LiveWave Antenna Review 2021 – Is it a scam?

Suppose you’re looking for a cost-effective solution to watch your favorite movies, shows or sports, without having to worry about the problems faced due to a regular antenna. In that case, a LiveWave antenna is all that you’ll need.

It is a small device that doesn’t need any expertise or guidance. To install the same, you need to connect it to an AC plug and the other outlet with the TV, and it is ready to use.

You also don’t have to pay for the additional costs and get access to entertainment and media without the same, which makes it a viable option to enjoy your share of media without paying anything and using it conveniently. 

What is LiveWave Antenna?

An image of LiveWave Antenna

It is a product that provides you with access to its users with a wide variety of high-definition channels, which also includes those channels coming on local television, news networks, and movies free of cost. It is much more convenient to use owing to its small size, and there is no threat of scams as such. Along with that, you don’t even need to worry about them concerning your kids or pets as it is also safe for them and will not result in electrocution.  

Features of Live Wave Antenna

  • One of the striking features is its affordability; you get access to all the High-definition channels and need to pay absolutely nothing. Also, you get their access forever, saving a lot of money.
  • It just does not require many adjustments; all you need to do is plug it and enjoy the streaming. It also has a patented design, unlike the other antennas, which are square and have telescoping metal receptors.
  • It provides all the high-definition channels for free, which would cost a hefty amount otherwise. 
  • Easy installation; you merely need to plug it into the wall and connect the television’s input and enjoy. You don’t require complex tools and procedures to do the same. 
  • A grounded circuit makes it safe completely and prevents electrocution or accidental shocks. However, it may result in electrocution if you are near it when lightning hits it.  

Channels Available on LiveWave Antenna

Channels Available on LiveWave Antenna

The expected channels under the LiveWave antenna include – 

  • ABC television network.
  • Blank Entertainment Television (BET)
  • Bounce Broadcast network.
  • CBS Broadcasting System
  • Decades Network
  • Fox Network
  • FX Movie Channel (FXM)
  • Ion Television
  • NBC or National Broadcasting Company
  • ME-TV or Memorable Entertainment Television
  • PBS

Instructions on How To Use the LiveWave Antenna

1st Step: All you need to do is plug in the coaxial cable to the TV. 

2nd Step: After that, the other end of the cable needs to be plugged into this device, the LiveWave antenna

3rd Step: Then, you need to plug in this antenna to an outlet. The installation part is completed here.

Step – 4: After this, you need to switch to “Antenna” or “Air” concerning the TV input and search for the available channels, and you’re done. You can start watching your favorite shows straightaway or even enjoying live broadcasts. 

Pros and Cons

  • Unlike the other massive antennas present in the market, it is a very compact device.
  • It is pretty easy to install; all you need to do is plug in the socket and connect the coaxial cable to the device.
  • The installation is easy and isn’t as time-consuming as the other antennas.
  • It provides a wide variety of channels to choose from.
  • The picture quality is excellent, and it provides you access to all the high-definition channels.
  • It has excellent reception, and you don’t have to face problems with it not receiving signals.
  • It is very affordable.
  • It is legal to use this device.
  • You do not need the internet or power to make use of this device.
  • The device’s working depends entirely on the reception of signals as in the end, and it is a kind of an antenna.
  • It requires you to have a TV set near the device or, instead of that, a long cable as it can be connected only with a cable’s help.

There is often a kind of fear in people’s minds regarding the legality of the LiveWave antenna, whether it was violative of the contract with cable companies or the satellite companies or be it relating to the use of media. But it is important to note that you don’t indulge in any illegal activity while using this antenna. It grants you proper legal access to the channels you wish to watch without interfering with the signals. 

You also don’t violate any media regulations while you’re using it, nor are there any threats relating to scams. The utilization of the LiveWave antenna does not violate any of the laws. The channels that you are authorized to watch are broadcast publicly; thus, there is no issue of interfering with the sourcing of these channels. The local and national laws have been kept in mind while designing this antenna.

How Can Get LiveWave Antenna? 

A LiveWave Antenna can be very quickly purchased from the official website itself, and the same would be sent to you at your registered addresses. There are various discounts that you can avail of depending upon the price or the number of antennas you purchase; the website also provides you with such different packages. 

Pricing of the LiveWave Antenna

LiveWave Antennas cost usually states from $39.95 and goes up to $132.14 depending upon the number of antennas that you wish to install. The distribution for the same has been given below – 

  • If you want to install a single antenna, it would cost you $ 39.95 without any savings.
  • Two antennas, it would cost you $ 73.75, along with savings up to $ 6.15.
  • If you want to install three antennas, the price would be $ 92,19, and you may save up to $ 27.66.
  • If you wish to install four antennas, it would cost you $110.63, along with savings up to $ 49.17.
  • Five antennas, the price would be $ 132.14, and it would save you $ 67.61 approximately. 

Usually, the cost may come along with a one-year warranty period, but you should look up the recent costs and discounts offered on the official website itself.


LiveWave antennas are very different from the traditional ones concerning many things, be it their installation methods, access to channels, legality, or safety. They stand out in almost all the criteria. These are one-time investments, wherein you only need to pay at the time of purchase of these antennas; after that, it would not cost you anything for installation or access to channels, and the best part is you are granted the access forever.

Not only this, the number of channels that you see is not limited; these provide you with access to a wide variety of channels to choose from. As it is an antenna, you may wonder that it may not receive signals properly. However, it has been found that the signals received by the LiveWave antenna are quite strong owing to its good reception. In all, it is a very compact, portable, and affordable device that allows you to view different channels at absolutely no cost. 

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