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It is a well-known fact that a haircut is important for everyone. For this, they need to pay a visit to the salon on a regular basis. But there are a lot of times that people tend to feel dissatisfied and that is the time they try to cut their hair themselves at home. But in the long run, this will prove to be even more disappointing.

You need to pay attention to the fact that every visit will cost not less than $80. This is a large amount, especially when you are not satisfied with the services offered by the professionals. Then, it is definitely not worth the money. 

In such a scenario there can be nothing better than CreaClip for you. As a matter of fact, it turns out to be a blessing in disguise as you can cut your hair as per your desire. It is an amazing device that can be used easily at home without any accidents. There is no denying the fact that it is very helpful and turns out to be a good investment. So for this device and reduce your salon expenses majorly.

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What is CreaClip?

Creaclip is a fantastic tool that helps to cut hair without going to a barbershop. From long to short hair and thin to thick hair, it works fine with an adjustable clip. It comes with two clips that used for large and short hair and bangs. Anyone can use it easily and within a few minutes, it can be set up to start cutting hair. Its smooth edges provide clear and sharp hair cutting like professional barbers. It does not require charge or power so that it can be used anywhere, anytime. For its compact design, anyone can use it to cut and level hair. The clip has a video library that contains instructions and hairstyles so that it will be the perfect haircutting clip for everyone.

Creaclip Review

CreaClip is a device that helps you cut your hair at home without any mistake and it can help in cutting your Family’s hair also. It is close to a professional cutting tool. One blade in the device is used to cutting bangs and the other is used for creating layers. It is a diverse styling option available for people with different tastes such as:

  • Bob
  • Bangs
  • Layers

It is a smart device that has been designed as well as created by Mai Lieu. She has well established himself as he is an inspirational speaker, an award-winning celebrity stylist, and a best-selling author. She has an experience of more than 20 years in the salon industry and has won several renowned international hairdressing awards.

CreaClip is designed for people who want salon-style trims at low cost. It is suitable for all hair types. Whether the user uses 1a or 4c, the end result will be a clean haircut. People with different textures of hair; learn gradually how to cut their hair correctly. It is recommended to first watch tutorials before using the device on their hair.

Features of CreaClip

If you are interested in getting accurate and easy without leaving the comforts of your house, you must invest in CreaClip. This device can be easily used for creating layers, trimming children’s hair, or just taking usual cuts for maintenance. 

  1. Perfect of all types of hair: Cleaclip perfectly fits with thick, thin, short and long hair and helps to trim hair edges with perfect finishing. It has 2 clips that are designed for all types of hair, layers and bangs.
  2. Precise and even: It has rotating level and comb-shaped teeth that helps to keep a balanced haircut and align hair with accuracy. Also, the edges of the hair can be cut with the scissor and we will have a great hairstyle.
  3. Efficient: The clip saves our time and money from going saloon or parlor to cut hair. In saloon and parlor, we have to pay 30 dollars+ for style haircut. The device takes only a few minutes to set up and the CreaClipping helps to cut hair according to the desired style.
  4. Perfect haircut: Its small and long hair clip allows to trim hair smoothly like a professional and your style will be improved. So, we don’t have to stress about mistakes because the clip helps to prevent uneven cutting.
  5. Great for kids: When we go to the salon to cut the children’s hair, they move while cutting hair in a barbershop. The clip helps to cut kinds of hair even they are moving or wriggling around. So, you will not feel disturbed and enjoy comfort at home.
  6. Save Time and Money with CreaClip: The smart device will take away all the unnecessary hassles associated with the salon trips. And the best part is that you do not have to pay the service fee.
  7. Superb for Kids: If you have small kids at home, then you will agree that it is a challenging task to make your kid sit in one place, especially during haircuts. This can lead to minor injuries. And no parent wishes to see their kids in pain. With CreaClip you are designed to stay in place even if the child moves around a lot. This helps prevents any haircut accidents.

What Does the CreaClip Function?

There is no denying the fact that CreaClip is an extremely useful gear that can be used with great ease at home for the purpose of cutting hair. You will be amazed to see that the results are better than that of the salon. With this device, you will be getting two blades. These will have a different kind of effect on your hair.

With the help of one of the blades, you can easily cut your hair in layers. When you are using the other blade you get to cut your hair in the bangs.

Once you choose to invest in CreaClip you will realize that it helps in cutting the hair just like a professional hair cutting tool. It can be used by people with diverse tastes as well as likes as you get different style options along with it. Some of the alternatives you can go for are: Bob, Layers, Bangs and a lot more.

Available Video Tutorials

Giving oneself a haircut may be challenging the first time. CreaClip has a massive video library to help users practice on how to give themselves haircuts.

The idea of Creaclip:

Well, as already mentioned above CreaClip was introduced by the award-winning celebrity stylist; Mai Lieu. She is the creator of CreaClip. The whole idea behind this handy device was the fact that affording expensive haircuts is not everyone’s cup of tea. Thus, she decided to come up with something innovative to make the entire process simple and affordable.

So get good quality haircuts at home without spending a fortune free of charge with the help of Creaclip.

Do You Wish to Spend a Large Amount of Money on Your Haircuts?

Well, the answer to this question to be would be no if you are unsure of the results. Even a typical haircut from a normal salon will not cost less than $50. On top of this, a lot will actually depend on the location of the salon.

Also, when you are planning to get any sort of touchup, then you will end up spending more money. It holds true, especially if you are a woman. It is estimated that on average a woman ends up spending not less than $500 on hair. Wow! This is a huge amount and the money can be easily put to use for other things like a family dinner in a high-end restaurant or buying plane tickets.

5 reasons to buy original

Founder’s Story

CreaClip was created by Mai Lieu, an award-winning Celebrity Stylist, best selling author, and inspirational speaker who has over 20 years experience in the salon industry. 

Mai Lieu has won more than 7 first-place international hairdressing awards with top training and global work experience including UK, USA, Canada, and China.

Mai’s friends kept coming to her embarrassed after trying (and failing) to cut their own hair. 

As a Vietnamese immigrant and former refugee, Mai knew that many people couldn’t afford the type of salon-quality haircuts she gave to her celebrity clients. So she set out to create a way for the average person to get great hair on their own.

Clearly, she was onto something. Mai has now sold over 200,000 CreaClips! It’s been seen on Shark Tank, Rachael Ray, Beauty Insider, Seventeen Magazine, Business Insider, and Buzzfeed.On her show, Rachael Ray said, “It’s good for trimming. I like that. I love the little level in it. Very clever!”

Benefits of CreaClip

In this CreaClip review, I’ll be talking about some of the features that you’re sure to enjoy along with the benefits it brings you.

  1. Precise – If you look closely, you’ll see that each of the CreaClips have a rotating level. This is perfect for those beginners that have no idea how to cut hair in a straight line. With the use of the level, you can find the perfect balance and create precise and exact hair cuts. This is great for all hairstyles including layers, bangs, bobs, one-length, etc.
  2. Even – Once you open the clip, you’ll notice that it had teeth just like a comb. This is so that your hair will be evenly distributed and you can get the same length throughout the process.
  3. Easy sectioning – The long curved clip makes it easy to hold and section all the hair at once. Notice how usual hairdressers have to hold your hair with their fingers while cutting. This is the same thing. But since it is longer, it will be much easier for you.
  4. Convenient – You don’t have to make appointments and go out of your way just to get a simple trim. Now, you can do so in the comfort of your own home!
  5. Saves money – Not only do you save time, but you also save a lot of money. Usually, a woman spends about $80 at the salon every month. That’s almost $1000 a year! Imagine all the things you could’ve spent on instead. But now, you don’t have to splurge on gas money or a simple trim anymore. You can just stay home and do it yourself.

What problem does CreaClip solve?

CreaClip can save you and your entire family hundreds of dollars and hours per year. When you trim your hair at home with CreaClip – you’re spending pennies per cut, without the hassle of driving and waiting at the salon. It’s also perfect for people who are not physically able to go to a salon, if you have children’s hair to cut, if you need a little trim or maintenance in between cuts, or if you simply want to create your own customized style.

  • Having a bad haircut is embarrassing
  • Frequent salon visits get $$$
  • Finding a good salon/trustworthy hairdresser is HARD
  • Common to leave salon unhappy with the results of a “professional” haircut

Does It’s Really Work?

CreaClip is an innovative accessory that allows to cut hair accurately ourselves. It is mainly used to cut hair, but it has several functions. In the set, you receive two CreaClip of different sizes – the blue (smaller) to cut the bangs and the white (bigger) to cut, scale and style the hair along its length.

The CreaClip structure resembles a long clamp for sealing open food packages – long, with two parts and a zipper. Inside there is a line of teeth that helps to keep the accessory stuck in the hair.

On the outside of CreaClip, there is a small reservoir with fluid and a pointer. It looks and acts like a level and helps to determine if the haircut is level. The most exciting thing is that the miniature level is fixed so that it can be rotated. It depends on the cut you want to make like a straight fringe.

Following some basic rules such as put the accessory on combed hair, remove it down, cut carefully, use effective cutting equipment and remember that the level depends on the gravity so it must be immobile. It is guaranteed that CreaClip makes treatment much easier.

How do you use a CreaClip? Step by step guide

CreaClip is very easy to use and doesn’t need haircutter’s help. Follow the steps for using creaclip.

How to Use CreaClip
  1. First, I open the large clip and position it as close as possible to the hair attachment. The hair is distributed evenly and closes well. Then, I comb to distribute the hair or divide it into layers by making different heights.
  2. At this point, I slide the clip to the desired length and check with the level of having positioned it straight. Also, you can do it horizontally, as I did, simply by following the line of the clip, or vertically, to get more movement and a less sharp line, using the tip scissors.
  3. I rotate the level at 45 degrees. There is a Snap-On safety closure to keep hair firmly and prevent the clip from opening during cutting.
  4. I also tried to scale the hair and use the smaller clip for the fringe hair because they are really useful as products and simple to use.

Is creaclip a scam?

When I hear about CreaClip hair cutting tool, I purchased it a test is it scam or really helps to cut hair like a professional. It amazingly helped me to cut hair myself without going to the hairdresser. In the past, my haircut last 15 to 20 days and then I have to go to the hairdresser and spend 50 dollars. The device saves lots of money and time. It is suitable for men, women and kids because it is equipped with two different clips. I have tried bob, layers and bangs style with the device. With a sharp scissor, the haircut will be professional-look and edges can be cut perfectly.

Is there a money-back guarantee for this device?

Yes, the creaclip hair cutting tool company provides 30 days money-back guarantee if the product has any fault or defect. Also, its delivery time varies to country and distance. Inside the USA, they provide FAST delivery and outside the USA, it takes 7 to 12 working days. In the warranty period, you can replace or refund according to your needs.

Where to Buy CreaClip

If you are interested in buying a genuine product, then it is always a smart idea to

Get it directly from the website of the manufacturer. Also, along with it you can get good discounts, warranty, and benefits. There is no need t waste time on unauthorized websites. You can buy it for $29.99.

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Here’s What You Get When You Buy CreaClip…

If you act today, you’ll get access to limited time discounts that put this incredible product in your pocket for a steal of a price.

You can buy a single CreaClip and use it for your entire household…but if you buy one for your parents, siblings, and neighbors, you’ll get an even better deal. Plus, everyone will get access to CreaClip’s extensive YouTube library that shows step-by-step tutorials.

  1. Small clip: It helps to cut and trim short hair and bangs accurately. Also, it allows us to cut the edges smoothly.
  2. Large clip: It is designed for trimming long hair and bangs perfectly.
  3. Video Library: The library contains hair cutting instructions for all types of hairstyles.
  4. Smooth edge: The smooth edge provides a precise and perfect haircut as like as professional.
CreaClip Order Now

CreaClip Device Pros & Cons

  • Extremely safe
  • Affordable
  • Saves time
  • Great for hair of any texture and length
  • Safe for kids
  • Well, there is one major disadvantage associated with CreaClip. It is important to pay attention to the fact that it will not work very well on layered hair.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will CreaClip save me money?

You’d be amazed at how much you probably spend in a year on your hair alone. On average, women pay $43 and men pay $28 per haircut according to the Professional Beauty Association – that’s at least $516 or $336 a year, respectively! Just use CreaClip once and you’ve already made back your investment.

Are there video tutorials to help me create my style?

Yes! Our YouTube channel has over 100 videos so you NEVER have to WORRY about trying a new or existing hairstyle. Bangs, Layers, Bob, Curly, One Length, Thin, Mens, and even Pets…we’ve got you covered!

Can I use CreaClip on wet hair?

Definitely! Although our 200,000+ customers have found that it’s easier to use CreaClip on dry hair, it will absolutely still work on wet hair.

What type of scissors should I use?

Good question! Although you can use any haircutting scissors, we always recommend using our professional sharp haircutting scissors to prevent split ends and to create professional results. You can get our expertly-designed scissors at a discount after selecting your CreaClip bundle.

Do you offer a money back guarantee or warranty?

Yes! Every CreaClip comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.

Where can I find the video tutorials?

Once you purchase CreaClip, you’ll receive a confirmation email with a link to our video library. From there, you’ll be able to follow step-by-step instructions from professionals to create your favorite looks right at home!


CreaClip has completely changed the face of the haircutting industry. Most of the users have given it thumbs up. You can save a lot of your hard-earned money and your precious time with the help of this amazing device. It turns out to be more accurate in comparison to the human hand and there is no need to worry about the maintenance-related costs. Invest in this smart device and you will not regret it.

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