Blast Auxiliary Personal Fan Review – Personal Wearable Fan

Are you a huge fan of having your personal gadgets? Have you ever wanted your own personal wearable AC or even thought about it? Then, blast personal fan review is for you.

Blast Auxiliary Personal Fan, someone can add calming coolness to the weather around them this summer season. It’s a lightweight, easy-to-use device that gives someone unrestricted access to the safest, freshest and personalized air available at any time and season. With the Blast Auxiliary Personal Fan on the user’s neck, the person is assured of staying safe and relaxed, revitalizing the hot summer weather with ease, and staying comfortable and healthy throughout the season. 

This blast personal fan review will open your eyes to basically everything you need to know about this blast auxiliary personal fan; its features, pros, cons, customer reviews and other additional information.

What is Blast Auxiliary Personal Fan?

Blast Auxiliary Personal Fan Review Online

Blast Auxiliary Personal Fan is a high tech personal air cooling system that is worn around the neck. If you are looking for a way to stay cool and still enjoy the hot sun? Blast Auxiliary Personal Fan is the easy and portable solution to beat the heat no matter where you are. Instead of hiding in the shade or staying indoors, you can still work on your tan while staying cool and feeling comfortable.

Blast Auxiliary Personal Fan is a high-quality personal air-cooling unit equipped with a super quiet non-coaxial fans. It’s lightweight, portable, and comfortable to wear as well. 

Designed to fit all sizes, the unit works great at providing a constant stream of clean, refreshing air, wherever.

The built-in fan also has adjustable speed modes and can work up to 30 hours.

You can take the powerful blast of cool air everywhere you go. When everyone else around you is boiling in the heat and sweating through their clothes, you will be looking and feeling cool and fresh. Do not let the heat hold you back. Perform at your best by keeping cool and feeling great with the Blast Auxiliary Personal Fan. Quantities are limited, so be sure to order yours now.

Blast auxiliary fan is a powerful, self-cooling portable fan that’s able to cool you down even in the middle of the summer. Blast auxiliary personal fan is your very own ac unit that you can wear it around your neck. When temperatures rise up you might feel discomfort from heat, this ac unit will come in handy.

The Blast personal fan is an air washer that is worn directly on the neck. The blast personal fan can be used on the move to enjoy fresh air everywhere. It does not matter whether you wear it in the office or when you go jogging. The blast auxiliary personal fan is very light and does not disturb.

Specifications Of Blast Personal Fan

Talking about the specifications of blast personal fan, our blast fan review has objectively provided users with the tech facts that made this personal fan a worthwhile for everyone.

  • Dimensions: 35mm X 199 mm x 222 mm
  • Battery capacity: 3000mAh
  • Charging time: 4 Hours
  • Fan running time: Low 30, Med 20, Hi 15
  • Air volume: 1.9 CFM (Cubic Feet Per Minute)
  • Package: Blaux Fan, Type-C Charging Cable, Instruction Manual

Technical Specifications of Blast Auxiliary Personal Fan Review

  1. It blows a lot of air (1.9 cubic feet per minute)
  2. 12o degrees positional air blade, just point to where you are hot.
  3. 5 degree flex fit for all neck sizes for Men, women and even kids.
  4. Enclosed Fan keeps out hair and dirt.
  5. 3 fan modes; high, medium and low
  6. LED power and Charging mode indicator.
  7. Big 3.7 volts Lithium battery.
  8. Up to 30 hours of power per charge.
  9. Cool looking, slim and modern.
  10. Lightweight, you will not even feel like you are wearing it.
  11. One size fits all.
  12. Common USB Type C charging port. Takes only 4 fours to full charge.
  13. Filter system to filter out air contaminants.
  14. Ionizer to reduce allergens.

Features Of Blast Personal Fan

If you are concerned about the features of this personal fan, then reading this blast personal fan review will give you all the necessary information you need.

  • 1.9 CUBIC FEET PER MINUTE – Blast personal fan can direct up to 1.9 cubic feet of air in one minute towards your body.
  • POSITIONABLE AIR FLOW – you can use blast personal fan in any position you want. Maybe you want direct airflow to your body or simply you want to bounce it off the shirt? It’s up to you!
  • THREE SPEED MODES – Blast personal fan has three fan speed modes you can choose from depending on what you want at that particular moment
  • 30 HOURS WORKING TIME – once fully charged, blast auxiliary personal fan can work non-stop for an impressive timespan of 30 hours!
  • LOW MAINTENANCE – Blast fan is super easy to take care of and doesn’t require much time to clean it.
  • ANTIBACTERIAL FILTERS – Blast personal fan has built-in filters that help reduce the amount of bacteria in the air surrounding you.
  • BUILT-IN IONIZER – the ionizer inside the blast personal fan is there to reduce the pollutants and allergens so that you get clean breathing environment.
  • USB-C CHARGING – Blast fan requires the most common type of charger therefore you can be almost certain that you’ll be able to find the right one whenever you need it.
  • LED LIGHT – the built-in LED light serves as an indication for power and charging status.
  • EASY TO USE – simply put it around your neck, press the “on” button, and enjoy the invaluable perks of this brilliant device.
  • COST-EFFECTIVE – Blast auxiliary personal fan is a high-quality device at a reasonable price so that anyone can enjoy their personal air conditioner

How Does Blast Auxiliary Personal Fan?

Anyone can use this one-of-a-kind wearable Fan if the person is either at home, traveling around the country, or relaxing in the backyard. It’s unlike anything else anyone in need of a personal fan has ever tried. 

As stated on the official website, it takes three simple steps to ensure that the fan runs smoothly and without causing any inconvenience. 

  • Step 1: Users should pick their preferred fan speed by pressing the power button.
  • Step 2: Wrap the fan around their body, pointing the vents upwards.
  • Step 3: Enjoy a full blast of cold, fresh air!

How To Use Blast Fan

Are you online reading blast personal reviews to gain insight on how to use this personal ac? Then no worries as our guide on blast auxiliary personal fan reveiw has got you covered.

To use, all one has to do is follow the steps outlined below:

After receiving and unpacking the blast auxiliary personal fan, the first thing you should do is to charge it. This is best done overnight, because this way it can achieve the optimal battery performance.

The blast personal fan is then simply placed around the neck and switched on by a button. Adjust the fan speed using the LED controls on the side of the unit. There are three settings to choose from (low, medium, or high). The intake filters are extremely quiet and give a nice airflow, which finally cools the face and makes the heat more bearable.

Normally, the integrated 3000 mAh lithium battery is specified so that the blast personal fan can run all day without running out. It is important that the charging is always done overnight so that you can benefit as much as possible from the blast auxiliary personal fan during the day. More is simply not included in the use.

How To Cleaning Fan

Something else for the cleaning: The ends of the blast personal fans are removable. Should some dirt collect in the propellers from time to time, it can be easily wiped off with a damp cloth. Make sure that you do not switch on the blast personal fan during the cleaning process. Afterwards you simply put the caps back on the blast personal fan and can use it again immediately.

Benefits of Wearable Fan 

Individuals who want to buy this superior personal fan will be looking for the benefits they would enjoy if they purchase it. What if there is no benefit? Of course, nobody will buy the product. No one wants to buy something they won’t benefit from. 

The benefits of Blast Auxiliary Personal Fan are listed below in good faith:

  • All Neck Sizes Fan: The Blast Auxiliary Wearable Personal Neck Fan is designed to fit on every kind of neck size, keeping users cool everywhere they go. The Blast Wearable Neck Fan builds a cool air bubble around the users and rests comfortably on their neck like a necklace, keeping them pretty cool and fresh in any heat. For hot summer days, this is the ideal outdoor fan for every individual who wishes to have a blissful summer experience.
  • Wireless Fan With Built-in Air Filter and Ionizer: Users will take care of the air they breathe with this mini portable fan, which is compatible with an optional extra filter and ionizer that filters the air around them, ensuring that they still breathe pure air. It’s a neckband that doubles as a strong wireless fan, giving off clean, breathable air.
  • Reliable and Portable Fan With 3 Cooling Fan Speeds: Blast Auxiliary Personal Fan is a reliable and portable wearable neck fan for those who really need to avoid the extreme heat of the summer season. As an extra  benefit, users can monitor their personal cooling with three ultra-quiet fan settings: Low, Medium and High. Low for a gentle breeze, medium for a strong breeze, and high for a super icy blast. So, instead of a desk fan, individuals are advised to take this rechargeable and portable next fan with them  everywhere they go.
  • Enclosed fan keeps out hair and dirt: Users of this wearable neck fan do not need to care about their hair, earrings and clothing getting into the way. This personal fan is designed in such a way that the enclosed fan keeps hair, earrings, and clothing out of the way.
  • Durable Battery: Always maintain a cool, calm, and disconnected demeanor. With its long lasting battery, the Blast Auxiliary Personal Neck Fan provides a continuous cooling for up to 30 hours. It’s a completely rechargeable USB fan, so the user charges it once the power is down. 
  • Noiseless Fan and Gentle Breeze: The Blast Auxiliary Personal Neck Fan is noiseless, making it ideal for use both indoors and outdoors. With a bladeless fan, the users won’t have to think about any needless noise. They can wear it to the library, the cinema, or anywhere else where they need to stay cool.
  • Easily Carried About: The Blast Auxiliary Personal Fan also has an integrated easy carry handle that’s ideal for walks, travel, sports, or wherever the user is going. The fan is lightweight and small. It’s not heavy. The user will not feel any weight. 

Why Should I Buy Personal Fan?

Are you on blast personal fan review to know why you should get this personal fan? Then this indepth blast auxiliary personal fan review will provide you with all you need to know.

Those who have ever really sweated in the summer time will surely remember how much they wished to have a good personal ac in this situation. But it is also very understandable that it costs a lot of money in the purchase and at the same time it also causes running costs. Therefore, for many people it is out of the question.

The blast personal fan is a good alternative for such cases, because it provides the desired fresh air exactly where you need it and thus also makes the hot days easier. In addition, the blast personal fan is extremely easy to operate and can be used at any time without exposing yourself to the heat.

The newness and almost fondness of the blast auxiliary personal fan has prompted many questions and even concerns from consumers who are just now seeing the concept of personal air conditioning neck fans. Here are the top reasons why the blast auxiliary personal fan is the best personal ac fan money can buy online today:

COMFORTABLE TO USE: Simply put, the blast auxiliary fan is designed to replicate the action of a high-quality cooling fan. Its bendable design makes it easy to wear around one’s neck for long periods without any apparent discomfort. The blast personal fan is also perfect for use when one is lying around at home, working within an office space, or even working out at a gym.

PORTABLE: Thanks to its compact design, one can carry around the blast auxiliary personal fan in their luggage with ease and can also be taken when one is holidaying or on a business trip.

FUNCTIONALITY: One of the critical issues with several other brands of personal fan is that they are not easy to use. However, that is not the case with a blast personal fan since it pretty much ready for use straight out of the box. To deploy, all one has to do is charge the unit and then turn on the blast personal fan.

EASY TO CLEAN: A highly underrated facet of blast personal fan is that it can be cleaned using a dry cloth. Thanks to its high-quality outer body, dust cannot settle on the unit quickly (much less stain it permanently.

QUIET OPERATION: Blast auxiliary personal fan make little to no noise even when it is running on its full speed capacity, and can be used for extended periods without any disturbance.

HIGHLY EFFICIENCY: Blast auxiliary fan can be used for up to 30 hours on a single charge cycle. Not only that, even after long periods of continuous activity, the machine also does not begin to show signs of poor performance issues.

BENEFICIAL FOR ALL: The blast personal fan can be used by anyone looking for a bit of respite from the maddening heat without having to pay exorbitant sums of money. A number of online blast personal fan review claim that through the use of this cooling solution, consumers also enjoy substantially lower monthly power bills.

LONG-LASTING: As mentioned in an earlier section, a single charge (which takes around 4 hours) allows people to use the blast personal fan for a period of up to 30 hours.

FAST ACTING: The blast personal fan can deliver a tangible cooling effect within a couple of minutes after being switched on. Not only that, thanks to its simple design, it can also be used straight out of the box.

Does Fan Worth It?

Many online blast personal fan reviews have already answered this question but to add more to it. Absolutely! Blast personal fan is a personal ac you’ll find irreplaceable once you get to experience the advantages it offers. Not to forget that it doesn’t cost a fortune!

Being reliable, effective, and affordable, Blast auxiliary personal fan is one of the best devices of this kind! Give it a go and you’ll never regret opting for this device! Staying cool and healthy is easy with blast auxiliary personal fan.

Pros and Cons of Blast Auxiliary Wearable Fan 

  • Transportable: Users only have to wear the Blast Auxiliary Personal Fan around their neck to enjoy continuous cool airflow everywhere they go. It has a long lifespan of up to 30 hours, so they will never have to think about those pesky midday sweats again.
  • Can Be Adjusted: For the ideal temperature, uses can choose from three different fan speed modes (low, medium, and high). The fan is also made to suit loosely but securely. Designed to fit over the user’s head and stay put during any light exercise.
  • Really Easy To Use: It’s a one-touch unit, the Blast Auxiliary Personal Fan. Since the vents are completely customizable, the user can always enjoy reliable personalized comfort.
  • High Quality Guarantee: Count on reliable, trouble-free results even on the hottest days. The Blast Auxiliary Personal Fan is built with the best materials: fan, plastic, battery, speed, etc. Users will always enjoy premium cooling services.
  • Returns Without Hassle: No fight or quarrel on return! If the user is not happy with the Blast Auxiliary Personal Fan, they can return it for a full refund within 30 days of purchase. No hassles of any sort.
  • Setup Is Quick And Easy: Blast Auxiliary Personal Fan will be sent to the user’s door once the user has made their order. It’s easy to set up and use, and it works right out of the box.
  • Limited Stock: as contained on the manufacturer’s official website, the increase in demand for Blast Auxiliary Personal Fan means that the produced quantity will soon be out of demand. Anyone who wants to buy it if therefore advised to quickly do so.
  • It is a digital product: The manufacturer stated categorically that it has not licensed any offline transaction of any sort. There is no offline retail or wholesale store on this product. Be careful of where and who you buy from. This product cannot be bought on any other online store or website except the official website of the manufacturer.
  • The discount is only valid for a few days: Anyone who decides to visit this product’s official website and claims the current promotional bonus is expected to process their payment immediately. Otherwise, the person might lose the discount.

Who and Where can Blast Auxiliary Personal Neck Fan Be Used?

Blast Auxiliary Personal Fan is definitely not gender-specific. This means that anyone who is in great need of a portable fan may use it despite being a man, woman or child. This personal fan unlike a conventional air conditioner does not need any special set up or fixing. Also, unlike a regular fan, the best part of this product is  that there are so many different places to use it. Let us take a look at some of the best places:

  • Bedroom: if someone buys the Blast Auxiliary Personal Fan their summer sleep will no longer have to be a dreadful experience filled with heat and sweat. The person will always be sleeping like a baby with the personal fan next to them. However, a bad sleeper might not find it pleasant since the person might crush the device before waking up. 
  • Living Room: Watching television should be enjoyable. And Blast Auxiliary Personal Fan will make certain of that.
  • Kitchen: In most homes, there is often no fan in the kitchen. It’s only a few sensible individuals who have ever wondered why and tried to innovate. However, it’s past time for everyone to make a move! So instead of experiencing too much heat and sweating all over because you are in the kitchen, the Blast Auxiliary Personal Fan will cool the user while the person is making some delicious meal. Any user of the Blast Auxiliary Personal Fan will forever have a pleasant kitchen experience. 
  • Office: Work in comfort with the Blast Auxiliary Personal Wearable Fan! Users of this device do not need to always depend on the cooling systems in their office for cool air. What happens if someone’s place of work has no air conditioner or fan? Will such a person die of heat? Of course, not! Blast Auxiliary Personal Fan will give the person an enjoyable office experience. 
  • Recreation: Blast Auxiliary Personal Fan can be taken to the beach or to a picnic! With this unique fan, users can simply relax and enjoy their evenings on the balcony like they have never done before.
  • Driving / Traveling: A traveler or a driver can still make use of the Blast Auxiliary Personal Fan. Users can take advantage of its size and avoid depending on the plane’s old air conditioning system! 

In the summer, don’t wait for the air conditioning to cool off before getting into the car! Save time and money by using this personal fan!

How is Blast Personal Fan Better Than Similar Product?

The blast personal fan offers three different fan speeds. As with blast product you can adjust it to different speeds. The air cooler can be put around your neck and does not disturb. It won’t fall off, even if you do all kinds of work with it. You can use it outdoors or indoors in summer.

According to many blast personal fan review it offers a high level of comfort. Through an LED ring you can always see how much battery your blast personal fan has left. You can recharge it quickly and easily if necessary. Charging is always done via a USB connection. So you can also charge blast fan in the office or car. According to the manufacturer the blast personal fan is easy to clean. You can simply wipe it with a disinfecting cloth.

  • Provides fresh air
  • Cools pleasantly in summer
  • Individual air cooling through three speeds
  • Ease of use
  • Cleaning with a damp cloth
  • Light and compact.

Blast Auxiliary Personal Fan Alternative

  • Neck fan – Air cooler
  • Portable hanging neck sport fan
  • Portable hands free neck fan

Where Should The Blast Auxiliary Personal Fan Be Purchased? 

The Blast Auxiliary Personal Fan is presently available at a reduced price on the manufacturer’s official website only. Those who wish to buy will save more money if they purchase more than two units of the personal fan.


Final Words

Roaming around in this weather is not a smart choice but who does not want to explore and look around? Everyone is a little hesitant about camping, biking, and other outdoor activities because this summer heat is no joke. To release you of these worries, blast auxiliary personal fan is the best outlet.

Blast personal fan is a super light-weight gadget that can be worn around the neck and it provides refreshing cool breeze. No matter what your budget is, the bundle offers easily accommodate everyone.