Barxbuddy NailPro Grinder Review 2023- Read Before Buy

I just had to try out the new device dog owners are using to trim their pup’s nails—without fear of cutting too far, and here’s what happened…

If you’re wondering about that little device he used, it’s called the NailPro Grinder by BarxBuddy.

He told me it’s the tool he uses in his private veterinary practice and that he recommends it to all his patients. He didn’t like the risk associated with using traditional clippers that frequently cut too deeply into the nail and nerve.

What Is the Barxbuddy NailPro Grinder?

The Barxbuddy NailPro Grinder is a motorized grinding tool designed to safely and painlessly trim your pet’s nails.

Unlike traditional nail clippers, which clip straight through the nail and run the risk of cutting into the vein inside, the Nail Pro is designed to avoid the vein entirely and prevent the pain and infection caused by over-trimming.

It does this by filing the nail from the tip rather than clipping and cutting directly into the length of the nail.

There’s a special port that allows you to grind each individual nail with full control. It’s totally comfortable for your pup and is specially designed to remove the risk of the grinder slipping or digging into your dog’s fur, skin, or paw pads.

Barxbuddy NailPro Grinder Review

It works for dogs of all sizes—large and small—and can even work for cats.

(Plus, it won’t cut you if you accidentally touch yourself with it.)

What’s nice about an electric trimmer like the Nail Pro is that you have control over the speed and power of the trimming process.

If your dog’s nails are super overgrown, you can set the Nail Pro to the “high” setting and effortlessly file away the overgrowth.

Or if your dog’s nails have just become a little too sharp, you can use the “low” power mode to quickly round them down.

And whether your dog’s nails are super overgrown or just need a quick trim, the Nail Pro looks, feels, and sounds more like an electric toothbrush than a power tool.

Meaning there’s no crazy buzzing or vibration that you or your dog can feel, so sensitive pups can feel comfortable getting their pedicure too!

Barxbuddy NailPro Grinder Features

  • Safety guard to protect the quick
  • Quiet sound — much quieter than a household drill or Dremel
  • Lower vibrations — so it is comfortable for your pets
  • Grinds rather than cuts 
  • Doesn’t pull (like some nail scissors do, especially when they get dull)
  • Compact, portable, and easy to store
  • Veterinarian recommended
  • No cords; battery operated (2 AA)

What Does Barxbuddy NailPro Grinder Do?

The rotary-style Nail Pro nail grinder is similar to a Dremel tool that you use for household DIY-type projects and repairs. It’s also similar to nail grinders that professional manicurists use to remove acrylic nails and gel polish from human nails. 

What Does Nail Pro Nail Grinder Do

Nail Pro has a rotating head with a removable bit that is easy to replace. Our Nail Pro has a quiet motor, unlike household rotary-style tools, which are noisy and can send a pooch running for cover.  

Why Use a Rotary Style Grinder on Pets’ Nails?

Dogs’ nails differ from human nails in many ways. While ours are flat and solid, dogs’ nails are tubular and they house the fleshy quick, which is live tissue. If you cut too far into the quick, you hurt your dog and put them at risk for infection. 

The Nail Pro nail grinder has a guard that protects the quick, so you don’t hurt your dog. 

Why Use a Nail Grinder?

A rotary-style grinder offers benefits for your dog:

  • Gently trims your dog’s nails 
  • Protects the quick (living tissue inside their claws) 
  • Reduces chances of split nails, injuries, and infections

Nail grinding benefits you as well:

  • Eliminates or reduces floor scratches, fabric snags, and furniture tears
  • Protect yourself and your visitors from dog scratches
  • Saves you money and stress with frequent grooming visits

How Does BarxBuddy Electric Nail Pro Nail Grinder Work?

The battery-operated Nail Pro is powered by two AA batteries (included). When you turn the grinder on, the head rotates at a safe and high speed. Simply place the dog’s claw in the special port, touch it to the grinder head, and let it file for a few seconds. Don’t push or force the claw; just touch it to the rotator head.

A few seconds should be enough to trim the nail and smooth rough surfaces. 

Look at the filed-down surface. If you can see the quick, your job is done. If you can’t see it, repeat the grinding process. You’ll know when you hit the quick when the tubular nail appears solid. You’ll see the flesh, much like your own nailbeds.

If nail grinding is new to you and your dog (or cat), we recommend that you slowly introduce the motorized nail trimmer before doing full-blown nail grinding. 

Other tips, whether or not you are new to nail grinding: 

  • Consider recruiting a trusted friend to help with the nail grinding, especially someone your pet adores.
  • Turn the nail grinder on before using it so your pet can get used to the sound. 
  • Have distractions nearby — a favorite toy or low-calorie healthy treats.
  • Take frequent breaks and allow you and the animal to rest.
  • Be calm, don’t yell, and give lots of encouraging words and head scratches.
  • Schedule nail grinding during times when your dog is the most relaxed, such as at the end of a busy day.
  • NOTE: Dogs and cats pick up on their owners’ moods and tempers. If you are not calm and confident, your pet won’t be either — and they’ll sense if you’re faking it. Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and smile.

Do All Dogs Need to Have Their Nails Trimmed?

All Dogs Need to Have Their Nails Trimmed

The Nail Pro dog nail grinder is suitable for:

  • Adult and geriatric dogs
  • Large and giant dogs
  • Medium-size dogs
  • Small and teacup-sized dogs
  • Cats

Yes, you may use your Nail Pro to trim your cat’s nails. With all due respect to our feline friends, however, cats can be less cooperative than dogs. So, you might want to slowly introduce the nail grinder to the cat. In fact, if you have a skittish dog, you might want to read the next section about how to get started using the Nail Pro Nail Grinder.

Tips for Getting the Most from Your Nail Pro Electric Nail Trimmer 

  1. Check the color: Trimming dogs’ nails that are light, white, or opaque is easy — you can usually see through the nail to the quick. However, dark nails are more of a mystery. Always grind your dogs’ nails a few seconds at a time, and check them to see if you can see the quick. 
  2. Don’t cut beyond the quick: We can’t stress this enough. The quick is live tissue with nerves and blood vessels; if you cut into it, you’ll draw blood and cause pain for your dog! 
  3. Use extra caution on overgrown nails: If your dog has overgrown nails, you’ll need to trim them a little at a time, allowing the quick to recede. This blog post on explains what to do with overgrown dog claws.
  4. Recruit a friend: You can trim your dog’s nails on your own, but it’s easier if you’ve got a partner to help. If you have a small to midsize pet, have your partner hold the cat or dog on their lap with their hands under the animal’s front legs so the animal is facing you.
  5. Larger dogs need extra care: If you’re trimming a larger dog’s nails with the grinder, lap-sitting is probably not an option. Bigger dogs have bigger caloric intake, so don’t be afraid to use nail-grinding time to offer lots of treats combined with verbal assurances of “good dog.”
  6. Trim often: A regular practice of trimming your dog’s nails will keep them in ideal shape and also keep you and your pets conditioned for the grooming session. Regularly trimmed nails are less painful, and when you follow our “train, treat, repeat” approach, your dog will associate the experience with good things!

How Much Is The Barxbuddy NailPro Grinder?

BarXBuddy Nail Pro Order Now!

I discovered that the ASPCA recommends trimming when your dog’s nails are just about to touch the ground when they walk. If their nails are snagging on carpet or clicking across the floors, it’s probably time for a trim. (Clearly I learned that lesson the hard way!)

For the average dog, that’s just about every 4–6 weeks.

A typical groomer will charge between $15–$25 for nail trimming alone—and upward of $100+ for a full-service treatment with bathing, haircut, etc.

For 12 appointments a year, that averages out to between $180–$300 (on the low end)… just to clip your pup’s nails. Plus add in a 20% tip!!

Then add on the cost of gas… and you’ll start to consider that these nail trims are actually quite pricey.

Oh, and don’t forget to factor in the time it takes to make these appointments AND the time it takes to bring your dog in for these monthly treatments.

With the BarxBuddy Nail Pro you can keep your pet’s paws neat and tidy for just a fraction of the cost, just $45.99 (with a FREE GIFT—your choice of a collar light or doggie toothbrush—AND a one-year warranty) during the special SAVINGS DEAL they are offering on their website right now.

This BarxBuddy Nail Pro will literally save you hundreds of dollars EVERY year, just from the dog trim! (And you can get the job done in just a few minutes!)

I haven’t even mentioned how much you’ll save when you can stop making home repairs from doggy damage, and replacing those ripped-up furnishings in your home. I know from firsthand experience, it’s a lot!

Just do what I did and order the device today to get the SPECIAL DEAL—before it expires—and FREE GIFT!

You too can join the thousands of satisfied dog owners—including me—who use the Nail Pro to keep their dog’s nails trimmed up and healthy (without worrying about hurting their pup when they cut their dog’s nails at home themselves).

What Dog Lovers Are Saying About The BarxBuddy Electric Nail Pro Nail Trimmer

We purchased BarxBuddy 2 weeks ago, and from the first day it has been a Godsend. They stopped barking at everything like loud noises to the mailman stopping in front of the house. We have stopped yelling and they are quiet and my home is more at peace. Love this product and I recommend it to anyone with an out-of-control dog who barks when they shouldn’t. Thank you!!!!

Jennifer B

Barking has been an issue in our home for nearly a decade. Tried different gadgets with little to no success. Decided to try BarxBuddy after reading an article. Totally amazed at the outcome. Stops our pets in their tracks. What a Godsend! Love it! I will order a couple more for backups or family.

Shelley G

Frequently Asked Question

Is the Nail Pro safe for my dog?

The Nail Pro is vet recommended and much safer than traditional clippers. Since it’s designed to gently grind and round over from the tip of each nail, the risk of trimming too close to the nerve inside each nail is significantly reduced.
The grinder head is protected with an ABS enclosure with a port just large enough for an individual nail, meaning you won’t accidentally grind your dog’s pads, fur, or even your own finger!

How exactly does the Nail Pro work?

To turn the device on, all you have to do is push the button to your desired level of power (low or high). Then, simply press each of your dog’s nails up against the grinder head for approximately 5–10 seconds to trim and round over each nail.

Does it work on sensitive and anxious pets?

Dogs used to having their paws touched generally won’t have any problem receiving their pup pedicure with the Nail Pro.

For more squeamish dogs, the treatment may take some getting used to. We recommend taking any stress out of the process by gently stroking your dog and working your way slowly down to his feet for treatment.

Smart Tip: If your pup needs a little extra TLC when it comes to getting their nails trimmed, you may consider trimming one nail per day until your dog gets more used to having their nails trimmed with the device.

How is the Nail Pro powered?

The Nail Pro is powered by 2 AAA batteries. The 1.5-watt, 3-volt DC motor is designed to last for over 10,000 hours of use with occasional battery replacement and changing of the grinder heads.

How long do the grinder heads last?

Our premium-quality grinder heads are designed to last at least a few months. Replacement frequency depends on how often you use the Nail Pro device and the length and thickness of your dog’s nails. We suggest purchasing additional replacement grinder heads with your Nail Pro to use when the included heads wear out.
Already have a Nail Pro? You can click here to purchase replacement heads.

Can I return the Nail Pro if I change my mind after ordering?

Yes, just contact us at within 30 days and we’ll refund your purchase or replace your device free of charge. We want you to feel confident ordering from us, knowing you are fully protected by our RISK-FREE 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee!

Is the Nail Pro pet claw grinder safe for all types of dogs?

Yes. The Nail Pro is recommended by veterinarians and groomers alike because it is safe and easy to use on dogs and cats of all sizes, ages, breeds, and temperaments. The grinder is housed in a durable plastic guard, which protects your pets’ paws.