TotalTrim Pro Review 2022 – Best Hair Trimmer

With many barbershops still closed for quarantine, men all over the country have been forced to take matters into their own hands. TotalTrim Pro Review proved that Hair clippers, trimmers, shavers, and even wax kits (ouch!) are more popular than ever.

One of the most popular hairs handling tools comes from a men’s grooming company TotalTrim Pro. Their latest product is the Total Trim Pro which is an all-in-one men’s grooming tool for your beard, below the belt, and everything in between. It has lightweight, portable, and suitable for different ages.

I’ve been a hairy guy since age 14, so that makes me the perfect candidate to put the TotalTrim Pro to the test and see if it’s worth all the 5-star reviews on their official website.

What is TotalTrim Pro?

TotalTrim Pro is a cordless hair trimmer prepping pack that offers get passage to proficient preparing motion pictures also, showing clients an approach to arise as their own personal hairdresser with various instructional exercises.

An image of TotalTrim Pro - Hair Trimmer

TotalTrim Pro is a versatile trimming solution that provides precision and allows you to groom yourself in many different styles. It is perfect for an in-house grooming kit as well as provides exceptional help with grooming while travelling. It is quite portable and works on a rechargeable battery. It is also rust-proof and is made to be highly ergonomic as well.

Made with premium materials and boasting a sleek and elegant look, TotalTrim s easily one of the best, most high functioning grooming kits out there. You get a whole variety of combs and head types to use from, giving you total control over the grooming style. The trimmer itself is cordless and can handle any kind of hair, irrespective of hair density.

TotalTrim Pro Features

This highly precise grooming kit is easily one of the best ones we have reviewed in a long time now. Due to its great application and ease of use features, TotalTrim is truly a must have for all men who take care of their own grooming needs.

  1. Cordless: TotalTrim is cordless in design and therefore does not tangle during use.
  2. Sleek and elegant: Its design is incredibly sleek and elegant.
  3. Effective on all hairs: No matter the density or length of your hair, TotalTrim is incredibly effective no matter the details.
  4. Highly precise and sharp: The device uses premium grade materials which allows the blade to be sharp and super precise.
  5. Super portable: The device is also really portable and can be carried on trips with ease.
  6. Rust-proof: A rust proof design means the blades are really long-lasting and do not cut when used.
  7. Ergonomic design: An ergonomic design means it does not slip out of your hands and allows you maximum precision during use.
  8. Rechargeable battery: It features a rechargeable battery that allows a prolonged usage without a lot of hassle.

TotalTrim Pro Specifications

TotalTrim Pro Specifications
  • The TotalTrim Pro
  • A set of guide combs
  • A charging cable
  • A cleaning brush
  • Lubricating oil
  • Replaceable Cutter Head
  • Waterproof Head
  • 3D Surface Acute Angle Cutter

What are the different usable heads that come along with TOTALTRIM PRO?

Total Trim Pro Multiple Heads Hair Trimming Machine provides the complete grooming kit and lubricant oil in the pack. The contents of this package are shipped in a hard cardboard box so that the product does not get damaged in the shipping and delivery. The contents which people get are:

  • Primary trimmer head:This is the biggest trimmer head. It is for trimming the hair on the head or the beard which has grown long. It can trim from the range of 1mm to 6 mm. This number is done for the length of hair to be left and not the hair to be trimmed.
  • Secondary trimmer head:It is a precision head and can trim off hair to an even smaller scale. People can use it to get a finer beard or get a zero-sized beard. The hair size goes from 0.5mm to 3mm.
  • Shaver:This is also a trimmer head but it kind of plucks out the finest hair threads and makes it look like the user has shaved.
  • Roundhead trimmer:As the name suggests, it has a round small head that can be used to cut ear hair, eyebrow hair, or nose hair.

How to use TotalTrim Pro?

A hair trimmer machine

TotalTrim Pro Cordless Hair Trimmer Machine is very easy to use. The installation guide for different heads over the trimmer is provided along with the trimmer.

There also is a battery charger that comes along with the product. It gives a battery backup of around 4 hrs at a full charge which is enough to last 15 days for the males to use.

 Benefits of using TotalTrim pro

  • Practical And Easy To Use Cordless Hair Cutting Machine
  • Versatile Combs For Different Trimming Lengths Selections
  • Effective Beard Trimming With No Hassle Regardless Of Hair Density
  • Stainless Steel Mechanism With Sharp Razors For Easy Trimming
  • Rust Proof Razors With Minimal Friction, Lubrication Included
  • Easy To Use And Portable With Rechargeable Battery

TotalTrim Pro Review

Being a regular office employee, I have to keep my beard clean. One day while surfing Facebook, I came across the TotalTrim Pro. After reading the complete TotalTrim Pro Review, I was impressed.

Ordered one for myself and order was delivered after 3-4 days. The blades of this trimmer is very sharp and gives precise cut. You must get this at your home!

Pros and Cons

  • Cordless and rechargeable
  • Ergonomic design
  • Rust proof
  • Sharp and precise
  • Effective on all kinds of hair
  • Smart and sleek design
  • Carrying all attachments reduces portability

Customer Opinion

My wife used to be angry with my rough looking beard because I don’t have time to always trim it at the barbershop. This has been trying to separate us but lucky me, I found Totaltrim. I can now shave anytime I wish. Even if she demands that I shave three (3) times a day I will do that provided we had enough light to charge the gadget. Huge rating for this product!

James Sheeran, Houston Texas

I bought it to gift my boyfriend whose hairs scare me sometimes. He accepted it with joy and thanked me. His look has improved markedly and I love him more. 

Cynthia, United Kingdom

Is Total Trim pro any good?

This is a very good device, one need to have because TotalTrim Pro is the correct decision for individuals who need to get the best trimmer at a reasonable cost. The best thing about this item is that it isn’t only a solitary trimmer with a set size for managing, it is a finished unit of trimmer heads that individuals can use to shape their facial hair and even trim hairs of eyebrows and nose, and ears.

Why should i buy TotalTrim  Pro hair clippers? 

TotalTrim has been different from trimmer that you get at a price higher. In fact, this product has been made with high-quality materials including stainless steel blades, the body, and other accessories that can be used according to your convenience.

It allows you to have a sprinkled hair and beard, van Dyck beard, or any other beard type of your choice. Since it’s portable, it will be the best travel companion that fast charges in 5 hours and works for an hour. Having The TotalTrim Pro will possibly stop you from visiting a barbershop in this pandemic. Hence it is a well-crafted clipper kit with perfect heads.

Why is TotalTrim pro the best for hair trimmer

  • It works without cable, it is very comfortable and manageable.
  • The batteries are rechargeable and long-lasting so you can use the razor for longer.
  • You can use combs of different calibers to cut the hair to suit the user.
  • You also have blades for shaving the face and body that will allow you to use it for any type of cut.
  • All blades are made of stainless steel, totally resistant and durable.
  • You will be able to refine your beard effectively thanks to its raw steel blade.
  • The machine has a trimmer that will allow you to also outline the beard and obtain a modern and stylish look.
  • In addition to this, you have a cutting head for the internal area of ​​the nose and the hairs of the ears.
  • Both the machine and the heads are easily disassembled and very easy to clean.
  • You have a presentation support as in professional barbershops.
  • Free shipping worldwide.
  • 100% product satisfaction guarantee

Price of TotalTrim Pro

TotalTrim Pro is reasonably priced when compared with many other brands.

  1. If you plan to order 1 piece of TotalTrim Pro online from the official website, they will have to pay $79 only.
  2. But if you are looking for 2 TotalTrim Pro Kits then each trimming kit will cost $60 per watch. You need to pay a total of $119 only.
  3. Buying 4 TotalTrim Pro will cost you a total of $179 only. So each trimmer will be valued at $45 only.

Choosing any bundle offers will save more of your money

  • Order 2 TotalTrim Pro and get 1 free. So each clipper kit will cost you $46 only and get the whole set for $137
  • Buy 3 TotalTrim Pro and get 2 free. You will pay $39 for each kit and the whole bundle is available at $197 only.

Where Can I Buy TotalTrim Pro

Buying your totaltrim pro hair cutting machine from the official website would be really recommended so as to avoid getting your money into the wrong hands. You also have access to the current discount offer and a 30 day back guarantee and free shipping if you order today.