EyeQue VisionCheck Review: Is It The Best At-Home Vision Test?


As we become more established our vision gets more fragile. It is essentially a characteristic procedure and with age, the eye focal point solidifies. Because of this individuals will in general lose the capacity to center. It won’t occur for everybody’s situation except the vast majority face this issue sooner or later in time in their life. There is an extraordinary change in visual perception when we contact 50 years old.

In this way, it turns into even more significant that we go for appropriate remedy glasses. For this, you have to visit the specialist for the vision assessment. All things considered, there are a few different ways nowadays. These will assist you with avoiding the visit to the specialist. This is a shrewd method to spare your valuable time and cash.

Visual perception gets more vulnerable with age as this is a characteristic wonder that happens to each individual. The focal point in the eyes solidifies and it is normal to lose center. Each individual doesn’t encounter it however numerous individuals do. As we develop over the age of 50, we notice a slight change in our visual perception. Having glasses with appropriate observation is critical yet for that every day visits to the specialist are significant. Be that as it may, EyeQue is the answer for your concern. EyeQue is a dream check gadget that permits you to rapidly check your vision utilizing a little gadget and your cell phone.

What is an Eyeque?

Eyeque vision check is a tool that is used by patients with weak eyesight to check their lens power to correct myopia, hypermetropia, and astigmatism .once you are done with the test; you are given a prescription for eyeglasses, only if you need them.

This device replaces optometrists which can check your eyesight multiple times and makes the job of doctors a bit easier and manageable.

EyeQue is a vision screening device that helps to get full and functional vision within 3 minutes. The mini scope turns smartphone as a vision test without spending. It is patented with MIT technology to ensure a better viewing experience. Also, it shows 3 color lines that help to adjust its functions. You can adjust the green and red line to merge from the yellow line through a button. It has an axis, sphere readings and cylinder that provide accurate readings to get a perfect view.

It is an individual vision tracker that transforms your cell phone into a completely useful vision test with no hard strategy. It permits you to test your vision in under 3 minutes. To begin the test, you should simply connect the EyeQue Personal Vision Tracker to your cell phone and adhere to those guidelines that show up on your screen. The test is caused basic with the goal that each individual to can do it. You have to modify the green and red line utilizing the catches on your gadget with the goal that the lines consolidation and structure a solitary yellow line.

The EyeQue Vision Check causes you to quantify the focal point capacity to address your partial blindness, farsightedness, astigmatism and close to vision ADD. When the test is done, you are given finished vision subtleties and can arrange your glasses on the off chance that you need them. It can check your visual perception on various occasions before heading off to the specialist. With the assistance of this, you can forestall and analyze malady before it even strikes.

The eyeque personal vision tracker shares the results on the cloud storage so your optometrist can see it to prescribe you. It allows to check eyesight for several times that makes its functionality better. Also, it will help to diagnose and prevent disease according to the weekly and monthly results from storage. It provides 100 percent accurate result and everyone can use it.

EyeQue vision check is a device that completely turns our phone into a personal tracker for checking one’s and functional vision test through extensive steps. It has MIT–patented technology that helps individuals to complete their vision test in just three minutes.

For this test you need to just attach the eyecup vision check device to your smartphone and follow the further instructions appearing on the screen, the test itself is kept simple for people and it’s the same as a videogame, wherein the user needs to adjust the green and red light by using the buttons on your screen so that they can merge in one another to form a single yellow line.

Technical Specification

Spherical power-10 to +8 D (0.25 D steps)
Cylindrical power0 D to -5D (0.25 D steps)
Astigmatic axis0° to 180° (1° steps)
Device weight2 ounces
Dimensions92mm X 50mm X 35mm
Light sourceSmartphone Display (eye safe)
Operational Condition
• Temperature range
• Humidity
0 to 40 degrees C (32 to 104 degrees F)
< 95 % non-condensing
Power supplyBattery, 400 mAh, Lithium-Ion
Minimum smartphone requirement250 ppi screen resolution
BluetoothSupports Bluetooth 5.0 standard
Auto-off15 minutes of inactivity

Features of EyeQue

  • A Handy Tool – In simple terms, the EyeQue VisionCheck can be understood as a tool used for measuring the lens power necessary for correcting farsightedness, nearsightedness, astigmatism, as well as near vision ADD. You will be getting details of the prescription after completing the test. And if you will be requiring glasses, you can easily place an order afterward.
  • Optometrists Excited About EyeQue Personal Vision Tracker – Even the professionals are very excited about this amazing tool. You get to make the job of the doctors easier as you can simply check your eyesight numerous times before going to the clinic of the doctor. In many cases, you get to diagnose a disease in the earlier stages. This is great for carrying out the necessary preventive measures and ensuring that there are no issues in the long run. The doctor will get to have a look at the various readings taken by you.
  • Save time and money: After every 2 or 3 months, i have to consult with an eye specialist to checkup my eye condition and sometimes I miss the schedule of the doctor. The EyeQue vision tracker helped to test my vision and I sent the report to my doctor, so he easily prescribed me some medicines and a glass. Every time, the doctor charged 20 dollars per visit and i don’t have to pay this because I can check my vision condition and order glass from home.
  • Accuracy: I tested it with my doctor’s prescription and they matched each one surprisingly. Its spherical reading provides a 100% accurate result and allows different methods of testing. SO, you can test your vision and order glass to get a better viewing experience.
  • Fast and effective: It shows results through EyeQue Insight app, which is free for android and apple devices. Also, it shows EyeGlass Numbers within 8 minutes and it can be used everywhere. With the smartphone app, you can test unlimited time so you can test the vision of your whole family.
  • No need prescription: Normally, we need a doctor’s prescription to order a glass, but the vision tracker saves your EyeGlass Numbers so you can order glass from home. Also, it provides a better result to color blind, deuteranopia, tritanopia and indicates the deficiency of color.
  • Track results: It allows to hold previous data that helps a doctor to understand your eye condition. The data can be shown online or offline because it saves on phone storage. Also, you can share the data with doctors or optometrists to get advice. After all, the doctor can compare the results and give you better treatment.

Why At-Home Vision Tests?

  • Save money: The EyeQue VisionCheck is inexpensive (MSRP $59.99) compared to your typical office visit and can be shared with many persons. All of our products are supported through annual memberships, currently starting at $4.99 per year. Each membership enables unlimited usage of all EyeQue vision-testing products, ranging from $29.99 to $89.99.
  • Save time: Unlike traditional office visits that you make once a year, you can use the EyeQue VisionCheck anywhere, anytime. All you need is a smartphone and an active internet connection. No need to schedule ahead, drive through traffic, and wait at the office only to sit through boring lectures or sales spiels. In comparison, each VisionCheck test takes about 5 minutes to complete once you understand the process. Most first-time users get great results after taking 3 or 4 tests, usually under 30 minutes in total. EyeQue is hassle free and gives back hours of your valuable time.
  • More accurate than a single point-in-time refraction test: Since your vision fluctuates throughout the day, taking multiple tests at different times of the day gives a better average refraction than a one-time refraction test during an office visit. Especially if someone is having a bad day! The MIT-patented technology powering the VisionCheck has been extensively tested with over 12,000 users over the past 2 years and has been optimized to give excellent refraction values for ordering eyeglasses.
  • Real tests, real results: Unlike other online vision tests, VisionCheck gives you a true refraction measurement. These results are called “EyeGlass Numbers” (EGNs). We do not simply request and renew your prescription. EyeQue products ACTUALLY test your vision and generate real scientific results. Also, there’s no wait time; you get refraction results (EGNs) immediately after you complete three refraction tests.
  • See your data, use your data: Your personalized dashboard can be accessed through your EyeQue account and contains a multitude of information about your vision. This includes detailed reports showing and explaining your results, as well as the consistency of your testing. The report even compares your vision results with the general EyeQue population! Use your most updated EyeGlass Numbers (EGNs) to order glasses online from trusted retailers or share them with your eye care provider.
  • Safe & robust: VisionCheck uses only the illumination from your smartphone screen, filtering the light making it completely safe for your eyes. The VisionCheck device is rugged yet beautifully designed. Internal elements of the device are enclosed in a solid injection molded plastic housing while the precision optics are made from the highest grade polymers; the electronic components are commercially approved as well. VisionCheck has undergone extensive environmental testing including drop, temperature, humidity, and shock tests to ensure that it is safe and robust enough for household use. VisionCheck is registered with the FDA as well.
  • Fun and easy to use: Simply launch the app, attach the VisionCheck device, and use the touch sensor buttons to perform a series of game-like actions to overlap the red and green lines as you look through the device. Voila, you get your refraction results in the form of EyeGlass Numbers, instantly. Voice guidance is also available, making it even easier to use.
  • Seriously amazing support: Our success is based on your satisfaction, and we are committed to providing responsive solutions to meet your needs. Some of our members have described us as obsessively customer focused, a compliment that makes us smile. Typically, we respond to any email requests within 24 hours. We also have an online chat service to work through any issue you may be having. Our support staff are in-house professionals that work closely with our software and optical engineers. We also have an extensive database of educational content on vision and health, called “Knowledge Center”, which can be accessed on our website anytime.

What Problem Does EyeQue Solve?

Routinely checking your eyesight to ensure it’s in good working order is just part of a smart health plan. However, that means making trips annually (or more frequently) to the eye doctor and that means more expenses. Thanks to EyeQue, you can now easily test your vision and even update your prescription using your smartphone… right from the comfort of home, saving you time and money!No appointment. No co-pay. Just you, your smartphone, and an EyeQue miniscope. The best part? You can order glasses online at popular retailers like Zenni and EyeBuyDirect with EyeQue’s EyeGlass Numbers (EGN)

What’s inside EyeQue?

Below is an “exploded view” of the patented VisionCheck device. It is a precision optical instrument built with micron-level tolerances. Substantial engineering effort was required in order to build reliable devices on a mass scale. To achieve that, we have employed a team of exceptional industrial designers, mechanical, electrical, optical, and firmware engineers.

What’s inside EyeQue?

How Does Eyeque Vision Work?

EyeQue vision check is a refraction measurement device that uses your smartphone and accompanying app to determine the power of your eyeglass very easily by doing so at home, after that you can order eyeglasses online by your choice with the PD check pupillary distance tool.

The VisionCheck is based on an MIT patented technology licensed exclusively to EyeQue. This technology has been extensively tested in our 1st generation product, the Personal Vision Tracker and uses a variant of the inverse Shack-Hartmann effect.

The device projects two parallel beams of light that comes from the smartphone display into your eyes and onto your retina. The beams of light come from red and green lines formed by illuminated pixels on your smartphone, separated by 2.5 mm when they leave the device so that they can fit through your pupil.

Using an interactive touch-sensitive interface, the user overlaps the two lines to form what looks like one yellow line. Based on the amount of pixel movement made, EyeQue calculates the user’s refractive error in that particular direction. The device then rotates the lines to another angle and you repeat the measurement. Measuring the refractive power over a number of different angles gives the sphere, cylinder, and axis needed to correct your vision with eyeglasses. The method works for most people who are willing and able to follow the instructions we provide.

Setup of the Device- EyeQue Vision Testor

  • You will need to create an account for using the first time. After downloading the vision check app on your smartphone, you create your account and answer a few basic questions. It is recommended to take a few practice tests before taking the official test. At first, it might seem difficult, but after some time it will become easier to use.
  • To conduct the measurement, the first click on the tab in the app, switch on the Vision check and click start. The blue light on the device will start blinking and then tap on the scan button and select the device once it locates. You will know once it is paired.
  • You can then conduct the tests multiple times without any issues. Then you physically attach the vision check to your smartphone screen in the middle of the indicated area. Secure with the rubber safety band.
  • The touch sensors should be facing upside and then turn up the volume on your smartphone for full audio instructions.
  • You will first need to administer a refractive error test for your right eye, then your left eye. Move the Vision test towards your eye but keeping it from a reading distance, until it touches your eye. You should see a red and a green line when looking through the thing. Keep your other eye open focused on an object in your immediate surroundings.
  • The main goal is to overlap the lines until they change to a solid yellow. To move the lines towards or away from each other, simply use the sensors at the top of the device. You will hear a noise which the motor turning on.
  • Once done simply click the next button and two more lines will be there but at different angles.
  • To finish the test, you have to do this nine times. And then again you do the same thing but for the other eye. After doing it a couple of times, it will not take more than 5 minutes to do this test. It takes full of three eye tests to get your first Eyeglass number.

Using the VisionCheck is simple, but not necessarily easy: 

  • Download the myEyeQue App from Google Play or Apple app store
  • Launch the app and register for an account. If you already have an EyeQue account, sign in to your existing account
  • You’ll be asked for the Serial number. You will find a serial activation number inside the box for registration
  • Complete your account activation process

How to get started and attach your EyeQue miniscope

  • Turn up your smartphone screen’s brightness, as well as the volume. There will be voice prompts to help you through your test.
  • Click on the “test” tab in the app. If this is your fi rst time using the app, please review the tutorial and complete the practice test before attempting a full test.
  • For either the practice test or full test, you will be prompted to remove the miniscope from its case. Rotate the eyepiece clockwise several times to get a feel for the movement.
  • You will see a rectangular area with a dotted outline. This is where you attach the miniscope. Remove the cover on the base of the miniscope and attach it directly onto your smartphone screen, with the EyeQue logo facing the plus (+) and minus (-) buttons. The miniscope should not slide easily once attached to your phone.
  • Secure the miniscope by attaching silicone elastic band with a snug fi t.
  • Make sure the rotating eyepiece is set to position 1. Click next, and select whether you will be taking the test with or without glasses or contact lenses.

Design of EyeQue Vision Tester

In the container, Vision Check gadget accompanies an optical cell phone connection, a security band, a PD Check pupillary separation instrument and a fast beginning aide. To utilize this you will require a cell phone running Android 4.x or iOS 9.3. Most cell phones nowadays meet these prerequisites, and they accompany the pixel per inch thickness of 250. The optical cell phone connection is quality made. There is a silicon cup toward one side against which you rest your eye when stepping through the examination, and small scale attractions tape at the opposite end for appending to your cell phone.

The highest point of the gadget houses, there are three touch sensors that are utilized while exploring the eye test. As an afterthought, there is a physical force button and a charging port right close to it. To refuel, just you space the Micro USB line into the charging port and a USB power source at the opposite end. It is significant that a standard link is utilized instead of utilizing a restrictive one. Those of you who will in general have a ton of contraptions frequently wind up utilizing similar links for different gadgets. A full charge from zero takes about 90 minutes for the gadget to charge. From that point onward, the battery will prop up for around 2 months with normal use.

This equivalents to around 3 hours of ceaseless use. A speedy 15 minutes top-up is sufficient to accomplish a 25% charge. The force button serves as a LED marker light. The squinting blue shading implies the gadget is working. This will transform into a strong Blue when Vision Check is matched to your telephone. Squinting Red light methods the battery is low; a strong Red light that it is charging and no light methods the charging is finished (or that the gadget is off). The arrangement of the inherent engine is computerized. This takes into account quicker, easier test-taking. The organization has made enhancements to aspheric focal points to permit expanded perceivability, more noteworthy precision, and quicker test understanding.

What will You Get with the Box?

  • EyeQue VisionCheck
  • micro USB charging cable
  • Cleaning cloth
  • Attachment strap
  • Quick start guide
  • Pupillary distance glasses

What Causes Eyesight Problems?

Healthline tells us that, “The eyes are complex organs, with many parts that must work together to produce clear vision.” Therefore, as you might imagine, “Problems or malfunctions in any of eye parts” can cause vision problems.” Three of the most common include:

  • Refractive errors – These are the errors addressed by EyeQue’s Personal Vision Tracker (more next), which are caused by light not focusing correctly inside the eye. Myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), and astigmatism are three common types of refractive errors.
  • Glaucoma and Cataracts – Glaucoma can damage the optic nerve due to the increased pressure of the fluid inside the eye, while cataracts are more common in older individuals, where the eye lens becomes cloudy.
  • Age-Related Macular Degeneration – Gradual damage to the cells of the macula (the area of the retina that helps us see directly in front), leading to blurred vision.

How To Perform The Eyeque Test?

To conduct the measurement of the sight, we need to follow the test tab on our smartphone screen with the help of the app, after that, we have to switch on vision checker and click on the start button, then the blue light will start blinking on the screen and then we have to go for the scan option and select the device it locates and at the time of pairing LED on the vision checker turns solid blue and trust you won’t be facing any problem while pairing.

Benefits of Eyeque Personal Vision Tracker

EyeQue is an affordable and convenient vision tracker to check our vision anytime without anyone’s help. It has several benefits and I will share them below:

  • It can test our vision, prescribe the glasses and help to order online quickly.
  • We do not have to go to the doctor that saves our money and it can be used unlimited times.
  • It provides highly accurate results after testing vision because it uses the MIT-patented system.
  • Ensure glass numbers within 8 minutes, so we do not need prescription and order online quickly.
  • With the EyeQue smartphone app, we can track the previous result and show them to the doctor if need.
  • Kids, parents, men, women, elderly etc. everyone can use the vision tracker becasue it has no side effects.
  • Its silicone eyecup fits over everyone’s eye with better comfort and lasts longer.

Around 50000 people have used this product and nearly 92% out of them are brightly satisfied with it. Luckily we have got a high count of people who has tested this product and approved its functions.

Who Can Use Eyeque Vision Check?

Almost every person who is above the age of 18 years can go for this device because it is safe for use for both near and far-sighted persons.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is eyeque vision checker?

Eyeque vision checker is a simple, accurate, and time-saving device used to keep a track of your eyesight once in every month, plus we can do this test without consulting an optometrist often.

What are the benefits of eyeque vision checker?

It is very easy to do this test at home and also saves our money and time just by attaching this device with our smartphone and following further instructions.

Where can we buy eyeque vision checkers and how much does it cost?

you can buy this product online and pay accordingly and it costs about $49, which is quite a balanced amount.

What does eyeque vision checker consist of?

It consists of eye care vision checker, micro USB charging cable, attachment strap, cleaning cloth, pupillary distance glasses and quick start guide, optical smartphone attachment, and safety band.


Everyone wants to make life easier and comfortable, so for that, they keep trying innovative scientific gadgets, one among them is the Eyeque vision checker which is helpful for folks of all ages above 18, and it works very efficiently and gives accurate results of the test.

So we recommend you to use this device once and get to know all about its efficiency.

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