DXRoller Review 2022- Does Derma Roller Works?

Giving face skin a boost is what all people are looking for. There are many ways people are using to get smooth and rejuvenated skins. DXRoller is the best Derma Roller you are looking for. Read the review.

One of the latest and efficient methods is the use of derma rollers. They are beauty devices made by experts to ensure people get improved skin. Usually, these rollers contain small needles that pierce the skin, thus stimulating development collagen layers.

The micro-needles are designed to ensure skin enjoy improved regeneration. Therefore, once the roller is rolling, the device offers tons of benefits. As a result, people with acne, scarring, stretch marks, and other skin conditions benefit a lot. Basically, the process can be quite painful, depending on the size of the needles. But, to give skin best treatment, people need these derma roller reviewed below.

What is DXRoller?


DXRoller is a derma roller that makes use of tiny needles to spice up the pores and skin’s therapeutic powers.

It’s a handheld device that’s studded with many miniature needles, which are rolled over the skin to set off an increase in collagen and elastin manufacturing within the pores and skin, and it’ll give your complexion a glow. 

DXRoller is a handheld micro needling device made with hundreds of tiny needles, used to keep your skin healthy and treat acne and scarring. Micro needling with DXRoller is a new treatment for treatment of scars, especially acne scars, stretch marks, wrinkles, and for facial rejuvenation. The Bronson Professional Titanium Derma Roller is one of the strongest derma rollers available in the market. It has a nice curved design that’s pretty easy to hold and use.

Key Features of DXroller Derma Roller

  • Smooth Derma Roller With Micro Needles
  • Fast Results Completely Painless Application
  • Shipped In Secure High Quality Sterile Packing
  • Suitable For Acne, Beard Growth, Hair Growth
  • Washable With Alcohol After Every Use
  • Choose From 0.25mm (Starter) And 0.5mm (Standard)

How to use the DXroller?

  • Step 1: The roller is moved across the area of skin to be treated in a series of sequential movements.
  • Step 2: Press firmly but do not overdo this to avoid any unnecessary discomfort.
  • Step 3: One way of using a roller is to imitate the points of a compass and roll it front, left, right and then backwards. This ensures even coverage without overdoing it.
  • Step 4: Your skin will feel warm and tight after use and will have a reddish color similar to a case of mild sunburn. This is entirely normal and will ease within 24 hours. You can apply a skin care product to your skin which will help with this.
  • Step 5: There should be no pain associated with the derma roller but what you will experience is a tickling sensation as you move the roller over your skin.

How to Choose the Best Derma Roller?

  • Needle Size: Different sizes are designed for different things. Smaller needles are good for fine lines, larger can be used for scars, for example.
  • Titanium Needles: Are the needles titanium? Some are stainless steel which isn’t as durable or long-lasting, but it is less expensive.
  • Areas of Use: Where can you use the rollers? Some are designed for specific areas of the body while others are good for use anywhere.
  • Storage Case: Do you get a case? Your derma roller should always be stored in a case to keep it clean and sanitary, but do you get one included?
  • Replaceable Head: Can you replace the head and continue using the rest of the roller or do you need to buy an entirely new unit?

To avoid infections and injuries:

  • Sanitize the derma roller before and after each use by soaking it in 70% or more isopropoly alcohol. Make sure it is completely dry before using, and do not use it on wet hair.
  • Use cotton balls to apply your oils and topicals to your scalp. Do not apply them to the derma roller.
  • If you drop the derma roller or it gets crushed or damaged in any way, discard it. Bent needles can cause injuries.
  • Replace worn derma rollers every two months.

Derma Roller for Hair Loss: The Benefits

Derma Roller for Hair Loss: The Benefits
  • Derma rolling assists in the absorption of other hair growth treatment methods like low level light therapy (LLLT) and DHT-blocking shampoos.
  • Blood flow is increased in the scalp, allowing the essential oxygen and nutrients to travel to the hair follicles.
  • Derma rollers jump start the healing process helping to stimulate problematic areas.

Buyer’s Feedback

Not the sort of thing I would usually purchase but glad I did. Now that I have it, everyone wants to know where I got mine from.


So glad I purchased one, it didn’t take long to arrive but since I’ve had it I have to say it is my most used gadget. Unbelievable considering the price. I use mine everyday and life wouldn’t be the same without it now. The instructions are super easy to follow which is good because I’d never used one before.


Price of DXRoller

1 DXRoller – $49.00

Buy 2 Derma Roller, GET 1 FREE – $98.01

Buy 3, GET 2 FREE – $135.00

Where To Buy DXRoller?

You can simply order it from this official website, with free shipping and 50% discount currently. Are you still thinking about which is the DXRoller to Buy in 2022? Here is a quick recap for you.

Final thoughts

Derma rollers are deductively shown to be great and good for the skin.

They assist with working on the wellbeing of the skin by delivering the protein – collagen.

They utilize miniature needles which are viable and productive as well as agreeable and advantageous for use.

However long every one of the directions gave above are followed appropriately, you have yourself an ideal derma roller.

DXRoller is likewise appropriate for all skin types so you don’t need to fear your skin responding severely to this gadget.
Its miniature needles don’t make any sort of harm the skin and
you will have no clue regarding when the strategy for treatment while utilizing this gadget starts and closures on the grounds that the methodology is effortless.

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