
  • Provides pain alleviation in the comfort of one’s own home.
  • Padding on the collar is not very comfortable.

Neck Hammock Review

I am Alex Sarazen and after reading the Neck Hammock Review I was completely amazed by the product. As a student enrolled in a doctor of chiropractic school, I spend upwards of 7-9 hours each day seated on a chair. My body feels refreshed after utilizing the neck hammock for 15 minutes during a break hour, after school, or before I go to bed.

Because my neck is often flexed for the bulk of the day, having a cervical traction device has been simply wonderful. As stated on the company’s website, this product is not a substitute for manual treatment, although it most definitely may assist in relieving acute and certain chronic problems. After a brief amount of time in the hammock, you will notice an instant improvement in the range of motion. I also like how portable this product is. It fits comfortably in my bag. I use it in almost any place with a doorknob, frame, or pole. I can honestly state that this is an A+ product that will benefit not only myself and my coworkers, but also future patients.


Without a doubt, few cervical traction devices are as simple to use and as effective as the Neck Hammock. Additionally, it does not take up a lot of your time; you just need ten minutes a day. The majority of goods are fragile and have inflated designs. These are readily punctured when they come into contact with anything sharp. Unlike the Neck Hammock, which is small and portable, the remaining components need permanent installation in the house.

The Neck Hammock is widely popular since it aids in the treatment of a variety of ailments. To name a few stiff neck muscles, tension headaches, and even recurrent migraines. Numerous customers appreciate the Neck Hammock’s ability to provide instant respite from everyday stresses. The Neck Hammock is a neck traction device. You can use it anywhere in the house as long as a firm surface is available.

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