Better Than Zero Face Mask Review – Is it safe?

Currently, when the pandemic of novel Coronavirus has created havoc across the globe, more and more people are growing conscious about the hygiene standards that they follow. Try out the Better Than Zero Face Mask. Read our review.

The WHO (World Health Organization) and numerous other organizations dedicated to healthcare have issued the guidelines where they have stated the importance of wearing face masks and neck gaiters in reducing the transmission of the novel Coronavirus.

Here in this post, we will be reviewing the Better than Zero face mask, which is a neck gaiter you can wear for protecting your mouth and nose from all types of pollutants in the air and also from the cold air getting into your nose when you are exercising outdoors. This multi-functional, high-performing, and non-medical face protector is pretty trendy, stylish, comfortable, lightweight, and also reduces the chances of dust inhalation. 

Now that we have a basic idea let us get into the details of what this product is.

What is Better Than Zero Face Mask?

Better than zero face mask

This easy to use and breathable mask offers top-tier protection to the one wearing it, preventing the inhalation of droplets, debris, and dirt that can cause allergies and infections. It can also protect others around you from getting the germs wearer may be carrying. The mask is fabricated from an incredible 3D elastic polyester cloth which makes the germs getting through it a lot difficult. 

This is a multi-functional neck and face mask, and the exclusive design makes it one-size-fits-most. The mask is super comfortable to use, lightweight and can be used when biking, hiking, or running. Taking into consideration the importance of wearing masks to curb the transmission of the current pandemic, this product can prove to be a revolutionary one that can offer protection along with amazing style.

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How Do You Wear This Mask?

An image explaining how to wear this mask

You can wear these masks in public settings and places where it gets difficult to maintain the social distancing measures like the places where community-based transmission is possible. 

Here are a few things you need to keep in mind when you put or take off the Better Than Zero Masks:

  • Place the masks on your nose and mouth.
  • Tie the mask behind the head or use your ear loops in order to make sure that it fits.
  • Make sure that you do not touch the mask when you have worn it.
  • If you touch it by any chance, then make sure that you wash and sanitize your hands.
  • When removing the mask, make sure that you lift or untie it off your ear loops without touching the front side of your face or mask. 
  • As soon as you remove the mask, you should immediately wash your hands. 
  • Wash your mask with water and soap on a regular basis. You can launder it with all your other clothes as well. 

Though the concept of wearing a Better Than Zero mask is on the face-covering your mouth and nose, you can wear it as scrunchies, wristband, hoodie, half mask, headband, scarf, or bandanna. This makes it perfect to wear all year long.

Keep reading ahead to know why you should be buying the Better Than Zero masks. 

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Why Should You Consider Buying These Masks?


The Better Then Zero Mask is designed for providing the users with a plethora of benefits. From being durable to having a multi-purpose design that gives it a trendy and sleek look.

It Maximizes And Improves Inhalation

The innovative design of the Better Then Zero masks makes it possible to reduce the intake of debris, dust, and other pollutants of the wearer. If the company’s claim on their website is to be believed, the materials that are used in the creation of these masks are durable, water-resistant to wear and tear as well as light in weight.

It Has A Multifunctional Design

One of the most crucial features of these masks is that they can be used for various purposes. You can not only wear these masks while working out but also wear them outdoors for any social occasion because of their attractive and sleek looks. 

It Puts Into Use A High-Quality Fabric

The Better Than Zero face mask is made by putting into the use a top-tier fabric quality that is both breathable and durable. This ensures that the user does not feel any discomfort with mobility or overall breathing and thus can be used for all the daily activities.

Flexible Sizes

These masks are designed in such a manner that everyone can use this mask irrespective of the size, weight, age, and other parameters, thanks to its ‘one-size-fits-all’ creation.

It Is Perfect For The Outdoor Activities

You can use these masks for a long period of time without any problems. The official website of the product claims that it is specifically designed for outdoor activities.

Now, let us list the pros and cons of using the Better Than Zero Face Masks.

Pros and Cons

  • It can protect the wearer against debris and dust.
  • It offers great performance.
  • It is multi-functional.
  • It is lightweight.
  • It is super breathable.
  • One size fits everyone.
  • It can be used for all activities.
  • It can work in any weather conditions.
  • It reduces the chances of both breathing in as well as spreading out the germs.
  • It is comfortable to use.
  • It has a sleek design.
  • You can find it only on their official website.

Should You Buy The Better Than Zero Mask?

These face masks are for anyone concerned about their health and wishes to protect themselves. Taking into consideration the current times where the growth of Coronavirus is creating havoc, wearing a mask is mandatory. From boarding the flight to purchasing the groceries, one can see people wearing masks all around.

How Do You Maintain And Wash The Better Than Zero Mask?

You can place this mask right into your washing machine. Then put it on gently for a gentle wash. The mask is then clean. It is easy to clean and requires a very small water amount for washing of this shield that acts as a guard against the pollutants in nature. 

It is super lightweight, and it is very breathable because of its soft microfiber material, which is highly durable in nature. This is exactly the kind of protection that you are in search of. You can wear the mask as a headband, face mask, hat, rag, ponytail, pirate, bracelet, and neck gaiter.

Final Verdict

In today’s time, when wearing a mask has become an important thing all around the globe, you can use the Better Than Zero mask for looking the best. You can wear this mask over the N95 mask, and this will be a great and stylish way of protecting yourself and also looking different. The Better Than Zero mask is a neck gaiter that is made up of moisture-wicking and breathable fabric. It can work as a mask for the purpose of protection or like a neck gaiter on a face mask.

The Company Behind This

These masks are marketed on the web by Strong Current Enterprises Ltd, which is a Hong Kong based e-commerce company. The company is known to sell a wide array of goods online.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Material Is Used In The Making Of Better Than Zero Masks?

In order to keep the mask elastic and breathable, it is made up of the 3D and super-elastic polyester material that the users can be wearing straight.

How Is The Designing Of This Mask Different From The Other Face Masks?

Though you can wear this mask as a regular cover for the nose and mouth, it can offer various other uses. The mask can be used like a headband, scarf, bandana, hoodie, or blindfold. It can also be worn as a wrist and hair tie.

Is The Mask Available In Different Sizes?

No, because the design of the face mask is such that it can fit anyone regardless of their weight or height. This one size fits all solution is known for its super breathable design.

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