Culprit Underwear Review 2022 – Get in your comfort zone

I’m sorry to say, but your underwear is uncomfortable and not even close to being called “TRENDY”. You probably bought it without even giving it a thought, it is boring, and it is probably made of cheap cotton with an elastic waistband. Despite the scratchy fabric, you get bad wedgies every time you move your arms. Who in their right mind wants to wear Calvin, Tommy, or Ralph over their junk? 

Is it better to go with this or that? Its tights and boxers ride up constantly and do not support the areas that matter. 

Underwear from Culprit Underwear solves these problems with its combination of buttery soft, breathable, and durable fabrics, plus hilarious prints you won’t see anywhere else.

The last time you were in your underwear you saw monkeys smoking blunts and velociraptors armed with pistols in Ferraris? 

Culprit Underwear is an upstart new brand based in Los Angeles that believes the underwear industry has been too uptight for too long. The Culprit brand makes underwear for men not only interesting, but better. Feels better. A more breathable material. The whole package is friendlier. So, lets read more in detail about the Culprit Underwear and why you should buy them immediately.

What is Culprit Underwear?

Culprit Underwear Review

In terms of softness and breathability, Culprit Underwear is the world’s softest, most breathable underwear designed to stay cool where it counts: Your Balls. You won’t feel good about Culprit just because of this. 

Underwear made in an eco-friendly vertical mill in California is the first premium underwear made sustainably. It’s made from natural fibres that waste 20x less water than cotton and is sustainably sourced here in America from beech trees. In addition to being 50% more moisture-wicking than Supima, it’s also 3x softer. Eco-friendly dyes are even used to print the designs.

Your girl and mother nature will love them as much as you do – rest assured. The perfect combination of sustainability and sexiness… In terms of underwear, what can you ask for more?

Features of Culprit Underwear that makes it stand out

  • They give you bold waistbands (so you can stop wearing another man’s name on top of your junk!)
  • Mesh Wrapping to keep you looking fresh (along with breathable fabric, we add mesh wrapping to keep you looking fresh)
  • Quick Draw Fly (Easiest access ever for lefties, never lose a pissing contest again!)
  • Construction without tags (no itchy tags here!)
  • Originally designed patterns (you won’t find them elsewhere)
  • It’s So Soft (you gotta feel it to believe it, and it gets even softer after washing)

Where is Culprit Underwear Made?

Where is Culprit Underwear Made?

Sunny Southern California, to be precise. It is designed, printed, and manufactured by the team. To comply with strict environmental policies, they use eco-friendly processes and dyes.

Who are behind it?

Over the past decade, David and Dylan have worked in the advertising industry, and it was becoming boring. While many brands with bad products approached them to do their campaigns, the duo had a strict policy not to endorse anything they weren’t prepared to use themselves, leaving them in a rut. 

Following the approach of several cheap & foreign made, lame underwear brands who claimed a premium product, they decided to make their own brand. In short, they’d make the most badass, subversive, wild designs that no corporate brand would ever dream of making and manufacturing. Thus, Culprit underwear was made and there is no looking behind as they stand by their principles and yet offering the best to the people!

Why Culprit Underwear?

In the morning, you put on your underwear, and before making love you take it off. When you take your pants off, people will see what’s under your pants. That’s the soul of your outfit.

Made in an eco-friendly, vertical mill in California with the utmost attention to detail and quality control, this is sexy enough for a hot date, breathable enough for a plane ride, and supportive enough for the gym. So, we totally recommend Culprit underwear.

Benefits of Culprit Underwear

  • Exclusive Patterns  – Laugh out loud at these hilarious designs that you will not find anywhere else. Take advantage of bold patterns to give yourself a confidence boost.
  • Unmatched Buttery Softness   You’ll never feel such a soft fabric blend in your life. You’ll feel as if you’re wearing a sweaty brillow pad when you wear old cotton underwear.
  • Superior Breathability –  This fabric makes your balls feel like you’re not wearing anything at all while keeping them cool and dry. Cotton is no match for this material. It’s like having air conditioning in your pants.
  • Made to Last   Regular underwear stretches easily, but elastic waistbands do not. Thus, Culprit Underwear will last you for years! 
  • Made In America  The fact that it is made in the USA should be enough to convince you to try this popular underwear brand. The number of brands manufacturing underwear overseas is way too high. Culprit Underwear not only looks great, it also helps to create job opportunities for your fellow countrymen in industries that benefit too often from importing talent. 
  • Sustainable Fabrics  – California’s eco-friendly vertical mills produce micro modal fabrics that waste 20x less water than conventional cotton fabrics. The world we live in today demands that everyone, young and old, makes an effort to live an eco-conscious life. How about strutting your stuff in eco-friendly undies?  You can make a simple change in your life that will change the course of your life for the better by simply implementing it. Wearing eco-friendly pantaloons means your cloth is sourced from sustainable resources, is made ethically, and does more good for the world than harm – and we definitely want to be associated with that!
  • Support, Support, and More Support – Underwear provides guaranteed support, which is a key aspect of wearing them. It’s hard to imagine anything worse than slipping on a pair of underwear that doesn’t actually help support your bits. Having your noodles and meatballs hang freely, however, is not as comfortable as you may think.  In the design of Culprit underwear, support is paramount. Besides wearing it, it’s good for exercising as well. Therefore, you are free to do any physical activity in them – weight lifting, running, boxing, pilates, dancing, jumping, cartwheeling, etc. – you can do any type of physical activity without ever worrying about your family jewels not receiving the support they need. You have nothing to lose by giving them a try, so why not?
  • Perfect Details – It can be a result of poorly made underwear that you end up with sweaty balls and jock itch. Each and every pair features flawless quality from Culprit, and Culprit ensures that all the details are covered. This prevents moisture from accumulating, itching, chafing, and making your underwear feel unbelievably comfortable. Feeling amazing boosts your confidence. Therefore, trying a pair of Culprit undies will subsequently increase your sense of confidence. 
  • 100-Day Money-Back Guarantee You can easily return it, hassle-free, if you’re not 100% satisfied.

Who should Buy it

Is your loved one a style freak and you’re trying to find the ideal gift? Perhaps your friend or loved one wears questionable underwear?  It’s just your luck that Culprit Underwear exists. The hottest gift of the year. It’s hard to imagine a better all-around boxer brief than these premium boxer briefs. Everyone’s buddy will be envious of this (and will definitely love it).

  • The perfect gift for any father, brother, uncle, husband, son, or friend.
  • Ideal for Christmas, Father’s Day, Birthdays, and Graduations
  • It is the perfect gift for anyone under $30 and makes a great stocking stuffer.

While the designs are amazing, what blows everyone away is the quality. They are unbelievably soft and comfortable. A quality set of underwear would have an elastic waistband as well as a thick waistband. Your thoughtfulness and support will always be evident with this everyday comfort and style.

These will surely make them smile every day and you will too, since you won’t need to spend a fortune on them.

From Where to Buy

We highly recommend you to buy from the official site. Buy now and claim the discount. GUARANTEED 100% SATISFACTION. The company guarantees your satisfaction (or a full refund!. The first 100 days are risk-free so if you’re not thrilled, they’ll refund your money. It’s true… That’s the truth. You’ll love them. In a fight, on a date, or on a flight. You’re in good hands.

Frequently Asked Question

What’s The Culprit Difference?

Every underwear we tried (and we tried them all) had its strengths and shortcomings. We set out to design the perfect pair, one with no shortcomings, and we spent two years designing them to be truly flawless, from the stretch of the elastic, to the durability in the wash, including colors that won’t run, and fabric that won’t pill. So we designed Culprits to be worn for every occasion, to gave you the feeling of your lucky pair everyday. Underwear that keeps you supported for sports, cool on a hot day, that are stylish to go out, original works of art you can wear, and flattering for when the pants come off and the lights turn low. And they needed to be supremely comfortable, so we used the softest, most breathable micro modal / lycra blend you’ll ever feel in your life, paired with flattering construction to make you stay cool and look good with your pants off.

Other notable features include:

Bold Waistband (so you can stop repping another man’s name above your junk!)
Cooling Mesh Gusset (in addition to the breathable fabric, underneath we put mesh wrappage to keep you with a fresh package)
Quick Draw Fly (The first ever left side fly for the easiest access ever, never lose a pissing contest!)
Tagless Construction (no itchy tags ever!)
Original Designs (you won’t find these patterns anywhere else)
Fuck They’re So So Soft (self explanatory, you gotta feel em to believe em — also they get softer in the wash, like wtf? how? we don’t even know)

Where is Culprit Underwear Made?

Right here in sunny Southern California. We pay a premium to make it premium with direct oversight on all designing, printing, and manufacturing. We use eco friendly processes and dyes, adhering to strict US environmental policies.

How Often Do You Release New Designs?

Sign up for our newsletter, we’ll let you know. We will eventually work our way up to monthly drops, we’ve got some growing to do until then, thank you for supporting us!


In addition to offering flattering comfort, Culprit Underwear boasts a stylish design. With a luxurious fabric that blends breathability and a luxurious feel, your manhood will feel encased in sheer elegance unlike any other. Culprit Underwear allows you to look bigger, feel better, exude confidence, and enhance your sexual prowess. American-made and eco-friendly, Culprit Underwear sets the new standard for men’s undies by being extremely durable for any type of action, whether that be pumping iron at the gym or getting jiggy in the sheets. 

Your balls will thank you later if you pick up some Culprit Underwear today.