Feets Foot Peel Mask Reviews – Is It Really Worth It?

If you have cracked feet and are feeling concerned, you should relax. The news is positive. Cracked feet are now easier to cure than ever before. Even better, you do not need to spend hundreds of dollars annually on pedicures to have healthy feet. In fact, you don’t even have to leave your house! FEETS Foot Peel Mask will help you in such a case. The Foot Peel Mask by FEETS is a revolutionary new at-home foot treatment.

The FEETS Foot Peel Mask, however, changes all of that. It takes around 60 minutes to restore your feet to their youthful, protected, pain-free state. It is the world’s first completely natural and risk-free solution for eradicating painful cracks. Podiatrists prescribe it gladly to individuals with cracked feet!

What is the Foot Peel Mask by FEETS?

The Foot Peel Mask by FEETS is the first all-natural foot peel mask for men and women that removes painful and potentially hazardous cracks and calluses at 

Simply wear the “booties” for around one hour to allow the fruit-based acidic solution to begin eliminating dead skin cells, calluses, and rough patches off your feet. Within three to seven days, the old skin on your feet will begin to peel off, leaving behind baby-soft, crack-free skin.

Despite the fact that foot peel masks have existed in the past, podiatrists have been reluctant to recommend them. The majority of existing goods contain potentially dangerous compounds such as parabens, sulphates, phthalates, and sulphates.

The Foot Peel Mask, on the other hand, comprises only natural, cruelty-free, and body-safe ingredients that have been authorized by a podiatrist.

Importantly, the Foot Peel Mask is available in a 2-pack and fits all shapes and sizes (up to a men’s size 14), making it appropriate for both men and women. Users appreciate doing it with their significant others or close friends, comparing it to a “little spa treatment.”


Celor Foot Peel Mask

The foot peel mask is designed to be a safe and effective exfoliant for the feet. The pad contains minute particles that are wiped away during use, exposing eight hours of new skin. Among the natural compounds that can protect against environmental contamination are olive oil, witch hazel extract, eucalyptus extracts, and grapefruit seed extract. Additionally, glycolic acid prevents foot acne due to its intense antimicrobial properties.

Enriched with Natural Ingredients

This foot peel mask is chock-full of natural ingredients, such as aloe vera gel, green tea leaves, and chamomile extract, making it healthful and revitalizing. After a hard day of work or play, you will appreciate its cooling effect on your skin.

Can be Used by Men & Women

Exfoliating foot peel masks are popular and effective for eliminating dead skin cells from the feet. The mask is designed to be used by both men and women, making it an excellent gift for friends or relatives who wish to connect with their toes!

Convenient Foot Mask

Some masks are so detailed that it is impossible to determine when they need to be replaced, while others contain a peel-off feature. The Foot Peel Mask features the latter and is one of those super-convenient masks that relieves your stress every time because you only need to remove the mask from its container and apply it to your foot for 10 minutes – a simple chore!

DIY Foot Care

Foot Peel Masks are great for do-it-yourself foot care since they remove dead skin cells and reveal new, healthy skin on the feet. This mask is a simple method to save money because it is easy to make and does not require any of the chemicals typically found in commercial products. In addition, there is no risk of inhaling harmful fumes, making this a practical option for individuals on a budget and those who like natural products!

Why Use A Foot Peel Instead Of Alternatives?

What are the alternatives to foot peels, and what makes foot peels (and specifically Foot Peel Mask) so much better?

  • Pedicures may rejuvenate your feet — but they’re expensive, complicated, and take time & effort. Foot Peel Mask gives you similar results without the cost or hassle.
  • Balms and lotions only treat the outer layer of skin. Foot Peel Mask penetrates deeper into the tissues for better results with no mess (the “baking in booties” process).
  • Home remedies require multiple products (such as a file, chemical stripper, and creams that you need to apply daily), while Foot Peel Mask is an all-in-one solution.
  • Going to the spa is nice, but multiple treatments like soaps, exfoliants & lotions can cause skin irritation. Foot Peel Mask is highly rated and much kinder to your skin.
  • Home maintenance tools like rasp foot files (aka “cheese graters”) can cause micro-tears in your skin. Foot Peel Mask doesn’t risk cutting or tearing your skin at all.

What to consider before buying a Foot Peel Mask?

If you are considering using a foot peel mask, it is important to choose one that is suitable for your skin type. People with sensitive skin may want to avoid foot peel masks that contain strong exfoliating agents. It is also important to read the instructions on the foot peel mask before use, to ensure that you are using it correctly. 

Feels Foot Peel Mask Ingredients

Each Foot Peel Mask is made with safe, natural, high-quality ingredients, including:

  • Lavender: Soothing properties to reduce redness and deep moisturize to reduce dry flaking skin.
  • Lemon Peel Extract: An ingredient known for anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties that cleanse and soothe skin.
  • Tangerine Peel Extract: A strong humectant that captures moisture, reduces cracks in dry skin, and supports a hydrated appearance.
  • Lactic and Salicylic Acid: Eliminates dead skin cells and deeply cleanses and softens skin.
  • Ryoku-Cha Ekisu Extract: Known as a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory with anti-aging properties to rejuvenate your skin.

FEETS Foot Peel Mask Instructions to Use

If a peel mask sounds like the right foot exfoliation technique for you, here’s everything you need to know about applying one:

Feets Foot Peel Mask and related items often include thin plastic booties, tape to hold the bags in place throughout the treatment, and the exfoliating solution in which your feet will be soaked. With the majority of products, including Feets Foot Peel Mask, the solution is already contained within the plastic booties, so you need only step inside.

Prepare your feet: In order for exfoliating acids to successfully penetrate and break down the outer layer of skin, you must first wash your feet with soap and water, followed by a 15-minute soak. After this, pat your feet dry with a towel.

Put on your boots: Next, put the booties on like socks and attach them with the included tape. You can wear socks over the booties if you like to keep them in place. You will not want to move about during the treatment, so make certain you are seated somewhere comfortable (it could be very slippery). Consider meditating or perhaps sleeping during this period.

Wait roughly one hour: The length of time you can wear the booties will vary by brand. Some recommend soaking your feet for as little as 20 minutes, while the majority suggest soaking them for at least an hour. This permits the solution to permeate the thick outer layers of skin on your feet’s soles.

Remove the booties and rinse: When removing the booties, it is essential to fully rinse off the solution. Too much-prolonged contact with these potent exfoliating acids increases the risk of inflammation. After rinsing, wipe your feet with a towel, put on some socks, and continue with your da

How does the Foot Peel Mask work?

Follow these three techniques to reduce cracks and thick calluses on your feet and avoid infections:

  • Step 1: Shower your feet and soak them in warm water for ten minutes.
  • Step 2: To put your feet into the FEETS booties, cut them open and stick them around your ankles using the provided stickers. (The active ingredients then start working!)
  • Step 3: For sixty to ninety minutes, wear your footwear. Most people watch television or take a nap during this time. After that, remove them and wash your feet with soap and water

Tip to Get More Effective Results!!

Consider soaking some more: Some reviews of these foot peel masks have stated that optimal results (and faster peeling) are attained when you soak your feet in warm water for a few minutes each day for several days following treatment.

Be patient: Additionally, the time required to observe effects will vary from person to person. Some individuals notice peeling within hours of applying the mask, while others say it takes several days. The peeling process will not occur all at once. Most people experience peeling over a period of several days (occasionally up to two weeks), beginning with the skin on the bottom of the foot and finishing with the skin around the ankle and on the top of the foot, which is normally thinner and less callused. And no, it shouldn’t hurt so long as you don’t pull and peel the shedding layers prematurely.

Enjoy your feet’s baby-softness: Once all of the dead skin has been scraped away, the remaining skin should be revitalized, ultra-soft, and free of calluses and cracks. You may keep your feet velvety smooth by applying a moisturizer or body oil to them regularly.

Are there adverse effects associated with foot peel masks?

Some persons may be sensitive to the AHAs contained in foot peel masks. Possible adverse effects include inflammation, blistering, and edema. Before using a foot peel mask, you should consult a doctor or dermatologist if you have sensitive skin or if you have previously suffered an adverse response to a facial chemical peel product. If you have open wounds or scratches on your feet, you should never use a foot peel mask because exposing them to exfoliating acids would be exceedingly painful.

Where To Buy FEETS Fool Peel Mask

The best place to get Foot Peel Mask is through the manufacturer’s official website, where a generous discount is available. Additionally, you receive a 90-day money-back guarantee if you are unhappy with the product.

Feets Foot Peel Mask Price

What are you waiting for if you want to improve the look and feel of your feet? The FEELS Foot Peel Mask is now available at an affordable price. The best news is that all packages come with two pairs of foot masks and are covered with a 90-day money-back guarantee. If you purchase yours today, you will get a considerable discount.

  • Two pairs of Foot Peel Mask by FEETS for $24.99
  • Six pairs of Foot Peel Mask by FEETS for $59.98
  • Ten pairs of Foot Peel Mask by FEETS for $89.97

Customers can enjoy free shipping if they buy two pairs. Customers who purchase in bulk can get the shipping covered for them.

Feets Foot Peel Mask Customer Reviews

“5.0 out of 5 stars Love how refreshing this is!!”

“I was never really into foot products but have always had issues keeping them moisturized. I’ve tried different creams for years. This foot mask is the first thing I have tried which actually keeps my feet hydrated for a while (at least a week for me!). I will definitely be ordering more and recommend this to anyone looking for a refreshing and hydrating experience!” – Sayantan N.

“Like magic”

“I bought this while it was on sale for a pretty good price. Otherwise, I probably wouldn’t have. I was pretty skeptical. I’ve used similar products in the past with little to no results. But this is amazing. My feet were in ROUGH shape, and no matter how much soaking, scrubbing, and exfoliating I did, my skin was super dry. But these foot masks got rid of ALL the dead skin on my feet. Just be sure to soak your feet for a few days after you use it. It takes a little bit to take effect. I highly recommend.” – M. Myers

“Fantastic Product”

“This product is amazing. It worked wonders on my hard feet. It started peeling after 1 day and was completely peeled after day 3. My feet are now soft like baby feet. Highly Recommend.” – M.G


The Foot Peel Mask is essential for everyone who desires smooth, soft feet. This product’s average rating of four out of five stars on the Amazon website is scarcely surprising given that it has been reviewed by over 1,200 customers. High levels of antioxidants in the mask’s natural ingredients will leave your skin feeling silkier than before.

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