Vibes XWatch Review – Best Budget Smartwatch


Exercise is important, especially these days; consumers are ready to leave the confines of their homes after quarantines and the long winter months.

If you are one of these consumers, being quarantined meant you could have also worked from home, which may have made it possible to keep up on phone calls and text messages from friends and family while working.

Now that mandatory restrictions have been somewhat lifted, or you have returned to the office to work, and the addition of now going on a long walk or jog may make some anxious that they will not be as connected to loved ones as they have been in recent months.

What is Vibes XWatch?

Vibes xWatch is the most functional smartwatch anywhere. Insert a SIM (worldwide) into the watch, or pair with your iOS or Android phone via Bluetooth. Answer/receive calls directly on the watch, listen to music, store music, take pictures and video, monitor fitness activities, and regulate your blood pressure with special magnets built into the watch. Pair with x2 Wireless Headset for an entirely hands-free experience, perfect for working out or any other activity.

Features of Vibes X Watch

  • Sporty design
  • Shock- and waterproof know-how
  • A smartwatch for any journey and exercise routine
  • Sensors for monitoring well being
  • Screens sleep and exercise durations
  • IPS show that has movement detection sensors
  • Works with each iOS and Android gadgets
  • 16 GB inner reminiscence
  • LCD display (HD contact display show)
  • Set alarms, and communicate to your calendar to schedule appointments
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