WaterBoom 360 Bluetooth Speaker Review – Is it worth it?

Technology is growing very fast. In the era of speakers, there is a new type of Bluetooth speaker – WaterBoom 360 Bluetooth Speaker. Just ignore the regular cheap quality Bluetooth speaker that is usually found in the house. This gadget starts and continues to work for a longer time.

The Bluetooth speakers seem very cool and can easily be taken anywhere.

What is a WaterBoom 360 Bluetooth Speaker?

It is the best Bluetooth speaker. Which comes with the unique features that give the non-stop music experience. It has a sound experience of 360degree and range of 100-feet. It is 100 percent waterproof because of which it can be used in the pool or shower and around the beach during vacation. The manufacturer claims that for 30 minutes it can be submerged into water and won’t get affected.

An image of Waterboom 360 bluetooth speaker

It is highly compatible with Android devices and iOS and functions with Siri assistant and Google. It also connects to various other devices simultaneously. Due to all these features, it is among the best brands.


  1. Six hour battery Life and modern HD sound
  2. Water proof in pools and shower during holidays
  3. Receive Phone Calls
  4. True Movable Music Buddy
  5. Constant Bluetooth Connection
  6. iOS and Android Compatible

What is the need for WaterBoom 360 Bluetooth  Speaker?

There are many reasons for ordering this device. The speaker can work and take the splash. It also has a fascinating and sleek design. At the top of a speaker, there is a hook present that can be used for hanging it during travel. It is designed in such a way that good quality sound can be experienced in 360-degree. Even though the music can be controlled in the speaker from the side buttons. It has one more special feature that it can be connected to more than one device. This feature makes it different from others. It is available relatively in small size as compared to other products that make it portable. Even the phone calls can directly be rejected and accessed through the speaker.

Key Features of WaterBoom 360 Bluetooth  Speaker

Great Sound

The most important thing about the speaker is the sound quality. This speaker is designed to offer excellent sound in all angles. Doesn’t matter where it is placed, there will be uniform music distribution in all directions.


The speaker is 100 percent waterproof. This special makes it safe and durable to use whether in a pool or shower. Even though if it is taken underwater for more than 30 minutes, it would still work properly.

Bluetooth Connectivity

This device has amazing Bluetooth connectivity for up to a hundred feet. Simply connect the phone, leave it in the home and take the speaker along within the pool.

Compatibility with iOS and Android devices

This speaker is easily compatible with Android and iOS devices that bond with Bluetooth. It is even connected to other operating systems.


WaterBoom 360 Bluetooth  Speaker gives a special option to reject or answer phone calls as it is connected to the phone. It even has a microphone that is built-in which helps to stay connected with family and friends while enjoying.

Some other special features include connectivity with FM radio along with good battery life.

Benefits of Bluetooth  Speaker

  • It is perfectly waterproof that’s why it can be in pools, showers, rainy days, and on beaches.
  • Sound effect in 360 degrees is the most important feature of the device.
  • It is dustproof, it is easy to remove dust from the device by simply rising off.
  • WaterBoom 360 Bluetooth  Speaker has a six hours battery life.
  • It has modern sound technology. HD sound can be experienced.
  • Phone calls can be rejected or accepted while playing music on the speaker.
  • WaterBoom 360 Bluetooth  Speaker is compatible with iOS and Android devices.
  • Music can be enjoyed at its fullest anywhere because it is portable.
  • The device can connect to more than one device simultaneously.
  • Non-stop music can be enjoyed, with amazing sound quality. It’s charged for 2.8hours.
  • The range of the device is up to a hundred feet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it simple to reset the waterproof speaker?

To reset the Bluetooth speakers is simple as one, two, and three. Just to disconnect the paired device from the speaker, all it needs to perform is to first tab and then hold the side Bluetooth button. After that, I turned on the power button for a few minutes. It resets the unit for factory setting, after that it is again in pairing made while you switch.

Can I use Bluetooth without the Wi-Fi connection?

The amazing part of WaterBoom 360 Bluetooth  Speaker is, it can be used ideally even without linking to Wi-Fi. It doesn’t require an Internet connection for working adequately because Bluetooth is the kind of wireless system. 

Why is the speaker not working properly? Is there some issue?

If the speaker fails to work properly then first ensure that it is set to mute and a volume is full. Firstly make sure the gadget is properly playing audio and even the volume is full. Switch off or disable Bluetooth on all the nearby paired gadgets and then reconnect it to the new device. Then switch off the speaker. After that back on.

Why is the speaker not linking to the device?

Firstly check whether the Bluetooth gadget is switched on and fully charged or attached to power. Make sure the device Bluetooth function is enabled and can be paired. For avoiding any interference just turn off and after that back on.

Can two Bluetooth gadgets be used simultaneously?

Two Bluetooth audio can be connected to a device at once. Such as smartwatch, Android auto it can be connected with many.

How to purchase this Speaker?

It can easily be available from the manufacturer. To place the order, just go to the official website, where many offers include heavy discounts which are for a limited period. Even though they give free delivery. Just order and make the payment and wait for a few days and the product is delivered to the doorstep.


There are many speakers available in the market but WaterBoom 360 Bluetooth  Speaker is different because it has unique features. For instance, it is waterproof, has the best sound quality, a range of a hundred feet and can connect to more than one device, and much more. So to bring this gadget home, order now and avail the discount which exists only for a limited period.