MagnetPAL Review 2022 – Best Magnet Key Chain and Magnetic Hide A Key

If you think an ant carrying 10-20 times its own body weight is impressive, then wait ’till you read this: This tiny magnet, smaller than a quarter, can hold over 100 times its own weight – see why people are calling it the world’s strongest (and most useful!) magnet.

Read our honest review about MagnetPAL which is the most powerful magnet stud finder.

When it comes to gadgets, well, I’ve been there, done that.

I’ve tried different-sized tool belts. Work aprons with deep pockets. Fancy wall hooks. You name it, I’ve tried it.

But then a friend of mine told me about this crazy new gadget he bought after seeing it in a whole bunch of videos.

He told me it was one of the most useful tools he’s ever owned. Just 1 MagnetPAL can hold anything up to 15 lbs he told me. And there are 100’s of different ways you can use them too.

What is MagnetPAL?

Simply put, MagnetPAL is one of the strongest magnets ever made – and it’s EXTREMELY compact (smaller than a quarter)!

MagnetPAL weighs only a fraction an ounce (it easily clips to your keychain)… and yet it can lift up to 15lbs – that’s over 100X its weight!

Now, if you’re like me, you may be wondering: How useful can a super-powerful mini-magnet really be?!

Well, the creators claim it has more than 100 uses, and I totally believe it. Not only is it perfect for handyman tasks like finding studs and storing nails or screws (replacing a magnetic toolbelt)… it’s also amazing for organizing things and it can even be used as a magnetic hide-a-key.

While DIYers may get the most mileage out of it, I’m confident everyone can find more than a few ways to use it. No wonder it won the Gold Award at the West Coast Pop Show… and they’ve already sold more than 500,000 of them!

Magnet Key Chain Features

  • Holds up to 12 pounds! – Small but mighty. You will be amazed by what this tiny magnet can lift! With a handy loop, you can attach it to anything!
  • Made in the USA – Durability at its finest MagnetPAL is made from rare earth metals that will never rust, fail or fall off – even in extreme heat or cold!
  • A useful friend, MagnetPAL – Use it as a magnet stud finder, a magnetic key holder, or just play around to find new uses for your magnetic friend. MagnetPAL is a must have!
  • It is the most reliable magnetic wall stud finder.
  • It is a Wall mount scanner where you can use it to mount a flat-screen TV.
  • You can easily map out and can find what is behind the wall. 
  • It can also find the metal starts behind the plastic, sheetrock, wood, drywall, plastic, or tile.
  • It is a mini starter finder that will never fail, falls off, or rust.
  • You can also use it for professional use.

What Problem Does It Solve?

MagnetPAL gives you the power to hold, find, hide, and secure thousands of everyday objects and tools so you always have your items right where you need them. This multi-purpose magnet offers 100s of uses and is durable enough for the rigors of any workshop, home, or outdoor adventure.

What can you use Magnet Key Chain for?

Honestly, I’m still discovering new uses for my MagnetPAL every day! Here are a few of the most common uses I’ve heard of:

  • Organizing tools, keys, signs and other objects: The molded loop at the top allows you to attach it to almost anything – which you can then easily hang from any metal surface.
  • A convenient replacement for bulky magnetic tool belts: Simply clip MagnetPAL to your jeans (or even directly to your tool) to easily access nails and screws while on the job.
  • Magnetic key chain holder: Clip your keys to your belt or hang them up near the door so you never lose them. You can count on MagnetPAL to hang on tight, but release easily when you’re ready to disconnect!
  • Magnetic stud finder: Easily locate the screws in your studs through almost any type of wall. Simply wave MagnetPAL over your wall until you feel it start to pull out of your hand!
  • Discreet hide-a-key: Instead of hiding a key under your mat, use MagnetPAL as a hide-a-key in your gutter, on an outdoor lamp or under your car.
  • Of course, there’s plenty more… it all depends on your imagination. Once you have one in your pocket, you start seeing uses for it everywhere!

Pro & Cons of MagnetPal – Strongest Magnetic Wall Stud Finder

  • MagnetPal is an affordable and strongest magnetic wall stud finder.
  • It can also detect the wood stud in addition to metal studs.
  • It is also a wall mount scanner.
  • People also using it professionally in different projects.
  • MagnetPal is very small in size stud finder and challenging to handle while scanning.

Why Is It Different From Other Solutions?

MagnetPAL is not a cheap or ordinary magnet – it’s the award-winning patented gadget you can take and use everywhere.

Its core is made almost entirely from Rare-Earth Metal, making it incredibly strong and durable compared to traditional magnets. Because its unique metals come straight from the earth, there’s an extensive mining process that adds to its rarity. Solidifying MagnetPAL as one of the most powerful and versatile tools in the world.

  • 100+ Ways To Use It ​– There are hundreds of ways to use MagnetPAL! Use it to hide a spare key, find studs behind walls, or hold your screws, bolts, pins, tools, or other equipment close by while working on your projects. The possibilities are endless!
  • Hold Anything Up to 15lbs​ – It’s powerfully engineered to hold up to 100x its own weight! Use it to securely hold heavy items like drills, hammers, other large tools, or even small items like bolts, screws, and pins. Disconnect without hassle when you’re ready to let go.
  • Super Compact and Lightweight​ – The MagnetPAL is about the size and weight of a coin and is TSA compliant so you can easily take them with you anywhere. Add them to your keychain, bag, tool belt without weighing down your carry.
  • Built To Last​ – MagnetPAL’s military-grade ABS plastic shell and Rare-Earth core ensures MagnetPAL lasts for years and won’t lose its strength over time. It also works at extreme temperatures, is 100% waterproof, and resists rust
  • A Gift They’ll Use Everyday​ – Gift your loved ones something they’ll enjoy forever. It’s perfect for DIYers and anyone in your life who loves the latest gadgets. (Warning: gifting MagnetPAL may result in loud screams of excitement and an endless amount of hugs).

How to Use MagnetPAL?

Where You Can Use Key Chain in Home

Everyone wants a decluttered and organized home. Most people would agree that the state of their home is a big contributor to their overall mood. This is why your home organization should be on the top of your priority list. You should be able to develop an organization system to optimize your space at home. Here are 6 places you can use MagnetPAL to organize your home. 


Make cooking easier with MagnetPAL. Arrange all of your cooking utensils for easy access next time you cook a meal. Hang your utensils with MagnetPAL instead of hanging hooks on your kitchen wall. You can also use MagnetPAL to stick pictures or important reminders on your fridge. 


MagnetPAL is a multi-use magnet that can hold up to 12 pounds of metal. You can use it to arrange tools like rakes, ladders, and even a small wheelbarrow in the garage. Use MagnetPAL to hang them up on your wall. 


Necklaces and accessories always manage to get tangled while lying in a drawer, on a surface or even in a jewellery box, and nobody knows why. Trying to untangle them is frustrating and it takes forever! Fear not, MagnetPAL is your solution. You can use a metal board and MagnetPAL to organize your accessories on your vanity. You’ll never have to spend an extra 20 minutes untangling your accessories again. 


Shower curtains aren’t just for keeping the bathroom floor dry, they’re also a way to make your bathroom look cute. After much deliberation, you’ve selected the perfect shower curtain. Now all you have to do is to hang it up. Use MagnetPAL to hang a shower rod in your bathroom. Add your shower curtain and you’re done!

During Holidays

Decorating your home has never been this hassle free. Now you can use MagnetPAL to hang Christmas lights around your home, or use it to add a bit of spookiness by securing Halloween decorations outside your house. 


Looking to have a small get together with friends and family? Invite everyone for a BBQ party on your patio. Use MagnetPAL to hang outside lights or hold patio curtains together for a better BBQ experience. You can use it while grilling too – hang BBQ utensils off the side of the grill to keep everything within arm’s reach. 

Tackle Any DIY Project With Ease

MagnetPAL’s military-grade ABS plastic shell and Rare-Earth core ensures MagnetPAL lasts for years and won’t lose its strength over time. It also works at extreme temperatures, is 100% waterproof, and resists rust – making it perfect for both indoor and outdoor projects alike.

MagnetPAL can double as a stud finder with 100% accuracy, unlike electronic stud finders which are in famous for giving false readings.

It can also be used to securely hold other equipment at your side – including drills, hammers, or other large objects (up to 15 lbs).

MagnetPAL’s compact design keeps it lightweight and portable so you can keep them by you without it bulking up your toolbelt and weighing you down on the job.

After the job is complete, use MagnetPAL to safely pick up smaller items like screws, nails, and bolts. Hang up your tools and hardware with MagnetPAL when they’re not in use to keep things tidy and organized around the shop.

What Makes Magnet Key Chain So Special?

MagnetPAL so special

I was curious: How do they pack so much power into such a small magnet?

As it turns out, MagnetPAL is unlike other magnets because it’s made from rare earth metals. These so-called Neodymium magnetsprovide a lifetime of “pulling power”.

This also means it won’t lose magnetism over time, it will never rust, and it won’t mess with your phone or credit card chips (like normal magnets).

It’s also made in the USA, ensuring every MagnetPAL meets their high quality standards.

With over 100+ ways to use it, you’ll never regret ordering your very own MagnetPAL today

Whether you order 1, 2, or 9 of them, you can guarantee you’ll find fun and genius ways to them.

And with an average of 4.6 (out of 5) stars across thousands of reviews, you know MagnetPAL is a smart purchase that will last you a lifetime!

What’s more, MagnetPALs also make great gifts for those can’t-ever-find-the-perfect-gift DIY enthusiasts and handymen who always have a bunch of different projects on the go.

To get your very own MagnetPAL right now, click the button below to go to the website and place your order!

Frequently Asked Question

Is MagnetPAL safe around credit cards, smartphones, and electronic key fobs?

Yes, you can keep MagnetPAL inside of your bag or pocket without worry! MagnetPAL isn’t known to cause damage to the chip on your credit cards or interfere with smartphones, electronic key fobs, and new computers! Thanks to the incredible metallic properties of MagnetPAL’s Rare-Earth metals, MagnetPAL is safe to keep around everyday objects.

How many different ways can I use MagnetPAL?

There are over 100 different ways you can use a MagnetPAL but most customers tend to use them to store spare sets of keys, to stop their house keys from going missing, to keeping tools, screws, nails, bolts, or even sewing needles within reach while working in construction, carpentry, or working on DIY home projects. The MagnetPAL also makes a great stud finder and can locate studs hidden under layers of wood and plaster with incredible accuracy.

How much weight can MagnetPAL hold?

A single MagnetPAL can hold up any item up to 15 lbs which has been verified by a 3rd-party testing facility. This includes a spare set of keys, screws, and even much heavier items such as a drill, hammer, or crowbar. The more MagnetPALs you use together the heavier object it can hold. The possibilities are endless!

When you’re ready for MagnetPAL to disconnect, you can easily unclip MagnetPAL making it perfect for on-to-go use. When you’re no longer using it,  you can clip the MagnetPAL back into place in an instant.

Will MagnetPAL really keep its strength forever?

Yes, MagnetPAL is guaranteed to never lose its strength no matter how much time has passed thanks to the fact that it is made from Rare-Earth metals. MagnetPAL can ever stand up to extreme temperatures without ever losing its strength.

Can I use MagnetPAL outdoors?

Yes, MagnetPal is made to withstand all of the outdoor elements such as wind, rain, and oxidation. Because MagnetPAL is made from real Rare-Earth metals wrapped in a specially formulated ABS plastic, MagnetPAL is waterproof, rust-proof, and guaranteed to never lose its strength.

Will MagnetPAL resist rust and oxidation?

Not at all! Because your MagnetPAL is made from Rare-Earth metals and is entirely waterproof, it will never rust even in the outdoors – unlike most cheap magnets.v

Will MagnetPAL still work when it gets wet?

Yes, MagnetPAL is 100% waterproof and rust-proof so it won’t get damaged when it gets wet, even when you leave it outdoors for extended periods of time.

Is MagnetPAL safe for small children?

This product contains small parts and can be considered a choking hazard. As a result, this product is not suitable for children under the ages of 10. Please keep these products out of the reach of children. MagnetPAL could cause serious injury if not used properly and therefore is intended for adults only. Please read the directions before using or gifting this to others.