Contours Rx Lids by Design Reviews – Instant Eyelid Lift

Your eyes are like two-way traffic. They are your windows to the outside world as well as gateways to your mind when viewed from the other side. A pair of bright, beautiful, and communicative eyes is not only a mark of confidence.

But it also speaks volumes about your inner strength, focus, and determination. In short, when words fail, your eyes do the talking and make you stand out from the crowd. They are one of the most important gifts of life that you cannot get enough of.

What Are Contours Rx Lids by Design?

Eyelids are an obvious part of the eyes that needs attention. Older and even younger people with droopy eyes tend to have impaired vision due to this common problem. Most people with hooded or droopy eyes have bid to correct the eyelid type but do not know the best way to go about it.

Contours Rx Lids by Design is a unique strip product made especially for this purpose without having to go through any special medical operations. All you need is to purchase and use, as simple as that! A few examples of the several cosmetics by Contours Rx include precision tweezers, color set pencil primer, and Lids by Design, which are non-surgically applied.


  • Transparency – Because prep strips’ lids are translucent, their presence is concealed. The only way to hide it is by putting mascara and eye pencils on your lashes. These strips have received overwhelmingly positive customer feedback, and it’s easy to see why. Keep in mind that the size variation is dependent on your selection. After using the strips, your quest for alternative solutions will be over. You’ll see how Contours Rx works if you research the product specifications and read previous reviews.
  • It Transforms Your Look – A dramatic appearance can be achieved with the help of Contours Rx. The strips are well-known for their striking under-20 appearances, which brighten, pop, and define the eyes of their users. If you sport this style, you’ll look much younger than you actually are. To observe the results of using these prep strips, you don’t have to wait a year to look in the mirror; instead, you can see your younger self right now.
  • An inexpensive alternative in comparison to some invasive methods – Although they aren’t a long-term solution, correction strips are much less expensive and time-consuming than other methods of dealing with sagging eyelids. You don’t have to worry about hurting your vision or overall health if you wish to wear them daily.
  • Give instant results – These eyelid-enhancing patches give you immediate results. So there is no need to wait after applying it.
  • Safe on the eyes and skin – These eyelid-correcting strips are absolutely safe as they are designed by medical experts. You can wear them for any number of hours without worrying about any possible damage to your skin or eyes.

How Do The Strips Work On Your Eyelids?

As you age, the excess skin that covers the natural folds of your eyes begins to lose its collagen and elasticity. This causes your eyelids to droop which gives you a tired, worn-out look. This also takes a heavy toll on your confidence.

So the eyelid-enhancing patches from this path-breaking company combine both science and technology to give your eyes a well-rounded look and transform your appearance dramatically. These world-class eyelid lifters employ a lot of care and gentleness, to lift the excess and sagging skin around the eyes and place them behind the eye socket. This gives your eyes a wider, open, and more energetic look.

You can now go ahead and apply any eye makeup you want because your eyes are fully awake, vibrant, and rejuvenated. So no more worries about not being able to wear your favorite eye shadow or eyeliner. You can also wear your contact lenses with these strips.

These super thin and transparent strips come with adhesives on both sides, which are organic-based. They work all day to give you the best experience without the hassle of sticky glue or annoying residues.

How to Apply the Contours RX Lids by Design Patches?

To apply the patches correctly, follow the below steps:

  1. Remove any makeup, moisturizer, oil, or dirt from your eyelids before applying the strips. This can be ensured with eyelid prep pads. Do not use the strips, however, till your eyelids have completely dried.
  2. Now it’s up to you to figure out where on the eyelids the tapes should go.
  3. Look for the folds or creases on your eyes to see if you have any wrinkles. Lift your brows to remove any additional skin that might go in the way of properly affixing the strip after you’ve done this. Nonetheless, if you’re still stumped by the crease, you might try this straightforward method. Gently pinch the top and bottom of your eyelids to find the folding line. In particular, those with lined eyelids who have difficulty determining which crease to place the strip on will benefit from this method of application.
  4. Plastic tweezers can be used to pull strips of paper out of their corresponding sheets now. Make sure you do this with extreme caution. There is a risk that the corners of the strips will be harmed while peeling them off because they are so delicate. Moreover, if this occurs, the strips will not adhere adequately to the eyelids.
  5. Carefully lay the patch on the fold of your eyelid using the tweezers. To remove the strip, carefully twist the tweezers. When you’re done, put away your tweezer.
  6. If the strip does not adhere to the skin right away, push and keep it down for a few seconds. The tape will no longer be visible once it has fused with the skin. If you’d like to hide them even further, a little light make-up will do the trick.
  7. These breathable, water-resistant strips come in a variety of sizes, so you can pick the one that’s right for you.

Pros & Cons

  • The correcting strips provide an instant or immediate result
  • Contours Rx LIDS BY DESIGN are not allergic
  • Latex free
  • They feel light and comfortable on the eyelid
  • Safe and easy to use
  • This is an inexpensive alternative to invasive methods of lifting the eyelids
  • Contours Rx LIDS BY DESIGN are produced by medical experts
  • They are compatible to all skin tones
  • The best solution to saggy, droopy, and hooded eyes
  • Contours Rx LIDS BY DESIGN improve your vision by lifting your eyelids
  • Results could differ according to person
  • Not available in offline store

Contours Rx Lids by Design Ingredients

Unlike other products, the patches do not include any specific substances. There is no moisturizing or altering of the eyelids with specific compounds. Rather, they are strips with a fine adhesive on the backside. Your eyelids can be tightened by using these strips. There is no risk of allergies because there are no ingredients. Women and men of any age can make use of the strips.

You do not have to use Contours Rx Lids by Design daily. A wide range of widths and lengths are available. This way, you can select an eyeglasses frame that is an ideal fit for your face. According to the company, contours Rx Lids by Design is a patented design. Skin-like technology allows it to be worn with or without makeup. In this way, you can improve your outlook and tailor your cosmetics. You won’t notice the stripes even if you close your eyes for a long time.

Can Contour Rx Lids by Design cause risks or allergies?

There are no allergens in Contours Rx Lids by Design eyelid patches. Because they are latex-free, they are also ideal for women who are allergic to latex. Any skin type can benefit from tightening their eyelids with the Contours Rx Lids by Design patches.

There are no reports of allergic reactions to the patches on the Internet. Purchasers frequently report good tolerance and ease of application. According to the maker, contours Rx Lids by Design can be worn all day long. Women with droopy or sagging eyelids can benefit from these patches. For this reason, Contours Rx by Design Lids can be utilized without fear.

Do Eyelid Correcting Strips Really Work?

Contours Rx lids by design is a one-of-a-kind beauty product that is not like other eyelid strips. They don’t cause allergies and are made of good materials. Since they came out on the market, they have gotten good feedback, and people who use them say they work. They gently get rid of the extra skin around the eyelids and make the eyes look like they are wide open.

When placed under a well-defined crease, the helpful eyelid strips usually work by holding up sagging skin, and the problem goes away. As a result, you’ll look younger and more natural, like you’re more active than you were before. It will take some practice to get the strips into the eye crease. At first, it will be hard, but after a few tries, it will get easier.

Eyelid prep pad strips were tested by dermatologists and scientists in 2022. If you use them, they won’t hurt you in any way. The technology behind these creative ideas helps put your eyelids back in shape, making your eyes look better and more perfect. You will definitely see your face change from that of a fifty-year-old to that of a twenty-year-old in a matter of seconds, and you will become obsessed with your eyes every time you look in a mirror. Over the past few years, the owners of trusted brands have worked hard to come up with an easy, helpful, and cheap way for people who like to look young to do so.

What do they offer in a pack?

These dermatologist-tested strips which are made from organic and medical grade material can be worn for 24 hours without any worry. You can wear them every day and even if you sleep in these, you wake up looking fresh and more rested.

Let’s see what we get inside a pack:

  • It contains 80 strips, which can last more than a month.
  • A pair of tweezers, will help you to perfectly place the strips on your eyelids.
  • There is a travel case, for safe keeping and travel purposes.

Contours Rx Lids by Design Price

For more than a month’s worth of use, each Lids by Design package contains 80 corrective strips. Users can purchase Contours Rx Lids by Design for $34.95 each.

To take advantage of a special price promotion, Contours Rx has been selling LIDS BY DESIGN strips for just $31.95.

Where to Buy?

These eyelid strips are only available to be sold online through the official website of Contours Rx. It is best to visit the manufacturer’s website for prices, offers, and all other additional information related to the product. Click the link below to get your Contourx Lids by Design from the official site.

User ‘s Review

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These eyelid correcting strips are indeed revolutionary in reviving, lifting, and infusing your eyes with a youthful, rejuvenated look. They are simple, cost-effective, non-invasive, and risk-free. These award-winning corrective strips are your perfect answer to droopy, hooded, and exhausted eyes. But it is important to choose the right size if you want to get the best results.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I wear makeup with LIDS BY DESIGN?

Most people ask these questions when they want to buy something from Lids by Design. Absolutely! Other customers write reviews about how they use these corrective strips with their makeup. Since this product matches the color of your skin, you can use it before you put on makeup or other beauty products. For better results, use prep pads on your skin before you put on LIDS BY DESIGN.

Can you sleep in LIDS BY DESIGN?

Yes, you can. Customers wear this item for up to 24 hours at a time. When you put the corrective strips on right, they can stay on all day and work right away. All you have to do is put the strips on your eyelids.

Do eyelid strips work?

Eyelid strips usually work well for a few hours, but you can’t use them as a long-term solution. Using this often is more like putting on makeup, but you should know about the other benefits it can bring.