Bondic vs SpectroSeal Comparison Guide 2022

Bondic vs SpectroSeal : Are you looking for the very best UV-curing liquid glue tool to replace your messy, outdated glue and offer AMAZING repairs? I bought & tested some of 2022’s most popular UV-curing glues. My honest review will help you find the best. Read the comparison between Bondic vs SpectroSeal.

I have to admit – this article was HARD to make because the competition for the best uv-curing repair tools is fierce. I hope this review helps guide you in your buying decision and potentially helps you fix your favorite, broken items.

Bondic vs SpectroSeal

What is Bondic?

Bondic is liquid plastic. It’s solvent-free. And, it doesn’t just stick your things together like glue. It welds them together — without the heat.

The Bondic is a plastic adhesive soldering iron that hardens under UV LED lights. Most of the plastic liquid hardens or dries out over time, but Bondic always remains liquid. Unlike other glue materials, which are messy but Bondic is neat, it provides a permanent solution to this kind of problem.

Features of Bondic

Quit having problems with products that could be a very easy fix– get it done right the very first time with Bondic®!

  • Convenience— Do you still doubt its capacities? Let those questions vanish once you utilize this amazing remedy on wood, plastic, metal, glass, ceramics, etc. This fluid plastic welder flaunts flexibility. It can take care of repairing a large range of different material kinds that you can’t even imagine.
  • Longevity— When repaired, it will certainly never be broken again. The liquidized plastic service is specifically formulated to last for life. For this reason, it assures a resilient hold to stick things together for good!
  • Tidy— You can now say goodbye to that unpleasant feeling you get from the conventional adhesives you typically utilize. This solidified plastic remedies with a tidy and smooth finish. So, as soon as you beam the unique UV light on it (you can regulate everything with this light), you are made certain to get that streamlined and smooth surface in a speedy minute. Good thing you can currently forget those pesky things when you utilize this innovative fixing technology today. Unlike glue that dries out quickly whether you like it or not, this innovation of sticky and sealants only dry out when you want it to.
  • Security — This is absolutely a non-toxic item. Likewise, it eliminated the risk of burning due to the fact that it does not require warmth just like adhesive guns. Utilize it freely all over as well as you won’t face any issues with it.
  • Incredibly Solid — Once it is treatments, the fluid plastic formula is designed to last forever, ensuring you get a durable hold.
  • Will not Dry Out — Bondic ® is not a glue, so it will not dry out in the bottle before you can utilize it once more. Keep using it for years!
  • Safe For Everybody — Bondic ® is safe, and also when cured (unlike a glue gun), needs no warmth! Utilize it around the house, no worry!

What is SpectroSeal?

SpectroSeal UV Light Glue Pen is an adhesive that can be used both as a bonding agent and as a filler. Fixing glasses, toys, adding insulation, connecting two objects — it works for all minor repairs, all the SpectroSeal reviews can confirm this. The bond this pen forms between two objects is quite durable, so it isn’t just a tool for a quick fix. In fact, the SpectroSeal can completely replace regular glue and even outperform it.

In relation to functionality and utility, it can do the job of powerful glue entirely and outperform it without any doubt. You can use SpectroSeal for various purposes like stopping leaks, sealing fabric, patching holes, and many other wears and tear. This glue pen offers quick bonding for virtually any material, including Wood, Ceramic, Stone, Metal, Plastic, Glass, Rubber, and so on.

Features of SpectroSeal

  1. Quick Curing: an application of UV glue can be cured in about few seconds. The high speed and efficiency achievable with UV glues makes it a technology that is usable for several existing processes and it comes in handy in large volume industrial applications for a faster and a more durable fixing. A short curing time also lessens quality related flaws as parts spend less time with wet or unfixed adhesive. However, the curing time will always depend on how much adhesive needs to be fixed. Few seconds may not always be the case when the adhesives to be glued is pretty much. However, the curing step is also infinitely adjustable. UV adhesives are often the go to material when manufacturers are looking for the shortest curing time possible. Compared to adhesives that rely on drying, heating or chemical treatment, the curing process for UV glue is much faster because of its simplicity.
  2. Best for all kinds of materials and surfaces: It is recommended that when bonding or fixing a glass to metal, a strong adhesive is used for a durable gluing to avoid stress due to differential thermal expansion and contraction between the joined particles. This can be easily absorbed by the adhesive and bring about less stress to the glass. This is when UV adhesives are most necessary since they are designed to be a permanent way of bonding glass and other materials. SpectroSeal is one of the best UV glues available in the market now.
  3. Flexible workability: Through some creative chemistry, the UV glue starts curing only when exposed to UV light. This means that it remains in liquid form while you work with it under visible light. With this characteristic, an application of UV glue can be modified or adjusted for a virtually indefinite period as long as it has not been treated under a UV lamp. This is particularly useful for creatives or those who apply the UV glue with methods that are not perfectly precise.
  4. Low temperature: The UV curing process is not dependent on exposure to high temperature and high temperature, nonetheless has no effect on UV gluing. This is therefore the best option for fixing up parts that high sensitivity to heat such as fabrics, plastics and metals. The fact that UV gluing does not require heat for fixing is an advantage to energy efficiency. This is a huge advantage in commercial manufacturing for high volume fixing as well as other creative uses. The UV lamp needed for the curing of the UV glue consumes much less energy than a heating oven.
  5. Hazard Free: Solvent based adhesives require that the process be done in an area with good ventilation as the solvents are flammable and typically toxic. UV glues present no such dangers or complexities. During the curing process, the UV glue produces no such gaseous byproducts. This means that UV curing process is less of a hazard.
  6. Exceptional Quality: This is one of the biggest benefits realized with SpectroSeal UV light glue pen. The other methods such as the solvent based ones that require drying undergoes evaporation in the process leading to a loss of volume or thickness but that is never the case with UV gluing process. This is why it retains good quality. The more consistent UV curing process also means reduced scrap, which is another goal for improved quality. To top it off, SpectroSeal UV glue is scratch resistant. The UV glue curing provides an unbreakable bond with improved part visual appeal and functionality. All of this happens with an environmentally friendly process and no harsh chemicals.
  7. Easy to apply: SpectroSeal spares the mess associated with drippy time sensitive glues that seem to get all over everything. SpectroSeal delivers the precise application you want for your most delicate and precise repairs.

Bondic vs SpectroSeal Comparison Guide

Supported MaterialsPlastic, Wood, Metal, PVC, Steel, Rubber, Wiring, Ceramic, Figurines, Vinyl, Kevlar, Polypropylene, Leather and so much moreWood, Plastic, Ceramic, Glass, Metal
Resistance against acids,
lyes, oils, lubricants
Drying Time5Second5Second
Starter KitBondic bottle, UV LED light, Metal CaseSpectroSeal, UV LED Light
Price19.99 USD19.99 USD
Where to buyOfficial SiteOfficial Site

When an important item, such as your laptop or smartphone, falls and develops cracks, you might need to mend it quickly. If you try fixing it using ordinary glue, however, it is likely not turn out as you had hoped.

Although they may have the same functions, it is important to note that Lazer Bond and Bondic are not necessary identical. Here are individual breakdowns of the two adhesives.