Koresurge Review – Best Foam Roller Massage For Your Back?

Koresurge – If you’ve ever experienced stiffness or soreness in your muscles, then you’ve likely suffered from “myofascial pain.” This is caused by tension held in key, sensitive spots throughout your body known as trigger points. If you’ve ever had a massage, you’ve probably heard of them referred to as knots.

Myofascial pain occurs when you put too much strain on your muscles. This can be caused by a strenuous workout, bad posture, or a chronic condition like plantar fasciitis. It can even be brought on by non-physical factors like stress. Muscle pains are common not only in older adults but as well as to young ones. This may be because of the lifestyles that this generation has.


Some people get muscle pains due to the physical activities that they do with whatever sports they have. There are also some people who experience muscle pains because of their postures when they are sitting, walking, or even when they are sleeping.

These things can cause muscle pains, including strains and spasms. Once you have these muscle tissues, it can be difficult to do certain activities. There are even some people who are having a hard time sitting or staying in bed just because their muscle spasms are acting up and they sometimes feel pain when sitting and even when lying down.

Some people get a massage to help ease their pains, while there are also some people who take muscle relaxants to ease the muscle spasms. The problem is, that not everyone has time to go get a massage or a prescription for that since everyone is busy with their careers.

Fortunately, koresurge review is here to open your eyes to a vibrating foam roller that is used for recovery after workouts and for muscle health to soothe inflammation and reduce tension. The vibrating foam roller focuses on using two types of deep muscle treatment to help with the recovery of muscles for better fitness results.

What Is Koresurge?

Koresurge is a vibrating foam roller that is used for localized vibration therapy and myofascial release for optimal healing and growth. It emits especially intensive vibrations. These are intended to activate the trigger points and hence make a contribution to the discharge of anxiety. Even deep tensions inside the musculature need to be dissolved. In addition, the vibration has to help to improve the flexibility of the muscle tissues and boom blood flow.

Many users of Koresurge massage foam roller who provided reviews found out that this massage foam roller provides a unique combination of focused pressure and vibration that can help alleviate and prevent muscle pain.

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It has 4 vibration settings making it easy to match your desired intensity to the muscle group you’re targeting and the severity of pain. When it comes to treating muscle pain, timing is everything. Whether your pain is brought on by work-related stress, a sudden injury, or an intense workout, treating the pain immediately will relieve it faster and keep it away longer.

Thankfully, there is now a breakthrough device that can reach those deep tissues and eliminate muscle pain at the source. KoreSurge relieves pain and tension held deep within your muscles. Its team has created an incredible new massage tool that treats muscle pain faster and more effectively than anything else on the market.

Koresurge review uses the healing power of Localized Vibration Therapy (LVT) and myofascial release. This massage foam roller creates a high-intensity vibration that penetrates deep into your muscles, targets trigger points, and alleviates tension at the source.

It is made of durable material so that it can be used for a long period of time without any problems. When the battery is empty, this massage foam roller can be recharged easily and very quickly so that it can be used again.

Specifications of KoreSurge

Every product comes with spec or technical facts which enable the end user to understand how well this product works and it is not an exception. Let’s take a look at some of the interesting facts provided by koresurge review.
1) Material: Silicone rubber, plastic
2) Color: Black
3) Size: 13′ long
4) Weight: 1.39kg
5) Vibration modes: Low, Medium, High, Recovery Massage
6) Battery Life: 20 hours and also rechargeable.
7) 360-degree maneuverability
8) High-density core
9) Deep tissue pressure spikes


1) Deep Tissue Massage: The dynamic grid texture digs Koresurge deep into your body to massage the layers of muscle below the surface.
2) Pain Relief: One good thing about Koresurge is that it targets your body’s trigger points to release tension and break up painful knots.
3) Vibration Therapy: It gives you the option to select between 5 levels of vibration to stimulate the flow of blood and oxygen through your muscles.
4) Pre-Workout Wakeup: you can stretch out and wake up your muscles so you can get more out of every workout.
5) Speedy Recoveries: A quick rollout after exercising will help prevent injuries and reduce post-workout soreness.
6) Strength & Flexibility: With koresurge, you can fortify your muscles, enhance performance, and increase your range of motion.
7) Build Strength and Prevent Injuries: By combing the restorative benefits of traditional foam rolling and vibration therapy, It gives you fast relief from all types of muscle pain. Constructed from high-density foam, the deep tissue massage grid works together with the vibrating core to release tension, break up adhesion, and soothe strained muscles.
8) Customize Your Recovery: At 13” long, KorSurge is the perfect size and shape to treat any muscle group in your body, big or small. With 5 vibration levels (including a special recovery massage mode), you can apply the perfect amount of pressure and get the relief you need.

How Does Koresurge Work?

The koresurge is developed by keeping in mind the therapy of Localized Vibration Therapy (LVT) and Myofascial Release as it puts more pressure on the painful muscles. Moreover, it penetrates the deepest layer of the muscles and also provides an optimum level of support as well as relief. This massage foam roller produces a high intensity of vibration that pulsates periodically.


Talking about Myofascial Release, koresurge review ascertained this vibrating massage foam roller uses its advanced massage system foam roller to make contact with the muscles. By using the KoreSurge vibrating foam roller, it massages into the deeper layers of muscle below the surface, with the user choosing the area of stiff or tight muscles to treat.

Its compact, round shape is perfect for treating individual muscle groups and focuses pressure on hard-to-reach areas. The shape also allows you to easily roll it up and down your body for a complete massage. Koresurge was designed for portability, so you can take it anywhere and use it anytime. Imagine performing a deep tissue massage on yourself whenever you want.

Who Needs Koresurge?

You might wonder if this massage foam roller (koresurge) is meant for you. Possibly you have read lots of online koresurge reviews to find an answer to this question, if you haven’t then this koresurge review got your questions answers. The Koresurge is geared toward all and sundry who frequently or maybe from time to time suffer from muscle anxiety or muscle pain. However, the vibration remedy that emanates from this koresurge massage foam roller needs to not only be able to relieve anxiety and muscle ache, however, must additionally help to growth muscle flexibility and blood circulation.

In this respect, the Koresurge is particularly appropriate for athletes who want to prepare their muscle groups for training. At an equal time, the koresurge can assist to reduce muscle pain and the subsequent, often painful muscle soreness after a workout. The increase in blood movement also can be very fine for senior citizens. In this recognition, the Koresurge is appropriate for each person, but specifically for athletes and aged human beings with circulatory problems.

Koresurge review is a massage foam roller or rubdown device that could without problems do away with your muscle pain immediately. It enables in relieving the muscle tension in the body and consequences in accurate ache remedy.

The continual ache, the injuries, and tensions are treated flawlessly with it and it’s also very simple to use. Koresurge combines Localized Vibration Therapy and Myofascial Release to create an advanced system we call Foambration Therapy. Not only does Foambration Therapy helps your body recover and release tension in the muscles, but it also increases flexibility and range of motion, improves circulation, and boosts muscular strength.

How to Use Koresurge?

Knowing how to use any product is one of the most important things to do even if you are not a tech person. Koresurge massage foam roller trends so well in USA, Canada, UK and other European countries because of its effectiveness and ease of usage. Koresurge review provides you with steps by steps on how to use koresurge.

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STEP ONE: Turn KoreSurge on and press the center button to cycle through vibration modes.
STEP TWO: Place on the floor and lower the sore or tight area of your body onto it.
STEP THREE: Roll your body slowly back and forth until you feel your muscles soften and relax.


KoreSurge foam roller’s priority is keeping muscles healthy throughout the workout process. This vibrating foam roller tool goes above and beyond the performance of non-electronic rollers, working deeply into the muscle tissue with the vibrations. Though this product comes in just below $100, the money that consumers may save on physical therapy, and lost time in the gym working out, seems like a small price to pay.

Like other foam rollers, you can use KoreSurge foam roller to target specific problem areas of your body – like knots intense areas. KoreHealth recommends using the device on your lower back, hamstrings, pecs, and hip flexors, among other targeted areas of your body. You can customize treatment with 5 vibration power levels, including 900 RPM, 1800 RPM, 2700 RPM, 3600 PRM, and 4500 RPM. There’s also a Recovery Massage mode for lighter treatment.


Frequently Asked Questions

How does vibration help my muscles recover?

Just like a deep tissue massage, the waves of vibration break up adhesion in your muscles. This boosts circulation, allowing oxygen and other nutrients to flow through.

Where on my body should I use KoreSurge?

KoreSurge is most effective at treating large muscle groups like your back, shoulders, glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps, and hip flexors. It’s not recommended to use KoreSurge on your neck.

Can KoreSurge help alleviate chronic conditions?

Yes, KoreSurge can help relieve the symptoms of sciatica, myofascial pain syndrome, fibromyalgia, arthritis, and many other chronic pain conditions.

How long does the KoreSurge battery last?

KoreSurge can last up to 20 hours with a fully charged battery.

How long should I use KoreSurge for?

We recommend using KoreSurge for no longer than 15 minutes per session.

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