KoreScale Review – The Best Smart Scale For Your Fitness Goals. Is It True?

Are you worried about your weight? Don’t worry, KoreScale can help you achieve your fitness goals. Smart Scale is the best choice for calculating body biometric data.

Even after the holidays, if you want to get back in shape, you can use KoreScale biometric sensors to measure the details of your body so you can track your food and weight accordingly. KoreScale biometric sensors are popular in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the United States and the United Kingdom.

KoreScale is a digital bio-metric scale that scans and records up to 11 key health metrics that are crucial to tracking body composition and fitness progress. Korescale smart weight scale keeps you on track by giving you an easy-to-understand assessment of what’s going on inside your body.

But as mentioned above, our technology is very much advanced that we now have a portable weighing scale, which will not only measure your weight but as well as your BMI, bone mass, body fat and more. But some people think twice of checking this type of weighing scale because of its price. Due to its many features, it’s not surprising that they come at expensive prices.

There are many positive reviews about korescale and after 54 hours of research we came up with this korescale review to provide you with all the necessary information you need before buying it from the official website.

What Is KoreScale?


KoreScale is a biometric weight scale with advanced sensors to monitor every slight weight change and to keep you on track on most other health parameters.

It has the ability to help you monitor certain health biometrics that is important to ensure that you are in good health. For instance, the scale can help you know if you have a healthy BMI rate and if your bone mass is ideal for your actual age. It can also help you known your basal metabolic rate, to know how fast you are burning the energy, while also knowing if you’re fat-free.

One thing to note about KoreScale is that you can check your visceral fat level, wherein this fat is the one surrounding your internal organs. This is very important to ensure your health and as well as your blood sugar. Your physical weight and age will also be weighed by this scale, so you’ll know if your age matches your actual age.

KoreScale is not your ordinary weighing scale because it surely is more than that. Whether you are trying to lose weight or you just want to monitor your health statistics, KoreScale will surely be helpful for you. It is a biometric scale, which will not only measure your weight but as well as your other biometric statistics. This will help you know whether your diet is working for you or if you need to start changing it again. This will also help track your progress in the long run.

Moreover, KoreScale can also know whether your body has enough protein or if there is too much protein in your body.

Why Choose KoreScale?

Korescale Review

One of the reasons why you should use KoreScale is because it has an app that you can download on your smartphones. Whether you have an Android or an Apple device, the app will surely be compatible. Also, if you have a smartwatch, you can sync all your data from the KoreScale to your watch. Some of the smartwatch where you can sync your data re FitBit, Google Fit, and Apple Health.

Pairing the KoreScale to your smartphone is easy with the use of a Bluetooth. For more accurate readings, make sure to step on it bare feet. Once you step on it, you will surely be amazed at how your phone will immediately update and you will instantly see your readings at the palm of your hands. This will help you to monitor your health no matter where you are.

Another good reason why you should get KoreScale is that it can be used by multiple individuals. This means that you and your family can use the scale and have different profiles using the app on your respective smartphone. This can even mean that you and your family will have a healthier lifestyle now that KoreScale is here.

You can keep your KoreScale in the bathroom or in a common area so everyone in your family can use it.

Why do I need korescale

Many individuals who lose weight become dissatisfied when they do not achieve the desired outcomes. Due to the fact that they were losing the INCORRECT type of weight.

The KoreScale Smart Scale categorises your weight into muscle, fat, water, and bone, so you can know EXACTLY what your body needs to get the desired outcomes. Numerous excellent internet reviews of korescale demonstrate that this smart scale is ready to use right out of the box.

KoreScale assists you in setting objectives and displaying your daily progress to keep you on your feet. With KoreScale, you’ll actually look forward to weighing yourself!

What Are The Features Of The KoreScale Device?

Numerous individuals are wary of online items, particularly those they have never used. There are a variety of products available online and in local supermarkets that claim to improve sleep quality. Multiple advantages of the KoreScale make it an internet sensation. I have attempted to identify some of them.

Affordable: The pricing of this Kore scale is cheap. This item will save you money. The various variables measured by this instrument are available separately from other devices. Today, save money by purchasing this package and gaining access to all 14 parameters. This product provides added value.

Accurate reading and reliable data – It is common for equipment in this category to provide erroneous measurements. The majority of health tracking devices on the market are ineffective; they were simply set to display different results at various times. Purchasing an ineffective tracker is one of the worst things that can happen to a fitness enthusiast. You unwind at home, believing you are making progress despite the fact that your fitness tracker is providing you with false data.

Avoid making this error and choose a product you can rely on. When connected to your phone via the free app, the KoreScale will provide access to your progress reports. The app also generates useful graphs and assists with goal setting. By using the KoreScale, you may have a summer body and improve your general health.

Know Your Body Better – The KoreScale allows you to know your body inside and out. It provides clues as to when certain lifestyle modifications should be made. It can also act as a guide for determining whether medical attention is necessary. Knowing oneself will allow you to recognise when something is amiss. Get to know your body by purchasing this product today.

A new fitness friend – The KoreScale is easily compatible with mobile devices. The results are readily emailed to your smartphone. Obtain a KoreScale and commit yourself to attaining your fitness objectives in order to track your fitness improvement. The app also generates useful graphs and assists with goal setting. By using the KoreScale, you may have a summer body and improve your general health.

High-Quality Materials – The KoreScale is a durable product. The platform can support your weight regardless. Do not be concerned; the KoreScale was manufactured with the highest quality components. It will not deteriorate or acquire flaws due to mild collisions or your weight.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee – This item is accompanied with a colossal guarantee of up to 30 days. The manufacturers are certain that this product will satisfy your expectations, but you still have time to reconsider. The customer service representatives of the organisation are also eager to assist you. You will receive a full refund once you contact them and your package is still in good condition. Simply reach out within 30 days of getting your KoreScale. It is unlikely that you will want to return your KoreScale. This offer is made by the manufacturer to ease your worries.

Innovative design with more data – The KoreScale device has a streamlined appearance. It is tough and yet visually pleasing. It features a superior device with highly sophisticated capabilities.

The producers utilised Bioelectric Impedance Technology. This technology enables KoreScale to intelligently analyse your entire body composition. This product requires only that you step onto its platform. You will hear the findings of the fourteen thorough body measurements. Your data is also stored on your phone.

Specifications of KoreScale

KoreScale is designed using dual BIA (Biometrical Impedance Analysis) technology that allows it to check your body deeply. It can be connected to any fitness app on your phone with a simple Bluetooth connection.

It comes with a color code to help you understand if you have reached your goals. The colors include:

  • Green – performance is brilliant
  • Yellow – performance is below average
  • Red – performance needs more work
  • Blue – performance is deficient.

Technical Specifications of KoreScale

  • Made utilizing tempered glass and plastic material
  • Comes in white and silver tone
  • Sized at 26 by 26 by 2.5cm
  • Weighted at a total of 1.2kg
  • Operated using 4 X AAA (triple A) batteries

How Does KoreScale Work?

How Does KoreScale Work

KoreScale has been established on Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA). BIA is considered a method used to measure body composition. What makes this methodology extraordinary is that it is neither expensive nor uses radiation for assessing purposes. Rather, it puts together one’s body organization with respect to the rate at which electric current moves through the body.

The principle compartments examined incorporate cell and fat masses, tissues, and lean muscles. At the point when the electrical current flow through every one of the listed compartments, factors including resistance and reactance are estimated at high frequencies, while water content is measured at medium frequencies.

  • Step 1: Download the FREE application! 
  • Step 2: Step on the scene—no socks or shoes; you have to utilize your exposed feet so the sensors can read the electrical signs in your body.
  • Step 3: Within seconds, you’ll get a full readout of your body’s synthesis with every one of the 11 key wellbeing measurements! 

All your data is accordingly put away and diagramed so you can, without much of a stress, track changes and see your improvement.

How to Setup KoreScale?

Setting up the KopreScale smart scale takes only a couple of minutes:

  1. Just install the Free KoreScale application on your tablet or cell phone. You can undoubtedly find the application on the google play store or application store. You can likewise use your QR code to scan and download the application immediately.
  2. Just connect your cell phone by means of Bluetooth connection.
  3. Next step will be to set up your own personal account on the KoreScale application, other relatives can likewise make their account through their separate cell phones. When you do this you are all set.
  4. It is anything but difficult to operate and the application is extremely easy to understand and explore.

What does the KoreScale smart scale do?

The KoreScale uses BIA (Bioelectrical impedance analysis) technology to track your health metrics as a guide for you to maintain a healthy fitness level, reach your personal goals, and stay on track even after a vacation with fatty foods and sugary drinks.

These helpful metrics are what you can track on the KoreScale:

  • BMI: weight-to-height ratio is often used to determine if someone is overweight or not. But BMI that doesn’t include muscle mass or bone structure can do more harm than good to our mental state. KoreScale will show you your correct BMI, designed for your unique body type.
  • Protein: getting too much or too little protein can contribute to weight gain. By knowing your protein levels you can adjust your diet and achieve better weight-loss results.
  • Physical age: we all know what our biological age is, but physical age is far more important. It shows how healthy we are in regard to our age and might encourage us to make healthier lifestyle choices to decrease it.
  • Weight: this is the only indicator that other household scales show. In KoreScale, it’s just there to be seen in combination with many other figures.
  • Body fat: perhaps the most important indicator, body fat index shows how much of our total weight is actually excess fat. If your percentage is low, then you’ll know for a fact that there’s no need to worry about your weight.
  • Moisture: another contributor to our total weight is our body liquids. KoreScale will show you how much of your body is just water.
  • Muscle: muscles are heavier than fat, hence why it is so important to see what percentage of your body weight is just muscle mass.
  • Bone mass: all of us have a unique bone structure, so the saying “thick bones” is absolutely true. KoreScale will let you find out if you really do have a thicker bone mass.
  • Visceral fat level: another important indicator in terms of your overall health is the levels of fat that surround your internal organs. The larger the amount – the more likely that you will experience overall health and blood sugar related issues.
  • Skeletal muscle: this indicator shows if your body is aging too fast for the normal rate and if you should take any precautions when engaging in strenuous physical activity.
  • Basal metabolic rate shows how fast your body burns energy. A slow metabolism can be the source of weight-loss issues, but it’s not unsolvable.
  • Fat-free body weight: the most feel-good indicator will show you how much you would actually weight if you were excess fat-free. It will make it easier for you to set up the desired goal and achieve your perfect healthy weight.
  • Multi-person use: several household members can connect to KoreScale via the app on their phones.
KoreScale smart scale do

Is Korescale Scale Any Good?

The Korescale scale is good as it helps analyze your body with incredible precision, so you can be confident with your results and make smart decisions. The many Korescale reviews are proof that this smart scale would most likely be suitable for anyone who wants to track their fitness in a safe and easy way.

  • Korescale BMI helps put your weight in perspective with your body type
  • Korescale smart scale helps with Body fat – Set a goal for slimming down & shedding pounds
  • Muscle Mass- Make sure you are bulking up in the right areas
  • Body Water – Check how much water weight you are carrying
  • Protein – See if your diet has enough muscle fuel

Benefits of KoreScale

There are various advantages of buying KoreScale biometric sensor:

  • It allows you to check different aspects of your body like BMI, amount of protein, bone mass, etc.
  • It is easy to use with its app and allows you to store data.
  • Multiple members can use KoreScale.
  • It helps you reach your fitness goals by keeping a proper track.
  • Korescale syncs with other fitness apps like Google Fit, Apple Health, Fit bit, etc.
  • It is built with medical-grade materials.
  • KoreScale comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • It uses dual BIA technology that allows it to monitor your body.
  • It is made with premium-quality and by health-experts.
  • KoreScale can be used by any gender of any profession.

What People Are Saying About Korescale Smart Weight Scale Review

“Just got my KoreScale and I can’t wait to use it! I’m excited to have this for my upcoming fights—it’s going to be a huge help, tracking my weight to be on point!”

— Edmen Shahbazyan

“There’s a lot of things that I actually wanted to learn about my body that I didn’t even know a scale can check. Things like bone mass, muscle mass, skeletal mass. It’s crazy how much KoreScale can do!”

— Rachael Cummins

What Makes KoreScale Better than others alike?

I really wasn’t too certain how I felt about this product from the start. I thought possibly it was only a KoreScale scam. I’ve seen other smart scales with similar features, however the majority of them should have been utilized with a watch tracker or something different that should have been bought separatetly. However, I wasn’t searching for another tracker nor do I need to make another costly buy. Fortunately, the KoreScale doesn’t need anything extra.

These are the features that differentiate KoreScale from the rest:

Multiple Accounts, Private Results

Unlike other scales, the KoreScale smart weight scale can register up to eight accounts. This is a great feature for homes with multiple users. When I first purchased my scale, I thought this was an awesome feature, but I didn’t think I would use it. But once my younger sister saw the scale, she wanted to start using it too. It was so easy to add her as another account and our results are private, to avoid any embarrassment when I’ve fallen off my fitness plan.

Super Easy Navigation

When I was first researching smart scales, It was really important that whichever one I purchased, would be easy to use and navigate. I read on some KoreScale reviews that this scale was much easier to set up compared to other scales, and the results were simple enough to read and understand.

Easy to Understand

When you look at your results on the app, you will automatically see your weight and all the other features to help you stay on track. Each metric will be highlighted in a different color, indicating how well (or not so well) you are performing based on your results. The color code makes it easy to understand, even if you don’t completely understand the numbers.

Assess Your Body Composition

At the point when I initially stepped on the scale, I should say, I was slightly stunned. I haven’t been to the gym in some time, so I was hoping to have put on some weight. However, I had really shed pounds! At the point when I read my results, I had seen that my muscle metric feedbacks were highlighted blue (which means low). Prior to utilizing the scale, I would generally expect that if my weight went down, that means I was on the right track, however this time it meant something other than what’s expected.

I concluded that possibly the time had come to begin heading out to the gym once more. I made this aspect part my every day schedule, wanting to get once again into shape. After around fourteen days, I saw that each time I stepped on the scale, my weight went up just a little. However, I was likewise gradually escaping the blue range and before I knew it, my muscle metrics were illuminating as green!

Reach Your Daily Fitness Goals

The KoreScale smart weight scale is a great way to track your fitness goals. I start my day off by weighing myself and getting my results instantly. According to KoreScale reviews, the best time of day to weigh yourself is in the morning on an empty stomach. You should also weigh yourself every morning rather than every week. This way, if you happen to gain a bit of weight, you will know right away and have a better chance of working it off.

KoreScale makes it easy to set fitness goals simply, because of how easy it is to read. Instead of aiming for an impractical number, you can set your goal to reaching a different color. For example, instead of “losing ten pounds”, your goal could be something like, “getting on the right track for a healthy BMI”, which would turn your red metric into the green. These goals are more realistic and attainable.

How Much Does Korescale Cost?

Normally one Korescale is sold at the price of $166.65 each but because of the ongoing offer, you can get one at the price of $99.99. For Customers who want to buy more than one of these smart weight scale, there is also two-scales for $183.99 and three-scale for $249.99 This Korescale review confirms that this smart scale is one of the top-selling offers in United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, etc.

Pros and cons


  • Your health parameters will be kept in check with the help of this fitness product.
  • There is a 30-day money-back guarantee offered by the manufacturers. Your chances of returning the KoreScale are slim. This offer is being made by the manufacturer to calm your nerves.
  • Original components won’t develop faults after a few months.
  • With just a few clicks, all 14 variables are at your fingertips
  • It can be carried while traveling since it is portable.
  • The results are accurate within seconds.
  • Durable components were used in its construction
  • Affordability


  • You can only purchase KoreScale from the manufacturer’s official website.  Internet scamming is prevalent these days, so avoid ordering from websites you’re not sure of.
  • Regardless of the quality of a product, money is always an issue. The bliss is not without cost. It is sold at a reasonable price. If you compare the price to the worth of this product, you will purchase it immediately.

Where Can I buy Korescale Smart Scale?

For anyone who wants to buy korescale, kindly buy through the official website by clicking the link below. Buying your Korescale Smart scale from the official website would be really recommended so as to avoid getting your money into the wrong hands. You also have access to the current discount offer and a 30 day back guarantee.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is KoreScale legit?

KoreScale is very legit as it has received many positive recommendations from its users. The producer company is also a popular one.

How long does KoreScale spend to produce results?

The result of each of the KoreScale tests comes out in no time. The values are also trusted and reliable. The korescale reviews have informed you that when you stand on the device, it will measure your weight in no time.

How does KoreScale contribute to my health?

Apart from measuring your weight, KoreScale also measures many other biometrics about you. When all these metrics are combined, it will give a full analysis of your health.

Does KoreScale work?

It is a smart weighing scale with high accuracy so it is reliable.


Korescale biometric system offers promising results as per the user’s body weight and needs. It helps track the crucial aspects of health fitness and provides a customized roadmap to achieve fitness goals efficiently.

You may check the online Korescale Reviews to learn about its popularity and unique working system. If there is anything, you want to add, please write it down in the comment box below.

User ‘s Review

This is What Users of This Korescale Scale Have To Say

Go for it without a doubt very good product at this price. I’ve been using it for almost a year now